Pro Wrestling: The Wrld On GCW

So Much Fun Here…Thank You, Brett

Wrld on GCW in NYC on January 23rd

Most of you know I love GCW (Game Changer Wrestling). I have said over and over that they are the third best promotion in the United States. Don’t even start with the New Japan Pro Wrestling stuff. This article isn’t about that. Many fans have said they don’t have storylines, but that just shows you don’t watch if you think they don’t have storylines that go from month to month. Like AEW, you have to follow them sometimes to other promotions or on the internet. This is part isn’t old school. Not everything is on television anymore, boomer. I’m joking. I’m joking. But I’m not really.

I think the best tweet I saw about this show was by Matt Koon (@justmattkoon), “Look. #TheWrldOnGCW reminded me of an old school ppv, where you didn’t even consider or care if it was ‘good’ or not. You knew you needed to see it, and once you did, you were glad you watched it. It was fun. That’s what we are here for. End of story.” I totally agree with his opinion and couldn’t have put together the feeling better.

Were there things that you could make fun of? Sure. Were there cringy moments? Sure. Were there moments you went “OH MY GOD!!!”? Definitely. There were many moments that you want to show on your Twitter…your Instagram…your Tik-Tok. Unbelievable and unforgetable moments. But you know what I’m going to remember? The fun. The crowd. The wrestlers truly experiencing the overwhelming love of the fans and their show of their passion for us and wrestling itself.

The Kickoff Battle Royal

This was on YouTube for free, so any fans could have saw the fun. They could have felt the atmosphere that was hot from the beginning. There were older veterans, fan favorites and young talent yet to be discovered in this and it made for a who’s coming next battle royal. I hope this Saturday’s WWE Royal Rumble can bring half the excitement. The wrestlers in it were Psycho Clown, Dark Sheik, Cole Radrick, Parrow, Mo Atlas, Ruckus, KTB, Juicy Finao, Steve Scott, Nate Webb, Big Vin, Janai Kai, Dustin Thomas, Marcus Mathers, Yoya, Charles Mason, B-Boy, Lufisto and Thunder Rosa. Yes, this was about most of the wrestlers getting in the moves or bits that they are famous for, but you also got to see the bigger wrestling stars get the moments of “will they win?” in. Am I going to go through a blow by blow review? No way, you know me. I was surprised by Psycho Clown (AAA wrestler) and Charles Mason (HOG wrestler) being involved. I love it. Hopefully, this means we can see Charles Mason more in GCW. No, I don’t want him to leave HOG. I just want to see him more. Thunder Rosa came out and the crowd lost their minds. I can say her parts with Parrow were unbelievable and I would love to see them in a match. I was hoping she would get the win, but it wasn’t to be. Big Vin was the eventual winner. I have to admit I have no clue who he is. 

Winner: Big Vin

Scramble Match: Jack Cartwheel vs Dante Leon vs The Grim Reefer vs Ninja Mack vs Alex Zayne vs Shane Mercer

How could we have a GCW show without a scramble match? I mean these are a lot of the times one of the best matches of the night. I have to tell you that The Grim Reefer is growing on me. I used to be like…please get this old guy out of here, but after seeing him on show after show. I have came to enjoy his act plus he can go for a short period of time. Shane Mercer gave him a pop up power slam and I thought he was going through the mat. Of course, it was a young man’s show for this scramble. We got to see Alex Zayne and Jack Cartwheel try to out do each other with the flippy stuff. However, in my opinion only, the match was made by Ninja Mack and Dante Leon. These two are really maturing with their ideas of how to work off each other. I have enjoyed their one on ones and their tag matches recently. Reefer ended up winning after low blowing Mercer and hitting him with a DDT on a chair in the ring. If you were watching on YouTube, how did this match not make you want to order the PPV or at least try to find a place to watch illegally?

Winner: The Grim Reefer

The Opening of the Show: I loved that Brett Lauderdale came out to give his thank you speech to the fans and he brought Chris Dickinson. If you haven’t read my December article about him then you definitely want to go back and read it. He announced that he will be back in March and I can’t wait to see him. From seeing his rehab that he’s been posting, he may be back better than ever. Brett talked a lot about how people told him that GCW wouldn’t make it and here they are at the Hammerstein Ballroom. I have to give it to him. They made it and can’t wait to see where they go from here. 

