The “Sasha Situation” in the WWE

Why She Was Sent Home From Charlotte House Show and Then Didn’t Show At SummerSlam

Hey everybody, this is Sam with Pro Wrestling Overtime. I plan on trying to clear up the situation that has been spreading about Sasha Banks either on Reddit or on Twitter that people haven’t understood. Let’s get it out of the way Sasha Banks does NOT have Covid. They have problems understanding my short comments on Twitter. WWE Fans don’t believe me or where I get my information. They don’t understand what I’m trying to tell them or like what I’m telling them because they like Sasha being the “bad guy” in this situation. 

Previously on the Pro Wrestling Overtime podcast, I did an episode answering a question that someone had wrote me on Twitter about Sasha Banks. I answered the question with what I had been told at the time. The person who asked it didn’t understand. The question was is Sasha Banks ok? Is she in the hospital? And I answered, Yes and no, she’s not because some people that I knew that was giving out some info had asked me not to really go any further. Then it escalated and it became “The Sasha Situation.” I talked a little bit about it in the last previous episode what had gotten on my nerves was that Sasha had been labeled an anti-vaxxer. She was being blamed almost by a lot of the media whether they are websites, magazines, podcasters, YouTubers or whatever. It seems like she has become the face of this particular issue. 

Sasha and Rise in Covid

Sasha Banks does not deserve a lot of the criticism that she is taking and it’s not because I am a Sasha fan. I’m definitely not, but I totally respect her work though. Everyone says she is great to spend time with or hang out with. I don’t particularly like thoughts of Banks then I have to stop to think You know what? She’s very good at her job. I usually tell my friends she got me to hate her and I didn’t even realize that. A lot of times I can step back and see people for who they are. The best heels are the ones that can get you to hate them and you actually do then you start not caring about them as people. That’s when you know you have got a true heel…a true talent. Sasha Banks has done that to me twice now. Bayley has definitely did that to me and so has Charlotte. Becky never has did that to me. She’s a cocky wrestler right now which I love, but not a heel yet to me.

Sasha does not have COVID. Does anyone need me to repeat that? Sasha does not have COVID. That is what everyone that I’ve talked to everyone, I’ve tweeted with, everyone that I have gotten a hold of and I think they’re telling me the truth. Sasha Banks does not and has not had COVID. So if that’s the only thing you wanted to learn then stop move on. However, there’s couple more things that I would like to go through. It is my understanding from people in and out of WWE that there may be about 1/3 of the WWE may not be vaccinated. WWE has been told they can’t make them be vaccinated, but they can make rules that make them give in and just get vaccinated. Now, I don’t know if that 1/3 is 1/3 of the wrestlers, or it’s 1/3 of everyone in WWE including crew and office. WWE is actually doing better than a lot of the country. Nick Khan put together a group and they made WWE “health” rules. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of it. 

WWE Rules for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

It is my understanding that WWE rules are if you show WWE proof that you are vaccinated then you are not required to go through daily testing. But you don’t have show WWE that you are because of HIPAA. If you are not vaccinated or refuse to provide proof to them that you are then you must submit to daily testing. Whether vaccinated or not you must declare a travel party before you leave on WWE travel and only be around them during the travel. If you are vaccinated then you do not have to wear masks during your travel, meaning on planes, in cars with other vaccinated people that are in your travel party and at facilities, which is included their arena or any meeting areas. It also includes at the hotel, but are free to leave the hotel to go to restaurants, concerts or bars. 

If you aren’t vaccinated you have to wear a mask while traveling especially on the plane, at the arena, at any meetings and at the hotel. You have to socially distance six feet or more and WWE would prefer more from the vaccinated WWE employees, including the vaccinated wrestlers. If you are unvaccinated then you can’t be around the vaccinated employees. The unvaccinated cannot leave the hotel to eat and they cannot be out with people other than their travel party. Period. They cannot go eat with vaccinated employees/wrestlers or vaccinated people. They are not to leave their hotel and they’re not to be out at restaurants, concerts or bars. So basically WWE is trying to force you if you are unvaccinated and work for them to get the shot. There are a couple people that have said they have had the shots, but do not want to give WWE documentation because they believe that it’s a slippery slope that if they give them medical information like that then WWE will try to require other medical information even personal medical information. 

