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Alexa Bliss, Kenny Omega, WM 38 Celebrities Update, Elias/Ezekiel and Jon Moxley

WWE’s Carmella and Corey Graves’ Wedding

First of all, we want to send out congratulations to WWE’s Carmella and Corey Graves and Ryan Cabrera and WWE’s Alexa Bliss on their wedding this past week. Carmella and Corey Graves got married on Thursday while Alexa Bliss got married on Saturday. Both will be off TV at least 2–3 weeks. A lot of WWE wrestlers decide to get married the week after WrestleMania because of the time off given to the employees. 

Carmella and Corey Graves

So since we opened with them. Let’s continue with Carmella and Corey Graves. It is our understanding that some WWE cameras were at the rehearsal dinner and wedding to capture some moments between the two that will be airing on their YouTube show, Carmella and Corey. The show will continue to film their lives together including the quest of pregnancy.

Alexa Bliss Unhappy With WWE

Before her wedding this weekend, Alexa Bliss was said to be unhappy. She has been ready to come back to WWE after her surgery since January. Then she filmed what we were told to be 9–10 segments about Lilly the doll and her feelings towards Charlotte Flair ripping her to shreds. That would have put her back two weeks after the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event. Many things were moved around that we have discussed previously concerning Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair moving opponents around. Due to this the Elimination Chamber became at WWE Raw event instead of a WWE Smackdown event. They did not have enough “name” participants from Raw that were active at the time. Vince McMahon decided that Alexa Bliss should be included. 

The issue became that WWE Creative would need to combine a couple of the therapy sessions in order to speed up her debut which she was to be the mystery wrestler. Alexa Bliss was “supposed” to be on WWE Raw the following Monday. She was not seen. Why? Well, because WWE Creative wasn’t prepared for her to come back. They didn’t have a storyline ready to go for her because the decision was made to keep Lilly the doll (due to amount of money for merchandise coming in) in her storyline. The Creative department had storyline that would be bringing Alexa’s old character, The Goddess, back. We’re told that Creative were pitching a lot of storylines for her that would have a toned down combination of characters, but Vince McMahon hasn’t liked any of them. 

Alexa Bliss has posted some of her feelings to Twitter after talking them over with some of WWE Creative and management. She has been wanting to get back to wrestling since January. It’s now April 11th. It’s starting to sound like a repeat of Becky Lynch last year when she was cleared in April, but didn’t show up on TV until August. Now some around WWE wonder if Alexa Bliss will come back after her wedding or will she sit out to get their attention? Everyone knows that she and Ryan Cabrera have enough money that she doesn’t have to stay in the WWE. Plus she has mentioned going back to LA for more roles like her guest appearance on Punky Brewster.

Kenny Omega

We all know how much we saw of Kenny Omega everywhere in 2021. He was being the belt collector by going to other promotions to take on their champion while being the AEW World Champion. However, by doing this he received many injuries. It was decided by AEW’s medical staff, AEW Management and Kenny Omega that the best time to get the five different injuries fixed was during December and February. It was said by different sources that Kenny Omega was tentatively penciled in for March. 

When is Kenny Omega coming back now? From what we are hearing now, Kenny Omega hasn’t been able to get the surgeries scheduled like they thought which put them behind schedule. The new date penciled in may be September 2022. Now, we all know in wrestling terms, he’s trying to come back in late July/early August to get a storyline going for Double or Nothing. It is our understanding that no one including Kenny Omega can believe this turn of events. 

WrestleMania 38 Celebrity Thoughts

WWE Management loved all the celebrities participating in WrestleMania 38. Everyone was please with Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville and Pat McAfee. They are currently in talks with Logan Paul to come back and do a 3–4 month program before SummerSlam. However, a sticking point is that they do not want Jake Paul with him. Jake Paul’s appearance on the pre-show wasn’t received well by many. Also, Logan Paul was told that The Miz turning on him would make him a babyface in the audience’s eyes. It did not happen. Logan Paul is a natural heel and in our opinion, he has to accept it.

Johnny Knoxville’s place in the run up to WrestleMania and his actual match was really well received. However, he is currently not coming back to WWE. There have been no discussions on bringing him back. Bad Bunny, we were told, has an opening door policy at WWE and will be welcome back with open arms when he has an opening in his schedule. WWE cannot wait to get him back anytime he has a break. Pat McAfee will wrestle again, but right now will be back at the announcer’s table until a storyline would make sense.

Ezekiel and Elias?

Many couldn’t believe when Ezekiel came out to introduce himself as a babyface. Many more couldn’t believe that WWE tried this storyline of Ezekiel being the younger brother of Elias. The fans weren’t buying it and kept waiting for the joke to happen. They started hitting him up on Twitter quickly and WWE doubled down by having Ezekiel take over Elias’ Twitter account. It is our understanding that WWE is going to keep up with this character for about two more weeks to see if fans get onboard. The plan that we have heard is to have Elias also coming back through videos as a heel character to poke at this storyline. 

Jon Moxley’s Contract

AEW’s Jon Moxley’s contract does run out in May. Many fans want to compare this to Cody Rhodes when it’s not even close. Are there things that Jon Moxley doesn’t like about AEW? Yes, there are. Think about your own job. No matter how happy you are there are always things you would like changed. However, there is no other promotion currently that will allow him the freedom he has now. WWE wants to make a play for him, but from what we are hearing they may not even have a chance. AEW is currently talking to him about renewing his contract to continue his freedom to defend his GCW Championship, being able to fight in Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport shows, showing up at anytime to other promotions such as Seattle’s Defy Wrestling and being able to participate in New Japan programs. It is our understanding that Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley are wanting to go to New Japan as the Blackpool Combat Club. So our prediction is AEW resigns Jon Moxley extremely soon. 

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