Grab The Brass Ring Ladder Match: Jordan Oliver vs Jimmy Lloyd vs Alex Colon vs PCO vs Tony Deppen vs G-Raver vs AJ Gray

Whoa, I have to start off with I have no clue what was going on. This match was crazy. I don’t know if the ladders were slippery or the floor/mats. Wrestlers were slipping and sliding everywhere causing some missteps. Yes, I saw where many of you were making fun of the “botches,” but some of these were scary. They weren’t wrestlers trying too much because they have did it before many times that I’ve seen. It was crazy. I was hoping that we would see Tony Deppen or Jordan Oliver win. Not sure why we can’t get these guys a big push, but for some reason Brett Lauderdale won’t get on it. 

Many people were making fun of the wrestlers throwing chairs or throwing ladders. This would continue the rest of the night. From what I understand, NYC won’t allow chair shots, so wrestlers throw them to get around it. There were a lot of jumping off or around the ladders and ring ropes. Some of them actually bounced off the ladders to the floor. AJ Gray was a last minute addition to this match and ended up winning it. I know a lot of you have been high on him for the last couple months especially since he has won the GCW Extreme Championship, but I don’t want him push to the top. I think he’s right where he needs to be for now. 

Winner: AJ Gray

Gringo Loco, Demonic Flamita and Arez vs Bandido, ASF and Laredo Kid

I thought this match was a let down match. No, I don’t mean it let me down, but more that it was to let the crowd calm down some. Most don’t think of a Lucha match being a crowd calmer, but it was. I don’t get into most of these guys and a lot of fans didn’t seem familiar with them which was surprising to me. I don’t believe that Bandido is big time performer that people claim. In Ring of Honor, I found him boring and not interesting. I was conditioned in MLW to think of Gringo Loco and Laredo Kid as jobbers. I know that Laredo Kid has been putting on some good matches in Impact Wrestling and he had a good one in AAA TripleMania. I still can’t get into them. I mostly used this match to get something to drink. Arez is the real deal and going to be a Lucha star and ASF can be with some work. However, I’m not big into 6 man tag team matches.

Winner: Gringo Loco, Demonic Flamita and Arez

Blake Christian came out and everyone was chanting his name. He seemed much more mature with the mic after his stint with WWE NXT. He announced that Ring of Honor Champion Jonathan Gresham wasn’t there. Blake Christian didn’t say however that Gresham needed to leave because his wife, Jordynne Grace was feeling bad. Due to Covid-19 protocols, Gresham couldn’t stay and perform. Christian said that he wanted to fight the best and that he had had numerous great matches with his new opponent, Lio Rush.

Lio Rush vs Blake Christian

Well, Blake Christian was correct. He and Lio Rush have had numerous great matches throughout the indies and this match wasn’t that different. I did feel like Christian was more in shape and into the match than Rush though. Sometimes I wonder watching Rush if he truly wants to wrestle. I get the feeling that he wrestles to get somewhere else which is not what I want to see at GCW. I want you to have passion wrestling at GCW. Not saying that Rush wasn’t good, but I did want to know why he was doing spears in this match. He was crisp with his kicks and most of his moves, but something was missing. 

Christian is back on the independent circuit after WWE releasing him and feels like he has someething to prove. Most that I’ve spoken to don’t feel that way though. In my opinion, Blake Christian is going to be one of the regrets that WWE has. They missed the boat on this young man especially after seeing him hit a ripcord Spanish fly and then a 450 splash for a near fall during the match. 

Winner: Blake Christian

GCW showed a video package of the (mostly internet) battle that has taken place between Matt Cardona and Joey Janela involving Cardona’s now wife, Chelsea Green. She comes out to announce her husband as the Deathmatch King which allows the GCW Universe to go wild on him. Cardona tells all of them that they are ungrateful to him because he and Chelsea were the reason the show was sold out. He was the reason it was on pay-per-view and the reason everyone is watching it. Cardona promised to end Joey Janela’s career tonight. 