Sasha Banks and the WWE Rules

If you listen to the Pro Wrestling Overtime then you heard me tell you about how Sasha Banks is being the face for all of this even though other wrestlers mentioned in the same rumors circle haven’t had the same flack…Karion Kross, Finn Balor, Rykker and other men superstars. It is my understanding through several different people Sasha Banks has chosen not to be vaccinated at that time because there hasn’t been enough research on long term effects especially on women. 

I have not spoken with Sasha Banks myself to confirm or deny that this. This is strictly from what I’ve been told and able to find out. I wanted to put everything together for fans. I had a feeling that Sasha’s side wasn’t being told at all because of her contract and WWE not wanting the publicity. The week before SummerSlam August 9th-August 14th, Sasha Banks was in Vegas doing public relations for SummerSlam. She was talking to a lot of different media from local TV/radio shows to different podcasters out there. 

WWE saw after the Friday Night Smackdown with her and Bianca being near each to set up Summer Slam, but before Saturday’s August 14th Charlotte, NC on Sasha’s social media posts that at Vegas she was around people not listed on her travel party and not in the WWE anymore…Kalisto. They also saw on Bayley’s social media that she was in Vegas. There were no pictures and no one that was there that was willing to say they were around each other. However, people in the WWE find it very hard to believe that they both were in the same city at the same time and did not at least say hi. Social media also showed Kalisto with Bayley at the same place that he and Sasha were photographed together. I am not saying this is the exact reason, but this is what I have heard. Every picture was posted by Kalisto or Sasha, so they weren’t photoshopped by a fan. I don’t know I haven’t seen all the pictures, but there were snapshots or screenshots taken by fans also showing them together and Sasha not wearing a mask in any of them. 

The Start of It All

On August 13th WWE found out that Sasha had broken the rules by not wearing a mask, getting food to go or delivered. She was in a restaurant where others were that were not in her travel party. So on August 14th when Sasha and Bianca showed up in Charlotte, North Carolina they were told to go home and isolate for seven days because of Sasha breaking the rules. This is why they missed both house shows even though they were advertised. The 15th was in Columbia, South Carolina. They missed out shows and when you count it up Friday is your seventh day. Friday Night Smackdown is in Phoenix on August 20th and Las Vegas is where SummerSlam is taking place on August 21st, so Bianca showed up. You saw her on August 20th, but no Sasha. Then of course on August 21st, you saw Bianca’s reaction to WWE announcing that Sasha Banks wasn’t there. She needed to get ready to take on Carmella, but Becky Lynch showed up and threw Carmella out of the ring. She asked for a championship match and Bianca agree. Becky beat her in 26 seconds to become Smackdown Women’s Champion. 

From what I understand, Sasha did not go to Phoenix, Arizona at all by her decision. It confused me when I heard that because her husband was in Phoenix, Arizona. He also continued to stay there after instead of going to SummerSlam. It is also my understanding that she did not go to Vegas, I was told that she didn’t want to be held to WWE’s Covid rules. I had one sources that said she was in Vegas with Bayley but neither went to SummerSlam. I understand why WWE have the rules, but I think some are a little ridiculous to think that an adult is going to follow them at all times. I also understand that it’s very hard to be 29 years old just coming back from three or four months off and you didn’t have to follow them. She has been told here’s your test that you have to do daily, your mask you need to wear everywhere and you can’t leave your hotel. You can’t meet anyone when you’re on the road other than people that are in your traveling party. I think that’s that’s extremely hard to do. 

