WWE Day 1 PPV Predictions

Will Roman Reigns End The 1st Day of 2022 As The Champ?

Will Roman End The 1st Day of 2022 The Champ?

I’m not looking forward to WWE’s Day 1 pay-per-view on New Year’s Day in Atlanta, Georgia. When they first announced this I was so interested because they also announced being in Charlotte for New Year’s Eve then New Year’s Day in Atlanta. I thought they were going to make it a HUGE event that would bring the old WWE must see event back. Well Day 1 PPV to me isn’t a big deal. At least not big enough for me not to consider GCW Die 4 This PPV or football games as alternatives. Let’s talk the matches and the build. 

The Pre-Show

WWE Day 1 PPV pre-show begins at 7pm EST with the main card starting at 8pm. What does this mean? Video packages and Booker T. Both of which I can do without. Why? Because Booker T is so back and forth between what he thinks, what he thinks the fans want him to say and what he thinks Vince wants him to say. UGH. Why can I do without the video packages? Because I’m going to see them again before every match, so don’t punish me for tuning into the pre-show by showing me something twice. 

Pre-Show Match: Cesaro and Ricochet vs Sheamus and Ridge Holland (Smackdown)

Really? Since when are either one of these a tag team? Plus Cesaro and Sheamus is a story already told and the fans loved it. Remember the best of 7 series? Then they made Cesaro and Sheamus have to be a tag team and they became The Bar. Fans loved them until Sheamus got hurt and Cesaro was sent to the basement until they tried to do the same thing with him and Shinsuke. So Sheamus comes back from injury and all the fans are supposed to forget that they are real life friends that hang out all the time. Suddenly Ridge Holland is on the scene and stuck with Sheamus because they are both Irish. Hey, let’s make Cesaro feud with them from October until now. Ricochet eliminated Sheamus LAST WEEK on Smackdown. So we’ll make a match for a pay-per-view. Nice story. Give me a break. I think Sheamus and Ridge Holland take this one, but honestly I don’t care.

Drew McIntyre vs Madcap Moss (Smackdown)

I don’t think this will be the first main card match, but it’s another match I don’t want to see. Let’s get it over with. Since when is Madcap Moss a big enough talent to face Drew McIntyre on a PPV? Does anyone think he should be at that level? Let me remind you that Drew McIntyre was the WWE Champion all pandemic long (2020) and then chased Bobby Lashley throughout 2021. They moved him over to Smackdown in the draft to get him ready to take on Roman Reigns. Now he has been playing around with Baron Corbin and Madcap Moss over his cos-play sword…really? I would have rather saw Baron vs Drew. Yes, I hear all of you saying that will be the next match. Do you want that? You want Drew McIntyre to NOT be in the Royal Rumble and take on Baron Corbin instead? Not me. This NEEDS to be very short and sweet with Claymores for everyone. Drew McIntyre better win this or he needs to find a seat near Shinsuke to listen to Boogs on the guitar because he isn’t getting near the main event until next fall.

RK-Bro vs The Street Profits (Raw Tag Team Championship)

Let me be honest with you…I didn’t like RK-Bro at first, but now they have grown on me. It’s sad that WWE Creative tried to do the same exact storyline on the same show (AJ Styles and Omos). However, I have enjoyed Randy Orton and Matt Riddle growing together. WWE has actually given them the time, the moments and the matches to let the fans grow with them. Orton plays the perfect straight man veteran wrestler to Riddle’s goofing off rambling newbie wrestler. Every single one of us know they have to end, but we really don’t want it to. It was supposed to start with a defeat by The Street Profits, but now isn’t the time. WWE just decided to break up AJ and Omos plus as I said in a different article Montez Ford isn’t well loved right now. I see this being a longer match with Ford taking a beating and Riddle being the star of the match. Randy Orton and Matt Riddle keep their belts just a little longer before the breakup program starts leading to them fighting each other for the WWE Championship…maybe at WrestleMania?

The Usos vs The New Day (Smackdown Tag Team Championship)

Am I the only one that is done with the King of the Ring thing? I think I’ve just been done with it for years. I was done with it when Baron Corbin had it. Felt like Corbin had it for years. Now Xavier Woods and Kofi are just annoying with it. I know. It’s weird to be done with something that happened just a couple months ago when The Usos have had the championships for a lot longer. I enjoy The Usos as champions and don’t feel like The New Day deserve to beat them. However, I have no clue where WWE Creative is going with this storyline. I don’t even know why they started with it. When they don’t have a direction then I think you stay the course especially when the course is the hottest story (Roman Reigns) going. The Usos win, but don’t know how or why. 