Joey Janela vs Matt Cardona with Chelsea Green (AND MORE)

This match started out right away with Cardona trying to hit the Rough Rider. They pulled out doors and chairs in this match which was surprising to me because Cardona has been pretty vocal about no plunder in GCW. Chairs are ok, but the other stuff…no. He must have trusted Janela more. About halfway through the match, we get to see Joey Janela leave the ring and get into it with Chelsea Green. They kept her involved in the match and the crowd loved it. These fans truly showed pure heat for the Cardona(s). 

Matt Cardona went old school and took off his shirt. He threw it into the crowd and the fans shredded it before throwing it at him as he passed by. Later, we get a supposed turn by Chelsea when she kicks Cardona in the balls. Joey climbs to the top rope hopefully to end the match when Chelsea knocks him off and crotches Janela. Cardona then reveals it was rib. He had a athletic cup on. Two minutes later, Janela grabs the Internet Championship to hit Cardona with it, but Cardona’s attorney, Mark Sterling (yes, AEW’s Jade Cargill’s manager) comes out to remind Janela that no one can use the Championship to win. He says he wants there to be no shenanigans, so Vince McMahon’s music hits. The fans see someone in a McMahon mask come out. It’s Virgil as Cardona tries to roll up Janela. This is old school storytelling that fans still love and have fun with. 

Of course, having fun with this match is what it is going to be all about. Soon, we get to see Cardona accidently hit Sterling with the championship and we see Hornswoggle under the ring. He shoves Janela into the ring post as Sam Stackhouse comes through the crowd to flatten Swoggle. Marko Stunt comes out to hit Swoggle with a chair. We see Stunt help Janela and Chelsea Green with Swoggle help Cardona. Chelsea hits Marko with the belt and then hits a Canadian Destroyer on him because she’s Canadian afterall. Janela hits Chelsea with a piledriver. A masked figure in black comes into the ring and spears Janela through a door set up in the corner. Well, it’s Matt Cardona’s best friend and business partner, Brian Myers. Cardona hits Janela with the Rough Rider through the door for the win. Super fun old school match that the crowd had a blast with. Once everyone figured out this was going to be an everyone interfering match then everyone was looking around to see who was coming out next. Isn’t this what WWE’s Royal Rumble could be?

Winner: Matt Cardona

After the match, we hear the DX music hit and we see X-Pac hit the ring to attack Matt Cardona and Brian Myers. I can honestly say that he looks the best I’ve seen him in years. His roundhouse kicks were back being high and on the spot. I know so many thought he would be at the Rumble which he may be, but this was the perfect comeback to hit those kicks. 

Mance Warner of the Second Gear Crew comes out. He’s been hurt since October. He said he kept his promise to be at the show. Warner thanks the whole GCW crew and wrestlers then the fans. We had to have Atticus Cogar at this show and he doesn’t let us down. He’s not here to put over GCW. He says some choice words about Brett Lauderdale and says the SGC are Lauderdale’s snakes that do his business. Mance says he wasn’t cleared for a match, but he’s cleared for a brawl. He attacks Cogar and his partner, Matthew Justice comes out to hit Cogar with a spear. The rest of 44OH comes out to help Cogar. The lights go out and Sabu is in the ring. He helps SGC clear the ring of 44OH. Then we get Justice hitting Gregory Iron with a chair then a top rope splash as the crowd loves when Iron gets killed. 

Afterwards, we get a GREAT video package about Allie Katch and Ruby Soho. Other promotions should watch it to get how to spice up theirs. It was all you could ask for especially if you are someone that hadn’t watched GCW before.

Allie Katch vs Ruby Soho

This ended up being a very good match with a good story. Both of them from Indiana and Allie wanting this match with Ruby Soho. A couple years ago Ruby Soho was an indies wrestler that went to WWE back to the indies and made it again with AEW. This is Allie’s dream to be as big as Ruby and on television. She showed that she can hold her own with Ruby. I saw where some on Reddit wanted Effy involved in this match, but I didn’t get why. This was Allie Katch’s chance to show a huge crowd that she’s not a comedy wrestler, but has talent to actually put on a great match. Ruby Soho won with a super Riott Kick. This was definitely the right call.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Afterwards, they showed a video package of the feud between Jeff Jarrett and Effy. I’m still not sure that I understand it, but oh well…I’ll live. I watch WWE Raw every week.

