Should I Have Seen More Basketball Movies Since I’m a Basketball Coach?

Why Didn’t I See What Everyone Else Did?

The other day I was in a Twitter chat where we all started discussing basketball movies. Of course, we were all basketball coaches at one time or another…even me.

That’s when I realized I don’t watch a lot of basketball movies. I counted. We talked about or rather they talked about over 100 movies. Most of which I had not seen and some I hadn’t heard of.

Why is it when people mention sports movies I immediately think of A Field of Dreams or Bull Durham? Is it because when I was younger I had an unknowing crush on Kevin Costner?

Let’s talk about what I have seen.


How can I not put this at the top? This is definitely my favorite basketball movie. I love it. I remember my all-star midget league team watching it together. It was a lot of the old-style basketball I was brought up on.

My dad and my midget league coaches used some of those tactics with us, so they weren’t unfamiliar when we saw them in a movie. Plus, Coach Bob Knight was still looked up as one of the brightest minds in basketball then. I believe he would win his third NCAA championship for Indiana after this movie came out.

This movie is based on real events about a small-town Indiana team that made their way to the finals in 1945. Coach Normal Dale and Shooter, a drunk assistant coach, lead the town’s team into victory using some unbreakable rules and establishing a set culture for not only a team but a town.

White Men Can’t Jump

Love it! No, I can’t jump, but I always wanted to be able to hustle. I dreamed of being a girl on the playground court that could shock everyone. See, Billy is in debt and on the run from a group of gangsters. So he has to con black guys into thinking he couldn’t play basketball to save his life. Loved how he dresses so no one thinks he could play. After he gets them to bet then he shows off his skills to beat them.

So while he is earning his money, he cons Sydney but instead of getting pissed off at Billy for playing him. Sydney volunteers to be his “agent.” The two of them join forces in hustling. Could this movie get made today with the same title? I don’t know.

Space Jam

Who hasn’t seen this if you are a certain age? My age, but we won’t talk about that. Now, I’ll admit that I haven’t seen it in a while, but I always enjoy it. I mean who can’t get into Bugs Bunny and his pals from the Looney Tunes kidnapping Michael Jordan so they can defeat the big bad aliens…the Nerdlucks. They definitely needed the greatest player to help them out. They did a sequel with LeBron James. Let’s see if it can be half as good.

Blue Chips

Yes, another movie that I enjoyed enough to pick up things from. Yes, I admit to basically copying the heart speech one time with my second girls’ middle school basketball team that I was a head coach at 20 years old. It was at halftime at Andrew Jackson Middle School and we weren’t playing well. I definitely remember it. They probably don’t, but I do.

Pete Bell, the coach of the Western University Dolphins, finds himself under a lot of pressure when his team keeps losing games. Good players are staying away because of their losing reputation. Boosters start paying stars of the future which you can’t do in the college game. Coach Bell gets desperate as the walls close in fast. He finds three prospects to recruit to his team and resorts to shady tactics to get the talented players his team needs.

Teen Wolf

Just a good stupid and crazy movie for a fun afternoon. An ordinary high school student starts becoming a werewolf after he finds out his family’s history. He doesn’t struggle in basketball practice and becomes a starter. Turning into a werewolf helps out his popularity at school. I mean, who wouldn’t like a werewolf? However, werewolves have anger issues and he has to learn to control his temper.

No, I haven’t seen The Basketball Diaries, The Way Back, Love & Basketball, Glory Road, and Coach Carter. Although they do sound good and I need to see them. Thunderstruck, Semi-Pro, or Uncle Drew don’t sound like my cup of tea after what my buddies said. I’m not a big Will Ferrell fan. I had never heard of Juwanna Mann or BASEketball.

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