Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series – Night Two Review

September 19th’s Card – Didn’t Live Up To Last Week

·5 min read September 20 2020

Warrior Wrestling returned to action again this Saturday on September 19th. This is the second show in a three-Saturday series of events, the Stadium Series. Due to social distancing, they have limited fan access and are having the events outside on the Marion Catholic High School football field.

After last week’s big names like Joey Janella, Thunder Rosa, Brian Cage, The Rascalz, and then having Kylie Rae and Tessa Blanchard in the main event. It became a must-see event in my opinion. Many of you read my gushing review of last week’s wrestling and how the wrestlers could tell stories without having a weekly TV show to help out.

I ended my review with the statement “this was a fun event that I would have loved to attend. I’m certainly thinking about purchasing next Saturday’s card on September 19th.” However, after seeing the card I couldn’t justify purchasing it for $14.99 and missing watching the college football games. I love indie wrestlers and follow many of them. (Hint: Check out 21-year-old Airwolf) But these matchups just didn’t do it for me. I felt like I still needed to give you the results and as always my thoughts.

Warrior Wrestling Results

Sam Adonis def. Jake Something

Let’s get it out of the way if your name is Jake Something then you are probably going to lose every match. It is extremely sad that no one even YOURSELF can’t think of a name.

However, this match included Sam Adonis, so it had to be good. I have just been waiting for some major promotion to sign him, so I can write an article about him. If you think MJF is a great heel, this guy is cut from the same cloth. He has been in Japan and Mexico. Surely he will be noticed very soon and you’ll read me gushing then.

Beast Man def. Facade, Dani Mo, Dan The Dad, Jack Griffin and Icon Lee

Sorry, I can’t even give you comments on this match because I don’t know any of them. I saw Dan The Dad last week at the Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series and he didn’t impress me at all. He was in a comedy match with coffee being thrown on him.

Lee Moriarty def. Tre’ Lamar

I actually might need to find this match because I’m interested in both of these guys. Alex Shelley has vouched for them and Benjamin Carter. He tweeted out that Benjamin Carter, Lee Moriarty, and Tre’ LaMar will be debuting for IMPACT Wrestling on upcoming episodes of IMPACT’s long-running B-Show, Xplosion.

Benjamin Carter really impressed me last week and he graduated from Seth Rollins’ wrestling school. Tre Lamar was in GCW and has been in Warrior Wrestling for a while. Lee Moriarty who is called “The Apex of Combat,” has wrestled in GCW, Beyond Wrestling, PWX, and AIW and other notable promotions over the course of the last five years. All are young and eager about getting a break.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton def. Violence Is Forever (Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini)

I think Ace Austin is a legitimate star in the making. I’m glad that Impact Wrestling didn’t give him the Impact Wrestling World Championship at Slammiversary. I don’t think he is quite ready to be the face of the fourth best company in the world. However, he will be…soon if he continues making the jumps he has been. As for Madman Fulton, why is he with Ace Austin again? Someone explain his to me other than as a bodyguard.

Kimber Lee def. Jordynne Grace

Whoa, this result got my attention. My first thought was Impact Wrestling agreed to this? I feel like Kimber Lee does have good matches, but never good enough to win against their top talent. She looked good with Thunder Rosa last weekend, but nowhere near good enough to beat her. Yet, she BEAT Jordynne Grace? What? Are you serious? Jordynne Grace was their Knockouts Champion just 6 weeks ago. She just got her rematch, but Kimber Lee beat her. Is this something we need to watch? Is Impact Wrestling letting them foreshadow what’s happening next?

Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham ends in no-contest after a double pinfall

Both of these wrestlers are great workers. You know I love Alex Shelley and am super excited had is back with the Motor City Machine Guns in Impact Wrestling. As far as Jonathan Gresham, I haven’t really thought about him once since Ring of Honor went off the air. He isn’t one of their main wrestlers that I think of when it is mentioned. I don’t know why. He is good, but to me not memorable. Is he to you? Sounds like no one wanted to take a loss, so they no contested it.

Luchasaurus and Tay Conti def. Chris Bey and Ray Lyn

Is anyone out there surprised by this at all? You have one of the hottest wrestlers, Luchasaurus and the newest signee, Tay Conti in the hottest promotion of AEW against Chris Bey and Ray Lyn. This was a no brainer. I’m sure everyone got their favorite moves in and then it was a quick pin.

Trey Miguel def. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz

Again, is anyone out there surprised by this at all? Trey Miguel is one of the hottest wrestlers right now in Impact Wrestling. His trajectory is on the same path as Ace Austin. They are the future rivalry for Impact Wrestling. Xavier and Wentz are a good tag team, but when it comes to singles wrestling they just haven’t hit the mark. I’m sure this was a crazy high spot affair.

Warrior Wrestling Championship Match: Brian Pillman Jr. (c) def. Warehouse to retain the Warrior Wrestling Championship

I like Brian Pillman Jr. I’m one of the few wrestling fans I know that doesn’t know much about his father and like him automatically because of him. I know about him basically because of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast stories. So I like him because of himself. As for Warhorse, I don’t get why everyone likes him. He doesn’t impress me at all. Warhorse is a shorter version of the Ultimate Warrior who I didn’t like him either. I can’t see any promotion giving him a chance by signing him right now let alone giving him their championship.

So should I get next weekend’s Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series on September 26th? I’m torn. The deciding factor may be that I’m wanting to see AirWolf and Angel Dorado vs The North – Josh Alexander and Ethan Page.

What are your thoughts on this show and will you be following the Stadium Series next week? Let me know in the comments below if I should be watching it!

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