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Pro Wrestling Spoilers: Impact Wrestling — Jan. 22nd

Don’t Look If You Don’t Want To Know These are from the Impact Wrestling tapings courtesy of Jacob Cohen who attending the taping on January 22nd in Pembrook Pines/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Cohen guessed that last night Impact Wrestling had about 400–500 people


Pro Wrestling: Wish I Would Have Made This Show For This Match

The best parts of these kinds of shows are the amount of wrestling superstars you get to see at one place. Plus it seems like the wrestlers know this is a once a year event and they are extremely fan friendly.


Wrestling Fan Crosses the Line With Deonna Purrazzo

There ARE Limits! 4 min read November 16, 2020 This is Sam with Pro Wrestling Overtime and I try not to rant too hard on here, but I have to rant about this topic for the wrestlers I just don’t understand it. Maybe

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