Who Will Be Coming To AEW the Next Couple Months?

Predictions of Incoming Wrestlers

· 6 min read October 6, 2020

AEW made a statement early on about bringing back the old traditions within the new style. With the old ways, it’s true that you take care of your friends. Many fans have thrown fits about The Young Bucks, Cody, and Kenny Omega hiring their friends. People also said things about Chris Jericho putting in a good word for Luther.

However, I can’t help but think they are right to do this. Who else can you really trust but people who had your back while traveling, guys and girls you opened up to and had deep conversations with? Plus, not only is there the personal connection between wrestlers, but Tony Khan does seem to do his best to get to know these grapplers too. They definitely aren’t “just” hiring ex-WWE wrestlers. They are hiring guys they have known forever, people like SCU, MJF, and the Lucha Brothers.

AEW Predictions

You guys know that I like to make predictions about future happenings. I like to be able to say, “by the way, I called it that way.” I’m not always good at making them, but at least my predictions are interesting. Some of them are off the wall and you can all roll your eyes at them. But I think some wrestlers are coming to AEW, certainly by next summer.

Before I start, I definitely want you to write to me with your AEW predictions and include why—but not too far out. No predictions, say, for 2024…

So: bookmark this article or write my predicitions down. Here we go…

Tessa Blanchard

From now until maybe Full Gear 2, be on the lookout for Tessa Blanchard to sign with AEW. Yes, I know that’s soon and that you may be calling me out, but I believe it will happen. I know Vince McMahon wants her on their roster bad and is throwing money at her. However, I see Tony Khan winning this one with the lighter schedule, the opportunity for Tessa to also work for other promotions, and an AEW Dark opportunity for Dago.

Here are the other reasons, though, that you may not know or have seen. On September 30th’s episode of AEW Dynamite, you saw Britt Baker (who is one of their top female stars) with her back to the camera in a match holding onto Red Velvet. She did Tessa Blanchard’s entrance. I know many of you didn’t get it since I didn’t see it all over the internet, Reddit and Twitter. I’m sure Tessa did though.

Britt had her back to the camera then she looked over her left shoulder and gave a big smile then winked. She then turned back around and did her next move. Well, that’s how Tessa Blanchard comes out before all her matches and it is very well known. So I think Britt did it on purpose to start a storyline for AEW to use later.

So the prediction is that by Full Gear 2 in November, Tessa Blanchard is All Elite with her dad, Tully. Plus, what many of you may not know is Tessa’s stepfather, Magnum T.A., is also Cody’s godfather. Tessa considers Cody to be like her older brother. Who better to be around to rehab your career?

Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan’s contract looks like it runs out in December 2020. I feel like he is frustrated with his role right now and isn’t being challenged with his character. He was the computer hacker, then was handed the program of Tessa Blanchard and the breaking up OVE. Since then, it has been like he has been languishing without any direction. I know they wanted him and Ken Shamrock to work together, but it had no real direction. Sami says that wants to be the Impact Wrestling man and that he has stayed through it all. Somehow, I think his feelings have changed. I think that in order to keep him they need a clear plan for him and to increase his money. There is a possibility he stays with Impact Wrestling, but if he doesn’t then I think he ends up in AEW. His creativity fits right in.

Ethan Page

Ethan Page, to me, appears to be confused and doesn’t truly know what he wants. His contract runs out on January 1, 2021. At some points, I hear him wanting to explore a singles run. His charisma would be absolutely fabulous as a babyface or a cocky heel. However, the men’s division right now in Impact Wrestling is a mess. It feels so chaotic, with Eric Young, Rich Swann, and Eddie Edwards on one side, but then you have Moose and ECIII on the other side plus many others waiting in line. Can Ethan Page fit in?

Obviously, he has a great tag-team partner in Josh Alexander, whose contract is also running out. Does Ethan Page want to stay in the crowded Impact Wrestling tag team division? There are the popular veterans in the Motor City Machine Guns and The Good Brothers, as well as up and coming teams like The Rascalz and Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Does The North bring enough to the table?

I think if AEW chooses to make a play for him then he’ll jump at it, if for nothing else than to learn from everyone and be able to express himself differently. I see him as All Elite.

AEW Others

I think we’ll see PAC, Bea Priestly, and at least one other woman wrestler very soon, likely in November or December.

AEW Long Term Predictions

I’m going to pick two long-term wild cards—ones that I definitely don’t know if they will happen. If they do, then they will shock people and both are smart enough to keep it totally quiet. Both right now are saying all the right things.

The first one’s contract is supposed to run out June 2021, but there are rumors that he has already signed a new contract. I’m not sure he did because I think it would have been all over the place. It is Adam Cole.

Yes, I know you are saying, “well, you just think that because of his girlfriend, Dr. Britt Baker”. Yes, that could be a reason, but that’s not the only reason. The Undisputed Era is breaking up and Vince McMahon doesn’t see Adam Cole as a future face of the company. Plus, I don’t feel he is stretched at all in NXT anymore. You also need to remember what he was a part of before: The Bullet Club. Cody actually debuted in Ring of Honor against him and they are still friends. He goes to a lot of AEW functions with Britt, especially with everyone in Florida often.

The second one may totally shock, but shouldn’t at all. I’m not 100% sure when his contract runs out. One site said June 2021 and another one said August 2021. Right now, he is under his old main roster contract, which totally makes Vince McMahon extremely upset, especially if the rumor is true that WWE’s main roster is starting to travel in November. Granted, right now, Finn Balor is the NXT Champion, but does he want to be there forever? Maybe he does. Maybe he likes not traveling (NXT doesn’t travel) and working with the younger wrestlers. There have been many rumors of Vince not liking him on his main roster contract, though.

The other reason, which I see as the bigger reason, is the creativity factor. WWE has stifled Finn Balor at every turn. He came to NXT and loved the Demon King. So did the fans. However, Vince really didn’t get it, especially the Irish factor of it. Finn is known worldwide as Prince Devitt, founder and leader of the Bullet Club. He was an ultimate heel, but also super popular. WWE has never known what to do with a wrestler like that. This is one reason he has gone back to calling himself the Prince in NXT.

Finn enjoys being a heel and couldn’t care less about being booed, but WWE doesn’t want anyone booing him. Finn Balor wasn’t happy, which is why he took time off then got married, went on a honeymoon, and decided to go back to NXT. If he wants one more run as a full-time creative wrestler, I think AEW or New Japan are the places for him. Finn becomes All Elite because of the schedule and the fact he can also wrestle in other places.

So what do you think? Agree or disagree? Why? Who do you think goes to AEW next? Who do you think leaves AEW to go elsewhere? Let me know here at the Wrestling Overtime.

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