Randy Orton Injured

We’re FOUR Weeks Away From WrestleMania

WWE Randy Orton

On last night’s WWE Raw, Randy Orton as part of RK-Bro may have gotten hurt right before WrestleMania 38. They took on The Street Profits in a rematch from the Day 1 premium live event. The ending of the match caught everyone’s attention and then as Randy Orton got up to walk back up the ramp fans noticed how he was holding his arm.

The Botch?

During the RK-Bro vs The Street Profits match on Raw, Montez Ford did his to the heavens frog splash on Randy Orton. However, that move is supposed to hit your opponent in the stomach or chest area. Ford’s frog splash looked to land right on Orton’s right shoulder and face area. We all know that Randy Orton has had numerous issues with his shoulders since he started wrestling. Without previous injuries, I can’t imagine someone’s full body weight landing on my shoulder. That’s basically what happened. 

The finish just looked awkward after that. Randy Orton had to body roll twice over towards the rope as he was unable to get his foot on the rope. But he did get it under the rope which the announcers should have pointed out. It still would have been a rope break. However, Angelo Dawkins ran over to push Orton’s foot of the rope and instead he pushed Orton’s foot away. It just was so visibly awkward on television. The referee hit the three count for them to go home. Afterwards, the veteran referee seemed concerned for Orton, but did not throw up the dreaded X signal. 

Next Week?

Next week, RK-Bro is supposed to take on The Alpha Academy for their Raw Tag Team Championships in a triple threat match against them and Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. This may have been the worst time for him to get hurt since no WrestleMania match has been built yet. Of course, it could mean a right time, right place for some tag team. Will Chad Gable get his WrestleMania moment?

Now, if we are being real. There was a shoot comment posted about an hour after the match from an account I didn’t recognize as a news site. It stated that Randy Orton had really been hurt in a bicycle accident that weekend. If this is true then someone needs to get it out, so fans won’t think that Montez Ford blew his spot. We’re still left with will Randy Orton be able to wrestle next week? If not, then does WWE put it off for a week? Will this cost us getting to see Randy Orton AND Riddle in their tag match on WrestleMania 38?

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