Hip-hop group Migos will make a special appearance

Edge vs The Miz (Raw)

I know a lot of you hate this storyline. So many of you hate The Miz because he is the everyman of us all. The kid that grew up knowing he was going to be on WWE, but wasn’t sure how to get there. He even had The Miz picked out as his name and was cutting promos on MTV’s The Real World. Then he showed up on Tough Enough and everyone just wanted him out because he believed he was meant to be in the WWE. However, we all have to admit that he was us…only he tried and he succeeded. Edge coming back after all those years and getting into a battle with Randy Orton only to rip his arm muscle. Then he came back again to run into Roman Reigns with Daniel Bryan getting into his WrestleMania moment. Now he’s taking on The Miz.

All of us groaned when Maryse starting getting involved in their back and forth for no good reason. Then we all saw where WWE was going…they made it so obvious. They are bringing Beth Phoenix (Edge’s real life wife) back into the picture. But is that what we want? Not me. I never thought I want to see Beth Phoenix vs Maryse. Definitely don’t want to see WWE’s version of a mixed tag team match after seeing true intergender matches in GCW and AEW. Heck, I just watched Alex Shelley vs Ruby Soho and it was goooood. 

Anyway WWE, can we just have The Miz vs Edge with no one else involved and no other matches? Let us have one very good match because both of these guys can go when they are in the ring with another good wrestler. Please let’s us have this. I think in a straight up wrestling match then they have Edge win. However, I truly believe they can’t give us what we want. So Maryse with interference and The Miz wins.

Fatal Four-Way: Big E vs Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley (Raw WWE Championship)

 The big question from the fans this week was who is replacing Seth Rollins. Well, who said he was out and who said he needed to be replace? I think the issue is that all four wrestlers has been exposed to Seth Rollins when he was contagious. This is why we saw Big E’s video on Raw this week from home. They were isolating. Big wrench in the plans. I think that Vince McMahon expects Seth Rollins if he is feeling fine to show up which is why they are still advertising him. However, I could see WWE Creative if they are smart to hold Seth Rollins out of this match. It is his ready made excuse. 

I know that everyone is saying Bobby Lashley is winning. He has been destroying everyone since coming back. However, I think MVP causes some problems allowing Big E to keep his championship for three weeks longer. My only issue is how does Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin play into the match. I really wish since Kevin Owens bit the bullet and re-signed that they would give him the championship, but it’s a four-way. I truly believe that Big E wins it. 

Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan (Raw Women’s Championship)

With this match, I have been hearing two scenarios. Both depend on Liv Morgan’s showings before this pay-per-view and if she re-signs her contract. I have detailed her thoughts on the matter and options in another article. I have heard that Liv Morgan wins the championship here and Becky gets her rematch at Royal Rumble taking it back. I think this scenario is garbage because Liv Morgan has gotten better and WWE Creative have told the story of Liv deserving the championship for months. 

Of course, we have to take into consideration that WWE is WWE. I don’t think that Vince McMahon feels that Liv Morgan is ready to carry the championship especially the four long months to WrestleMania. Do you think Liv Morgan should be up for a main event match there? When I think of it that way like Vince, I agree she’s not ready for her WrestleMania championship defense against a woman who is a bigger star than her. The second scenario is Becky winning by interference from a returning WWE superstar since she won clean last time meaning it should have been over then. 

Who can return? Do you have them return here or Royal Rumble? We have three coming soon…very soon. Well four, if you count Beth Phoenix, but she’s not returning for this. You have Bayley. Someone ring her ding dong bell…in February. Bayley is headed to Austin this coming week to train and get her body back in traveling and ring shape. Then she will have at least two weeks at the PC before coming back. You have Ronda. Nah, Ronda will be back for Royal Rumble. They aren’t bringing her back yet. You have Asuka. I think if we hear music for interference then it will be Asuka. I just know Becky Lynch is winning this one. Liv Morgan’s 15 minutes of championship fame is over. Let’s hope she makes a great decision on her next contract. Remember, Liv only sign for three years wherever. 

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar (Smackdown WWE Universal Championship)

I think this will be quick. Quicker than we think. They will face off and it will go back and forth. Paul Heyman comes out and there is the unknown of who will he help? Heyman is in Roman’s head. He helps no one, but causes Roman to overthink and lose. Brock Lesnar is taking the championship for the next four months while Roman Reigns questions himself while not letting on that he is questioning himself. 

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