Pro Wrestling Spoilers: Impact Wrestling — Jan. 22nd

Don’t Look If You Don’t Want To Know

These are from the Impact Wrestling tapings courtesy of Jacob Cohen who attending the taping on January 22nd in Pembrook Pines/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Cohen guessed that last night Impact Wrestling had about 400–500 people in attendance with about 600 people tonight.

Possible Dark Match: Jack Talos (Former WWE PC wrestler) beats VSK

BTI: Lady Frost beats Alisha Edwards. After the match, Gisele Shaw comes out and poses in front of Lady Frost. She ignores everyone then leaves.

BTI: Black Taurus beats Raj Singh

The Iinspiration defeats Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K. No Tenille Dashwood and not for the championships. Mr. Cohen mentioned that several wrestlers were missing for this set of tapings.

Josh Alexander Promo: He said that the only thing that meant more to him than the Impact World Championship is Impact Wrestling itself. They took a chance on him when nobody else would. He is forever grateful to them. Josh will go to war with Team Impact against Honor No More. Then he says whoever leaves No Surrender as Impact World Champion will have Josh Alexander waiting for them. Big Kon (Formerly WWE Konnor of The Ascension) comes out. Before he can say anything, Josh Alexander demands a referee and says he will beat him right now.

Josh Alexander beats Big Kon. After the match, Josh Alexander continues attacking Big Kon then attacks security. When Scott D’Amore comes out, Josh pushes him down. Scott D’Amore grabs the mic and talks (AGAIN…didn’t we already hear this in Dec. 2021?) about how he has watched Alexander his entire career plus beat a career ending injury. He says getting Josh Alexander a world championship match would be a process. Alexander threathens to walk if he doesn’t get a title match. So Scott D’Amore takes him out of the 5 on 5 Team Impact against Honor No More match at No Surrender. He’s sending Alexander home until this is sorted out.

There is a long promo between The Bullet Club and The Good Brothers with Violent By Design to build up VBD vs Jay White, Tama and Tonga (G.O.D.) for tonight. Then Tama and Tonga (G.O.D.) vs The Good Brothers at No Surrender and Jay White vs Eric Young at No Surrender.

Mike Bennett with Marie and Matt Taven beats Rhino and Rich Swann. Marie throws powder into Rhino’s face. Steve Maclin comes out to save Team Impact from a total beatdown.

W. Morrissey beats Brian Myers in a No Disqualification Match. Moose attacks Morrissey with a chair after the match. Morrissey is left laying.

JONAH beats Crazzy Steve. Black Taurus has a stare down with JONAH. They are on a collision course.

Masha Slamovich beats Kiah Dream

Ace Austin beats Blake Christian and Laredo Kid in a Triple Threat

Gisele Shaw beats Lady Frost

Ian Riccaboni comes out for Commentary.

Chris Sabin beats Kenny King

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans beat Mickie James and Chelsea Green

Scott D’Amore and Moose come for the contract signing for No Surrender. Moose claims that W. Morrissey won’t show up at No Surrender because of what he did to him last week. Moose then signs the contract. W. Morrissey shows up, attacks Moose and choke slams him off the stage. 

The Bullet Club beats Violent By Design

My Thoughts

I guess my first thoughts after last night’s tapings and tonight’s is where is Trey Miguel? He is their superstar just waiting to happen. I can’t believe he isn’t going to be on four weeks of TV and now they have just wrote off Josh Alexander. Hopefully Sami Callihan comes back soon, but I haven’t heard about his injury update in awhile. I can’t stand Violent By Design, Tama and Tonga, The Good Brothers and Rich Swann. I wish they would all just get off my TV. They are boring even when they are in good stories. They can make it boring. The Good Brothers and Tama and Tonga are supposed to be a dream match, but no one is going to be able to stand it. There’s a reason The Good Brothers couldn’t turn it around on WWE or AEW. Tama and Tonga haven’t been offered. 

I like that they are bringing in Ring of Honor stars, but I wish they would quit trying to shove Kenny King and Jonathan Gresham down our throats. Both are good wrestlers, but lack in charisma and personality. Sticking them with Chris Sabin doesn’t help. How in the world do they justify Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans beating Mickie James and Chelsea Green? So we are seeing Deonna Purrazzo the face of your women’s division once in four to five weeks? Give me a break. No, this isn’t going to make me watch this on a constant basis.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, comments, problems or protests. Write to me at or on Twitter @ProOvertime I’ll talk to you soon and hopefully I’ll see you down the road.

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