Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali? Not Happening at WM 38

Cody, Battle Royals, Asuka/Bliss and Etc.


Hey everyone, I hope you have been well. I sure have. There have been some great shows recently. I can’t believe how on fire Impact Wrestling has been with the Bullet Club battles. Next week has some really GREAT show from Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 to MLW’s Intimidation Games or GCW’s The Collective shows to the granddaddy of them all WWE’s WrestleMania 38. Can’t wait to see all these.

Ricochet, Ali, Sami and the Championship 

Ricochet is the Intercontinental Champion, but remember the reason. WWE didn’t want Sami Zayn to be the champion and take on Johnny Knoxville. So they had to find someone to give it to. Why? Well, fans, they didn’t want Johnny Knoxville to be the champion because he’s winning at WM 38. WWE Creative hasn’t decided who Ricochet should be taking on. They asked Mustafa Ali to take him on, but he turned them down. How do people support him again? However, Ricochet really is pushing for him. Anyway, something tells me it will be a last minute decision and we probably won’t like it. Just put it on the kickoff show, I guess.

Battle Royals

I’m hearing that the women’s battle royal is out. They feel like they don’t have enough women to actually do. Vince isn’t big on many of the NXT women’s roster and bringing them up. Everyone doesn’t think that Bayley or Asuka should be in it since they are coming back from injury. Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans shouldn’t have a debut being in the battle royal, so it does not leave many women to compete. The men’s battle royal will happen on Smackdown in Dallas the night before WrestleMania 38 starts. Don’t expect anything to come of it. I would say right now probably an Omos win.

Cody Rhodes

WWE Creative have been talking about having Cody Rhodes show up at Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh or WrestleMania 38 Night 1 by video. A lot of different people backstage think that there are fans that aren’t familiar with Cody. Who isn’t familiar with Cody? Are you serious? I would think most wouldn’t be as familiar with Logan Paul instead of Cody. I’m hearing more ask who is Butch and who is Ridge Holland than who is Cody Rhodes? 

Cody Rhodes will be beating Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, but the question is how? Will he be winning by disqualification? I hope not. I know many don’t think that Seth Rollins should be losing clean, but with this being Cody’s first match then I think he has to win decisively. We’ll see. NO, he will not be Stardust. Why is this still a question the WWE Universe wants to know? He will be Cody Rhodes coming out and looking like the AEW Cody Rhodes. Look for him by SummerSlam to be in the WWE Championship picture. It’s in his contract. He will be debuting on the Raw After Mania. Cody is wanting to have programs with Edge and Randy Orton.

The Women’s Comebacks

Everyone has been asking about these. All are cleared. Is WWE Creative ready for each of them to be publicly shoot cleared? Who knows. Lacey is said to be ready, but I know some are questioning whether she is truly ready for the travel aspects. I have not heard anything about her going on a certain show. However, Alexa Bliss and Bayley should be on Raw. I hear that Bayley will be making her debut on the Raw After Mania. Alexa may take a little while longer. She has been griping some since she has been ready to come back since January. WWE Creative just hasn’t had anything for her. Bliss is getting ready to get married and will be off for it. Asuka will be heading to Smackdown for the winner of Charlotte/Ronda. It gives her a new direction to be in hopefully more creative storylines. 

Yes, I know Asuka and Bayley had a Twitter exchange that got many fans excited about these two possibly becoming a tag team. No, I haven’t heard that this is a possibility at all. I think both were playing around and trolling. However, I have heard that Alexa Bliss and Bayley being a tag team for the future is a possibility. There are some behind the scenes that believe the tag team scene is the way to get more women on the shows. I’m not sure that I want to see this unless there is an actual storyline of evil or Bayley running Bliss while Bliss is running Bayley. 

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