Was This The Turning Point of Chad Gable’s Career?

WWE Raw: Quiz Bowl February 7th

Chad Gable of WWE’s Alpha Academy

It’s about time…right? I mean haven’t we all saw how well Chad Gable performs? Who hasn’t said to someone WWE just isn’t using Gable correctly? Chad Gable is used horribly by the WWE. At least up until now. Over the last couple months, we have seen him really open up with his personality and even with his wrestling. Fans are starting to take notice of his humor and his sarcastic wit. 

Was the Quiz Bowl segment on this week’s Raw the moment the fans noticed him? Everyone has been noticing Randy Orton playing the straight man to Matt Riddle’s humor, but I think you have to notice that Chad Gable is actually the real winner of this tag team competition. He has been able to get over by using RK-Bro’s jokes as points of contention to show his heel persona. 

The February 7th WWE Raw: The Quiz Bowl

Kevin Patrick is the host of the Alpha Academy Academic Challenge between Matt Riddle and Randy Orton of RK-Bro and Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy. We get to see Chad Gable explain the rules of the Quiz Bowl in a way that even the “dumb mouth breathers of Denver” can understand. This gets the crowd booing him and starts his night off right. The 1st team to earn five points will win. Then Kevin announces the categories and says that Otis and Gable will be up first.

Chad Gable starts off by selecting the category of U.S. Presidents. Their question was which U.S. President was the first to be elected that had a college degree. Of course, this gives Gable the opportunity to talk about his college degrees and grade point average. Here you get to see how sarcastic and braggadocios that Gable can be when he tries. It was hilarious to see his facials in this part especially when telling the crowd that they are disgusting for booing education. Of course, he answers John Adams and is correct.

Riddle and Gable Go Back and Forth

Now, Matt Riddle has been known for his stoner personality in WWE and for being hilarious as he stumbles into answers shocking Randy Orton. But him playing the fan favorite against Gable was interesting. It’s Riddle’s turn, so he selects Biology. His question is an octopus may have 8 arms, but how many hearts do they have? Riddle then talks about how his cousin, Craig is a marine biologist and Craig took him to Maui once where they went on a sick expedition. They dissected an octopus and he says they have 3 hearts. This was correct. Again, we see Gable’s facials getting better when he responds that it was a lucky guess. He says their next selection is Greek Mythology. 

The question that Otis and Gable get is who flew too close to the sun and fell to his death when his wax wings melted? We get to see Gable fake a yawn as he answers Icarus which was correct. Randy Orton selects Cartoons which pops the crowd especially after the question is revealed to be which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle used a pair of nun chucks to fight Shredder? Riddle says that it has to be Michaelangelo. Chad Gable immediately says that the category shouldn’t even be in a Quiz Bowl because Cartoons isn’t an academic subject. Randy Orton tells him to shut up and the crowd went wild. Orton then says why don’t you let Otis answer a question.

Chad Gable With Otis

I have to say when WWE put Chad Gable and Otis together that I thought it was a total joke. I mean they both were past Greco-Roman wrestlers, but both had struggled to get over and stay over in the WWE. Both always needed some help from their partners or in Otis’ case from Mandy Rose. But it seems like since being put together they have been doing a slow burn of getting the fans’ attention.

In the Quiz Bowl, Chad Gable says that letting Otis answer is a great idea. He’s been training Otis, so Otis chooses Geography. The question was which of the listed states is the largest of the 48 continental United States? Otis says if this was a question to see who has the lowest IQ then the answer would be Colorado (which is where they are). But the answer is Texas which is correct. Gable pats Otis like the great teacher he is. 

Going Ahead By A Stealing Point

Then Matt Riddle chooses Pop Culture and the question is in 2019, global superstar Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin who is the daughter of which famous actor? He asks Orton if he knows the answer and Randy says, “Absolutely not.” Riddle then tries to use one of his lifelines to call his “friend” Justin Bieber, but Kevin Patrick informs him that there isn’t any lifelines in this game. Randy Orton says the only Baldwin he knows is Alec Baldwin, so he answers Alec which is incorrect. This allows Gable and Otis to have a chance to steal their point. 

