WWE Spoiler News

March 4th From the K100 Wrestling Informer and Other Sources

Hey, we’re back with some additional news from WWE. Tomorrow we will be doing the AEW Predictions Article about AEW Revolution on Sunday. Big month coming up in the world of professional wrestling as the the community gathers at the end of the month for GCW The Collective and other shows. We look forward to gather info and covering it for you. 

WrestleMania 38 News

Both nights of WrestleMania 38 should be around four hours according to the K100 Wrestling Informer from England. They are talking about doing another WrestleMania Smackdown where some matches that have been rumored for WrestleMania 38 may move there. This would allow WWE to have enough time without cutting anything short or going longer than four hours. 

It looks like right now as it stands it would be 8 matches a night. Sixteen matches for WrestleMania sounds like a WrestleMania fan’s dream until you actually see the matches. I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to see Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville at all. I definitely don’t have any desire to see Vince McMahon be near a ring. Also, Seth Rollins right now doesn’t have a match. He is supposed to have a match with Cody Rhodes. However, I’m hearing from numerous people they have hit a snag. No, it’s not financial in the way most think. If that match with Seth Rollins doesn’t happen then Seth would need to get a tag team partner for the tag team turmoil match. This really is beneath him after where he’s been all year. Seth just has been above his normal high bar this year. 

WrestleMania Night Two currently is selling better than Night One which is why you see WWE telling you what is going to be on Night One now. Of course, Night Two is selling better. It’s the big Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match. Why wouldn’t you want to see that? Especially if it truly turns out to be a unification match because it’s wrestling history being made. 

WrestleMania Night One

Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

Drew McIntyre vs Baron “Happy” Corbin

Logan Paul and The Miz vs Dominic and Rey Mysterio

A.J. Styles vs Edge

Vince McMahon with Austin Theory vs Pat McAfee 

Damian Priest vs Finn Balor

SD Tag Team Turmoil: The Usos, Viking Raiders, Los Lotharios, Rick Boogs/Shinsuke Nakamura, The New Day, Jinder Mahal/Shanky

WrestleMania 38 Night Two

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens

Johnny Knoxville vs Sami Zayn

Sasha Banks/Naomi vs Carmella/Zelina Vega

Randy Orton vs Riddle

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Ricochet vs Sheamus 

Raw Tag Team Turmoil: The Alpha Academy, The Street Profits, Dirty Dogs, The Hurt Business, Apollo/Commander Arezz

Sami Zayn may lose the Intercontinental Championship to Ricochet on tonight’s Smackdown therefore the match between Zayn vs Knoxville wouldn’t be for a title. Some people don’t want the championship involved in a celebrity match. I definitely don’t. I don’t even want to see it. 

Turning Heel?

The Street Profits will be turning heel…one or both of them. WWE Creative can’t make up their minds whether these two should break up or the tag team should go heel. What do you guys think?

Angelo Dawkins will be starting to do heelish things possibly cheating while winning. Montez Ford will figure it out then ask him to stop. However, Angelo believes this is the way they will get back on top so he will continue. This will cause the decision to be made by WWE Creative. Either Angelo will convince Ford this is way to go and them get back to the championships. This will lead to the tag team and then Ford will become a heel.

Or Ford thinks he can’t live with himself if he cheats. Angelo continues to cheat, so Montez gets into a fight with him and they break up The Street Profits. I know many of you out there have been calling for them to go on singles runs separately. WWE Creative have warned Vince McMahon if Montez Ford in the ring chooses to continue to be a babyface then the company can’t turn him heel for a year or two after this decision. 

Everyone believes that Montez is the true heel of the group and should be convincing Angelo (seen as a teddy bear) to cheat. This would be a more believable story. However, in upper management they think Angelo being the heel is better to “swerve” everyone. I don’t agree, but how about you?

Sasha Banks A New Tag Team Specialist?

Zelina Vega eliminated Sasha Banks in the WWE Royal Rumble event on January 29th. Many thought that it was just because she had a foot injury earlier in the month. However, it was done on purpose. They knew at that time…Royal Rumble time…Sasha wasn’t going to be in the top two matches at WrestleMania. They planned that she would need to be in a tag team to be on the card. Trish Stratus and Bayley were looked at to be her partner. No one couldn’t guarantee either would be able to compete come WrestleMania time. So, Naomi was decided on then…at Royal Rumble time. Look for them tonight on Friday Night Smackdown to bring up the Vega storyline with Sasha Banks still being upset about Queen Zelina throwing her over the top rope. Carmella and Vega are traveling to Smackdown tonight in Miami.

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