Ring Of Honor’s Card for Final Battle PPV

Coming This Saturday, December 11th in Baltimore, MD

Ring of Honor’s Final Battle (rohwrestling.com)

On Saturday, December 11th, we will basically see the end of Ring of Honor. I know they say they are on hiatus and coming back in March or April with a new product. But will it have the same passion that Ring of Honor wrestling always has possessed? Will they bring back all the wrestlers they had or will they as some have suggested be a big independent promotion that is behind Brett Lauderdale’s GCW? Where will all this talent end up? I don’t have all the answers, but definitely will be watching to see what choices they make.

The Card — Pure Championship

Ring of Honor is still announcing new matches to the six days away card of Final Battle. They added one just recently with Josh Woods defending his Pure Championship against Brian Johnson. Now if you have listened to my podcast, Pro Wrestling Overtime, then you know how I feel about Pure Wrestling. I’m not a big fan. However, I love both Josh Woods and Brian Johnson. Pure Wrestling is just boring to me about 90% of the time. I like a heel being a cheat or using the rules to his favor. I’m not big into mat wrestling. If I want to watch that then I will go watch NCAA Wrestling, Olympic Wrestling or High School Wrestling, but I don’t. I want there to be a storyline running through it which Jonathan Gresham, Brian Johnson and Josh Woods have helped me learn. Still not a huge fan though.

The Card — World Championship

Jonathan Gresham lost his Pure Championship to Josh Woods back in September at the Death Before Dishonor PPV. So then Gresham decided that he needed to go back to the World Championship Division. Ring of Honor showed some matches of his as he got back to regular wrestling, but I thought they would develop more of a story about it. Of course, we now know why they didn’t. I have loved watching Gresham on the indies especially taking on Starboy Charlie in GCW. You should definitely look that match up. Gresham will be taking on Bandido at Final Battle for his Ring of Honor World Championship in the main event.

The Card — Women’s Championship

We will also get to see the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship defending by Rok-C against Willow Nightingale or Mandy Leon (no, I haven’t watched this week’s ROH). However, I’m excited to see Rok-C get in the ring with anyone. I thought she looked good on MLW and along with Willow Nightingale could be good foundation pieces for Court Bauer to build a women’s division on. I’m not a huge fan of Willow or Mandy Leon yet. Maybe one day, but not yet. I would be interested in seeing Rok-C vs Mandy Leon just one more time in a ROH setting. Let’s hope we get them.

The Card — Tag Team Championships

This is actually a match I can’t wait for. I hope they don’t put it on first because I may get tempted to turn it off if they get boring on me. We’re getting the champs, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven against Jay and Mark Briscoe. I’m so excited because both of these tag teams will put on the match of their lives for the Ring of Honor fans. However, I can’t say that one of my first thoughts when I heard that ROH was taking a hiatus wasn’t “Oh my, we’re going to get The Briscoes vs FTR in AEW…finally.” That’s something you can’t imagine happening, but it will soon. I loved The Briscoes showing up in GCW. It was unreal. Come on, Tony Khan do your thing.

The Card — The Remainder?

We’re getting Shane Taylor vs Kenny King. Why? I don’t need this to say goodbye to Ring of Honor. This isn’t a match everyone has been yelling to see. I hope this is preshow because I just don’t even want to sit through it. Then there are rumors that Shane Taylor Promotions with Moses, Kaun and O’Shay Edwards defending their Six-Man Tag Team Championships against who? Do I care? No. Do any of us need to see this? No. Why is this happening? I guess to get every star they have on the PPV? Maybe? I don’t know. Are they just wanting a “ long enough” PPV? I could do without either one of these matches. Let’s just say goodbye short and sweet.

This Week Matches Released on YouTube

I absolutely love that Ring of Honor has also announced the fans will be getting certain matches on their YouTube channel each day. Instead of current ROH stars though I wish they could have been past stars. We could have seen the Young Bucks and Cody stories again or the Tyler Black stories. That would have been more interesting and enjoyable. Here are the matches and days they are releasing each match.

  • Monday, December 6: Jonathan Gresham vs. Dragon Lee
  • Tuesday, December 7: ROH Television Champion Dalton Castle and Dak Draper vs. PJ Black and Flip Gordon
  • Wednesday, December 8: Caprice Coleman vs. Beer City Bruiser
  • Thursday, December 9: ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses and Kaun) defend against Violence Unlimited (Homicide, Chris Dickinson and Tony Deppen)
  • Friday, December 10: EC3 vs. Demonic Flamita

I hope you enjoy these matches and look forward to Ring of Honor’s Final Battle. I’ll be doing predictions later for it, but until then subscribe to Pro Wrestling Overtime podcast. Hopefully, I’ll get my voice back and be talking to you soon. I hope I see you down the road.

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