Sasha’s Point of View

So, if what I have found out is true then I can understand Sasha’s issues with them wanting to restrict her, her life and what she does on her supposed “off” days, but then I do see WWE side of it. If she comes in contact with someone with Covid on her off day of Tuesday then she will not get symptoms if she does at all until later and could pass it on to numerous other wrestlers, employees, crew members, and camera members. Even Vince himself being 76 years old. It’s not something that he wants to be around. But when you look at it, you can also understand Sasha Banks’ point of view is we don’t know when and if this is going to end. They have now found the Delta variant is in 47% of the country the last I heard. WWE should have to be super safe about where they go and where they stay because they may be going into a hotbed of the Covid Delta variant which no one has a vaccine for. Just the vaccinated people may not get it as bad or may not have to go to the hospital or may not die whereas unvaccinated people may have those issues and more.

WWE’s headquarters according to Vince McMahon, is in Stamford, Connecticut, but in reality their headquarters is in Orlando, Florida. That’s where the Performance Center, the Capitol Wrestling Center and it is where a lot of the wrestlers live. I have absolutely no idea if Bianca has been vaccinated or not. Both Sasha and Bianca live in Orlando. If one is vaccinated and one is not then they can’t be around each other. They can’t meet for lunch. They can’t go for a movie. They can’t take their husbands and then go out for dinner or anything like that. Now, if they’re both vaccinated then yes, they can they can go out and do whatever they want. Do you understand why this can be a problem? That is why people are saying WWE knew about this the week before? 

WWE Predicament

The WWE (I think) truly believed Sasha would go home to isolate for 7 days because of Smackdown and SummerSlam. I think WWE truly thought on Saturday, August 14th in Charlotte that Sasha was saying things she did not mean. However, when she reiterated those things when she called and didn’t show up for Phoenix, Arizona’s Smackdown on August 20th. They knew they had an issue. As I said in a previous podcast episode about Becky Lynch was already scheduled to be at SummerSlam. She was already scheduled to make her comeback then, but it was just in the Charlotte, Rhea and Nikki match to start a feud there. It had nothing to do with Bianca. That was the change that was made due to Sasha Banks being unable to make it there. 

As we saw on August 27th, September 3rd and September 10th, Sasha was still not there on Smackdown television. She has been backstage for the past two weeks, but has not been on TV. September 3rd she wanted to speak to Vince, but he wasn’t there. I haven’t found out yet if she had the chance to speak to Vince on September 10th. How long is WWE going to play this game? I don’t know. How long is Sasha Banks willing to play this game? 

From what I understand about her when she is being stubborn and digs her heels in sometimes it can be awhile. Do I think she eventually gives in and plays by the rules? I don’t know. She may decide that the rules are too much. Sasha then gets the shot and become vaccinated if she is not already. If she is vaccinated and is one of the ones that is refusing to provide the proof of documentation. Maybe she does that. I don’t know. I have heard different things from she does not want to take the vaccination shot because she does not like putting things into her body that are not organic to they have not studied this vaccination in the long term with a control group to see how long term affects women when they go to bear children. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. I do know we all as wrestling fans want Sasha Banks to come back because she is an unbelievable talent. I wish her the best and I hope she takes whatever stand she feels comfortable with. 

Sasha’s Choice

If she changes her mind that is fine with me. You know why? Because I don’t live her life. It is her life and her decision. I think as soon as more fans and WWE itself realize this then they will understand Sasha Banks better. So if she decides to come back and play by WWE rules with travel parties, masks and all that then so be it. If she says I have completed enough research over the last two and a half to three weeks. I feel comfortable getting vaccinated then more power to her. If she’s already gotten vaccinated and she does not want to give them her proof of vaccination because of medical records records due to HIPAA. Again, that’s her choice. I believe no matter what she decides (not that she cares), but then I will stand behind Sasha Banks and support her. You will hear me do that on my podcast and through other articles. However, you will probably also hear me backup WWE if they decide to add time to her contract or cut her pay. She’s not following the rules to her contract. 

I’m already hearing they will not release her. My understanding is that Sasha Banks just signed a brand new contract before right before WrestleMania 37. WWE with veteran wrestlers give three year deals and five year deals. If it is true that she signed that contract, she is with WWE at least three more years. If I hear something different, I will definitely tell you that I was wrong on the podcast and probably in an article at this website. I’m burned by the people that told me this information then I definitely will quit listening to them about anything, but this is what I know right now.

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