The WWE Women’s Star Carried Them During Covid-19

Clash of Champions #3

· 5 min read September 30, 2020

Hey everyone! Let’s continue with our breakdown of matches from Clash of Champions. This article is going to talk about the start of Covid-19 and who caught everyone’s eye including Vince McMahon’s during it. Let’s discuss Asuka.

Asuka vs Zelina Vega for Raw Women’s Championship

The Raw Women’s Championship of Asuka vs Zelina Vega started off shocking me a little. I guess the first thing was that Zelina is even in this match. She hasn’t been wrestling on the main roster for very long. WWE has been portraying her as a mastermind manager of Andrade and then adding Angel Garza. It was different seeing her in gear and ready to go. I know she is a wrestler first and has always wanted her chance. I just think you need to build yourself up by doing something other than beating Mickie James.

Asuka As A Workhorse?

When Asuka (Kana-her Japanese wrestler name) was signed to a WWE developmental deal in 2015, Dave Meltzer said Kana “may be the best worker in WWE, man or woman.” That was back in 2015 and in NXT, I was impressed with her. She worked constantly, especially during her undefeated streak. She became a blur of quick strong strikes.

However, I must admit that I was never on the Asuka main roster bandwagon. I wanted her to get beat immediately after starting on the main roster. No, I didn’t care by who either. It could have been Charlotte or Becky or Ronda…whoever. I couldn’t get into her character. Then she disappeared for a little while.

Her Reappearance and Proving Her Worth During Covid-19

Asuka suddenly started reappearing as a tag team with Kairi Sane with Paige managing them in 2019. I know many of you were questioning why in the world they had a wrestler of Asuka’s caliber was in a tag team. Again, I couldn’t get into it especially after the Kabuki Warriors won the tag team titles. Kairi Sane drove me crazy. However, Asuka caught my attention at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. I think she may have been the first WWE superstar to figure out how to perform to the TV fan instead of the live fans.

Asuka really became a true workhorse. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she was on both shows and showed her personality. I hear you…now, Sam how do you know that’s her personality? Well guys, because you can see it on her YouTube show, KanaChan TV that has over 418,000 subscribers. Asuka started dancing, using her hands to make her points while yelling in Japanese and even doing commentary. She wasn’t on Twitter complaining or debating about going home. She was taking advantage of her chance due to horrible circumstances. I kept asking myself why didn’t WWE let this Asuka loose earlier.

Becoming An Asuka Fan Because of Covid-19

I wanted to root for her constantly including in the Money in the Bank match even though I love Shayna Baszler. After being on both shows week after week, she deserved the title as Becky Lynch left. She had been carrying WWE along with Randy Orton, Bayley, and Sasha Banks through the pandemic. WWE made you interested in who was going to eventually come out ahead of her feud with Sasha Banks especially after bringing back Asuka’s green mist. A lot of fans couldn’t wait for her to come out ahead and capture the title back from Banks.

Big Drop in Women’s Division Talent After Top Tier

Vega? Really? After finishing up with Sasha Banks Zelina Vega is who we get? The choices were Mickie James or Vega. They teased Natalya or Lana. Seriously? Come on. Why not? Nina Jax or Shayna Baszler? Oh, that’s right you gave THEM the tag team titles. (That is definitely a different article.) What about Mandy Rose or Peyton Royce? I don’t get the whole thing.

I’m a firm believer now that 38-year-old Asuka deserves better. She is extremely underrated and how can I prove that to you? Just look at this match with Zelina Vega. Asuka can make almost anyone look good and up to her level. Could Vega actually hold her own?

The Clash of Champion Match

Asuka started off taunting Zelina Vega, dancing around and teasing her about her height. Then they locked up for a test of strength and Asuka overwhelmed Vega. So it slowly turned when Vega hit an armbar and then a hammerlock. Asuka fought free and tried for the Asuka Lock. It was then we, as fans, started to notice that Asuka’s left upper arm or shoulder was hurting. Vega got out the Asuka Lock fairly easily and attempted her own armbar. This is where you could see the brilliant psychology of Asuka selling her arm and by starting to use her hip attacks.

Zelina Vega gets out of the way of the last hip attack and starts her comeback. She applied a great looking crucifix. It was like Zelina Vega became a true heel right before our eyes. Yes, she has been a heel manager, but she took the next step by truly trying to damage Asuka’s arm. Again, she starts kicking her arm and applying another crucifix to aggravate it. Vega hits a flying hurricanrana, followed by double knees in the corner. She is being vicious and sadistic. Vega tries some kicks as Asuka catches one of them and goes back and forth looking for pins. Then Asuka slaps the Asuka Lock on. Vega taps immediately.

The Interview

This was a nice match. More than I thought we would get. It wasn’t too long or too short. Charley Caruso comes into the ring to interview Asuka. I thought we were just going to her yelling in Japanese. No, Charley asks, “did you get more than what you expected from Vega?” Asuka calls her small, dangerous, and firecracker. Then Asuka does her catchphrase that she wasn’t ready for Asuka.

Asuka offers to shake Zelina’s hand, but Zelina shakes her head and does a Japanese bow. Asuka looks taken back and bows back at her. Of course, as soon as she bows then Vega kicks her and drops her. Afterward, she rolls out of the ring and yelling. Asuka is going crazy yelling in Japanese. What on Earth is going on here? I guess this is how WWE tells us that this is the start of the program during the no fan Covid-19 era. Not just a match in between. I’m going to make a guess that both are staying on Raw after the WWE Draft. I’m just not sure that this program should continue. I don’t know that Zelina Vega is ready for a long program with Asuka.

I think while WWE has Asuka they should be using all her talents. Eventually, she is going to leave sooner or later since she has written for Xbox Magazine and designed graphics for Nintendo DS. She also owns a hair salon in Yokohama called Another Heaven. They need to turn her all the way up and let her loose.

What do you think about this match? What do you think of Asuka? Do you think that Zelina Vega will be a WWE Superstar? Stay tuned to the next match break down during Covid-19. Let us know about it on Pro Wrestling Overtime.

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