Chad Gable informs everyone that the answer happens to be in one of his favorite movies of all time, “BioDome” and says that the answer is Stephen Baldwin which is correct. So now the Alpha Academy has a 4–2 lead over RK-Bro. If they answer the next question correctly then they win the Quiz Bowl and RK-Bro won’t get a rematch for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Gable says since they are about to win that RK-Bro will have a lot of free time, so they should do themselves a favor and pick up a book. This joke didn’t go over with the crowd. I thought it was lame and Chad didn’t sell it well. Maybe Otis should have said that one. 

For The Win?

Chad Gable then chooses the category of Film and Literature. The question is which Shakespeare play has been adapted into the most movies? Otis starts to answer Hamlet, but Gable interrupts him and says it’s the greatest love story of all time. Otis again starts to say Hamlet, but Gable tells him to “shoosh” and says that just like their kiss was the kiss of death that Riddle and Orton can kiss the Raw Tag Team Titles goodbye because the answer is Romeo and Juliet which is incorrect. Riddle and Orton now have a chance to steal the Alpha Academy’s point. Riddle says “to be or not to be” and Orton asks him if he knows the answer. Riddle answers Hamlet which is correct. It’s now 4–3 with the Alpha Academy in the lead, but RK-Bro has the next question. 

Randy Orton chooses Sports as the category. The question was which quarterback has the most wins in Denver Broncos’ history? Playing to the home crowd, Orton says he’d like a little help with this question. He asks the crowd to respond to each of the choices when he gets to the last one he says “JOHN FREAKING ELWAY” which sends the crowd into overload. Orton answers John Elway which is correct. Now, it’s 4–4 with it being Otis and Gable’s turn. Gable selects Metric Conversions as their category. The question is how many grams are in an ounce? We again hear Gable say “Shoosh” to the crowd as they go wild at him. Gable answers “16” then he quickly says “32” then gives a final answer of “12” which is incorrect. 

Orton’s Crowd Winning Answer

If RK-Bro answer this question correctly then they will steal the point for the win. Riddle starts off by saying the other day he was calibrating his scale and the crowd starts going wild. Orton interrupts and says he wants to answer it. Riddle asks Orton how he knows the answer. Randy Orton says do you think you are the only one that “bakes, bro?” Then Orton says there is exactly, precisely 28 grams in one ounce and that’s correct. The crowd went wild for another RK-Bro weed joke as they win the Quiz Bowl to get a rematch against the Alpha Academy. 

Chad Gable starts yelling about how the last question wasn’t in the pre-read and he demands a re-do. Riddle tells Gable to “shoosh” and said he just got outsmarted by the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment. “RK-Bro.” Gable and Otis start throwing chairs around and out of the ring. Gable continues to yell about the buzzer being too loud, the crowd and the questions. We see Randy Orton and Riddle heading back up the ramp as Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of the Street Profits come down. 

The Street Profits vs Alpha Academy

I don’t know why they are having this match. What’s the purpose? If you are going to have a match, shouldn’t it be the match that RK-Bro just won? Why do we have the Street Profits out here? Again, WWE isn’t making sense, but I guess I shouldn’t expect them to anymore. We get a short promo on the mic from the Street Profits talking about the Quiz Bowl, but never explaining why they are getting a match. The announcers don’t explain it either. 

Now as this match begins, I truly believe that the Street Profits will win here. Why? Because that seems to be the WWE thing to do. I mean why not just beat your champions again? We see Otis attack Montez Ford while Angelo Dawkins and Chad Gable start in the ring. It was back and forth between them. At one point, Otis comes into the ring to break up a pin attempt, but Ford hits him with an enziguri to toss him out of the ring. Then of course, we have to see Ford fly. He dives over the top rope to take out Otis on the floor. Dawkins tries to roll up Gable for a two count. Gable gets Dawkins into an ankle lock then transitions to a roll up pin for the win. 

Winner: Alpha Academy (Otis and Chad Gable)

Yes, you read that right. It was an extremely short match that served no purpose at all. Otis and Montez Ford officially didn’t even get into the match. But our story subject was the main event by getting the win. Chad Gable’s tide seems to have turned, but how soon will it turn again? How soon before we see him lose his championship and go back to being a jobber in the fans’ eyes? Or has he truly gotten to the turning point where he will be seen as a main event tag teamer for the rest of his career?

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