Twitter War? Over Jordynne Grace?

ECW’s Sabu Body Shaming?

3 min read November 6, 2020

Now, there was something interesting that happened on Twitter. I can’t find another word to use other than interesting. Probably not the best word though. When it started, I thought it was absolutely awful, but can I say that? Am I reading this correctly or going overboard?

ECW’s Sabu Starts In On Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace

Now that the whole story has come out, it is wild, but it is so obnoxious, hateful and distasteful. ECW icon Sabu went on Twitter and called Jordynne Grace, from Impact Wrestling, short and fat. So, fans of Sabu proceeded to send Jordynne Grace a lot of very stunning tweets that got pretty filthy. He liked a lot of them and seemed to be encouraging them to continue.

One fan of Sabu almost disagreed with him by saying to him “have you seen her”, meaning Jordynne Grace. Sabu responded by saying, “Look for yourself. She’s no Tessa.” SAY WHAT? Did he really say that? No, Jordynne Grace isn’t Tessa Blanchard. I don’t want them to be. They are different people. Both are different women. They have different styles and personalities.

Comparing Just Women’s Bodies

Every wrestler can’t be the same. Why compare her to Tessa? Where did that come from? Why drag her into this? I noticed that Sabu didn’t tag Tessa. I hope somebody tells Tessa Blanchard and I would hope that Tessa would tell Sabu where he could stick it and stand up for women. Stand up and tell everyone that you can’t body shame anyone. Will she? Who knows. She’s got other issues going on.

How in this day and age do you think this is ok to do that at all, let alone in public? I mean, come on, have you seen her wrestle? Jordynne is athletic, muscular and smooth in her wrestling transitions. Plus, her character is her of someone being their own woman, which is something that you want young girls to aspire to. I can’t believe anyone would agree with him and continue this.

Jordynne Grace Responds

Jordynne Grace finds out this is going on and responds to the wrestling legend. She states that being a “legend” doesn’t give you a license to say or do anything you want. Well, I totally agree. I don’t know that I would consider Sabu a legend. Do you? You have to let me know in the comments. I totally agree with her statement, though. You definitely don’t get the opportunity to say or do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Sabu Apologizes Then Deletes

Sabu starts out by apologizing and this part is still available, but the next part was deleted. Sabu says it was all a work and that he was trying to build up a mixed tag team match that against Jordynne Grace and a partner. Jordynne Grace responded with, “I have no knowledge of this and it is the first time I’ve heard of it. I am not involved in this work that he is saying that he is doing and I have never heard of a match between us.” She responded in a very professional manner. I’m not sure I could have.

Next time Sabu, you might want to let somebody know, like a promotion and the other people involved, if you are truly going to do a work for a match. I don’t believe for one second that he was trying to get a mixed tag team match going. I think he shot off his mouth about her and then realized the can of worms he opened. I’m sorry, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for Sabu even trying this.

Everyone, listen to me! Don’t talk about anyone’s bodies. Just leave it alone. No one asked you for an opinion. Just some free advice. Keep reading Pro Wrestling Overtime for your latest analysis of pro wrestling.

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