Effy vs Jeff Jarrett

The match began with Effy pulling a $20 bill out of his pocket, but no one could explain why. I’m sure there’s a story about buying him out or something from the TNA or WWE days? Jeff Jarrett looked jacked for someone his age and did some of his wrestling moves very well. Effy got in some of his offense, but understood his role was to get Jeff Jarrett over. He sold every move very well including when Jarrett took off his belt and whipped him continuously. Welts popped up on Effy’s back immediately as Jarrett choked him with the belt. A little while later Effy got Jarrett back by whipping him with the belt, but not for nearly as long. Jarrett ended up grabbing the guitar as Effy hit a low blow. Effy then puts his ripped off fishnets into Jarrett’s mouth. Effy grabbed the guitar as Jarrett then hit Effy with a low blow before hitting Effy with his guitar. Jeff Jarrett won with The Stroke. 

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

GCW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs Homicide

Jon Moxley is lean and mean coming into this match. He looks great for his second match back. Homicide started off in control and sent Moxley to floor almost immediately. This is where both are comfortable brawling during their matches. Both were a little stiff. I was shocked with Homicide doing a suicide dive and a super cutter in the match. I thought that Moxley would end up winning with the bulldog choke, but that Homicide grabbed the ropes. At the end of the match, he hit the Paradigm Shift twice. Moxley and Homicide had pretty good chemistry in the beginning of the match, but it seemed rushed throughout. The crowd was really into this match and it was obvious that Mox was a fan favorite whether he wanted to be or not. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

GCW Tag Team Championship Match (Open Challenge): The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs Matt Tremont and Nick Gage

The Briscoes had declared themselves the best tag team in the world and issued an open challenge to any team around the world for the GCW show. After going back and forth on social media with FTR, most fans thought they would be in the match. However, FTR had wrestled the Rock ’N’ Roll Express in Spartansburg, SC on Saturday night. Instead Matt Tremont’s music hit and the crowd was a little confused. They should have known though. Also, since the show was announced most GCW fans had noticed that Nick F’ Gage was not announced for the card. He also had complained loudly that he wasn’t on the card in the weeks lead up to the show. When Nick Gage’s music hit then the crowd lost their minds. The MDK gang was bouncing off the walls as Gage came off the stage and into the ring. 

This ended up being a quick match. Gage immediately speared Jay Briscoe through a door that they had set up in the corner. Chairs were thrown into the ring where all of them threw chairs at each other and then sword fought with chairs. Then different ones of them went through the doors that they set up in the corners. 

This is where I need to stop and explain some things. First, NYC doesn’t allow blading or death matches. So there could be no pizza cutter to the forehead or direct chair shots or light tubes. Second, GCW PPV was scheduled to end at 11pm eastern so they were under a time crunch to get the match over. Third, The Briscoes ARE going to having a match with FTR, but it is going to be on AEW. So no way, Brett Lauderdale was going to let The Briscoes take the GCW Tag Team Championships there. He did the same thing with Nick Gage last summer when he made Nick Gage lose the GCW World Championship before going to AEW to take on Chris Jericho. If you knew all three of these going in then you wouldn’t have been looking forward to this match so much. However, no one told the crowd or the PPV fans. So many were left confused not understanding the match not being what they thought between these four men, ending quickly and The Briscoes losing in a confusing way. Nick Gage ended up hitting Mark Briscoe with a super pile driver into a door then a choke slam for the win. 

Winner: Matt Tremont and Nick Gage

Immediately after the match, the GCW roster was hustled out to surround the ring, but the PPV went off the air as Gage was cutting his promo. Nick Gage talked about how much GCW meant to him. Without the fans, wrestlers and the crew he couldn’t have made it. All the wrestlers celebrated with the fans. This was an unbelievable moment for most fans to experience and one they won’t soon forget. 

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, comments, problems or protests. Write to me at or on Twitter @ProOvertime I’ll talk to you soon and hopefully I’ll see you down the road.

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