Wrestling Fan Crosses the Line With Deonna Purrazzo

There ARE Limits!

4 min read November 16, 2020

This is Sam with Pro Wrestling Overtime and I try not to rant too hard on here, but I have to rant about this topic for the wrestlers I just don’t understand it. Maybe you can tell me. Please if anyone can explain it to me then write to me.

Deonna Purrazzo Letter

Deonna Purrazzo tweeted out and posted a letter from Brad. It said, “Don’t be like Brad.” It was addressed to her home. Another fan responded and said come on, he was just trying to get your autograph. So Deonna Purrazzo had to respond and say, “There are NUMEROUS PROPER channels to get my autograph. My HOME address is NOT one of them.” Come-on fans, what is your problem?

Fans, you are going to ruin all of this with pro wrestling. Why do you have to be creepy? What on Earth are you thinking going to find Deonna Purrazzo’s home address to send a letter to her asking for an autograph? You can’t use that time to write her at Impact Wrestling? The sad thing is so many fans think this is ok. It is NOT ok to find a wrestler’s home address and send them anything. Deonna has every reason to be upset and worried about this. Let’s talk about how this can escalate.

WWE Performance Center Stalker

This seems to be happening way more. Why? Does everyone realize that there has been a stalker at the WWE Performance Center since 2015 when he was first arrested and shot? Armando Montalvo showed up looking for A.J. Lee and had a knife. He charged officers and they had to shoot him. According to Wrestling News, “WWE filed a restraining order against him in 2018 after he cryptically threatened wrestlers and staff on social media.” He was again arrested on June 22nd after causing a disturbance with Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke and is currently still in jail.

Sonya Deville’s Hostage Taker

Sonya Deville was in her home and was doing what most of us were doing that night…watching UFC with a friend of hers. He cut a hole in her screen and laid there for four hours. They both decided to go to bed, however, sounds were heard. Sonya checked her security system and saw intruder. He ended up having a knife, plastic zip ties, duct tape and mace, when he was arrested. His plans was to take Sonya hostage and had been threatening her family, her ex-girlfriend and Mandy Rose. Again, this guy is still in jail awaiting his court date. This guy even gave the court Sonya’s address as his address. She was receiving his mail at her home.

This Weekend-Paige’s Fan Visitor

On November 9th, Paige heard a knock on her door. When she answered it was a guy that started telling her that “symbols led him to her.” She said that she was glad her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke was there to take care of this guy. Paige called the police while Radke detained him.

This Is Their Job

Do you understand these are real people? These are wrestlers. This is how they have chosen to make their living. They want to entertain us by giving us a couple hours of enjoyment. The wrestlers did not ask us into their personal lives. I know Covid-19 is going on and they aren’t having fan conventions and events. Fans aren’t getting live house shows in our home areas where they can do meet and greets. But I think we need to be thankful that they are still performing on TV for us.

The wrestlers have a job like you do. When you go to work then you do your job, but when you come home then you are off work. You don’t expect people to call you with work problems. You don’t expect them to show up at your door knocking with work issues. Do you expect them to break into your house with work issues? Let’s respect the wrestlers the same way we want to be respected. Please do NOT call them. Do NOT show up at their house. Do NOT send them letters at their home. Please do NOT break into their homes. I never thought I would have to write this. I never thought this would be an issue for anyone, let alone pro wrestlers.

Final Thoughts-Leave Wrestlers Alone

What is our problem as a society that we think because we like a wrestler or we have convinced ourselves that we love someone that we can overstep society’s boundaries. People feel entitled to just do whatever they want. You can stop this.

Quit treating wrestlers as just objects that you can say or do whatever you want to. They are people too, but that doesn’t mean they are your friends. Just because you have researched everything about them and watched every program about them. You can’t just write them at their homes or show up to their homes to visit. Please contact them through their social media or the companies they work for. Also, when you see them out, please leave them alone if they are with their kids, eating or hurt. Otherwise, just ask nicely. Wrestlers are great when treated with respect.

Let’s hear what you think about all this. Do you think it is ok to contact them at home? Do you think it is ok to go to the WWE Performance Center to meet wrestlers? Tell me what you are thinking.

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