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Rhea Ripley, Edge and Damian Priest are Judgment Day

Hey everyone, I’ve been missing you guys, so I thought I better write you really quick. I’ve been doing a lot of betting articles, so make sure you are keeping up with them. You will want to hear some of the things my thoughts, but also some of the backstage happenings.

Judgement Day New Member?

I think everyone is talking about Edge’s new faction, Judgement Day. I like many had heard that Edge originally wanted Mustafa Ali, however, WWE felt he would be getting a huge pop with his comeback. So, they said no way should he be in this evil faction. Well, then the next person was Tommaso Ciampa. They can’t seem to make up their minds about what they want to do with him. On one show, he worked a dark match as a babyface and then on Raw he worked a match as a heel. 

Brad Sheperd from Unleashed Brad Sheperd Podcast was the first to break that Finn Balor may be turning heel on A.J. Styles. He said he didn’t know when this would happen. I’ll be the first one to say that I hate this just because I’m a big Bullet Club fan. I can’t believe that two leaders of the Bullet Club would turn on each other. It’s Bullet Club for life. I’m interested to see if this really happens.

W. Morrissey’s (Big Cass) Future

W. Morrissey has been wrestling for Impact Wrestling, but more importantly, he has been getting his life together. I think many of you know this, but for those who don’t W. Morrissey has said he had a drug problem, several health issues, and a lack of desire problem. He said that at an independent promotion when he passed out that he realized his life needed to change. If you saw him on AEW Dynamite against Warlow then you saw his unbelievable body transformation. You can grate cheese off his abs.

WWE has been impressed with his look and his new passion for wrestling. Everyone knows that Vince McMahon loves big men, especially ones that wrestle big. So many big men now in wrestling want to wrestle like everyone else using the flipping and athletic moves. W. Morrissey can do that, but why? His set apart thing in wrestling is how big he is. Why would he want to be like everyone else? I look for WWE since they have worked with him before and will make a move for him. But don’t count out AEW either. They saw him up close and personal for the first time and were impressed also. I look for him to want to go back to WWE.

Charlotte Flair with Her “Fractured Arm Injury”

I thought it was a great idea for the “I Quit” Match to have Ronda Rousey “break” Charlotte Flair’s arm. That’s what they always talked about “could” happen with Ronda’s armbar in UFC. Then the WWE audience got used to hearing Shayna’s “Snap, Tap or Nap” motto. So, they have been conditioned to think that this could happen. Well, it did. The problem is when Ronda turned Charlotte’s arm during the show it was obvious that it wasn’t her normal armbar and that Charlotte’s arm wasn’t even close to hurting. 

In my opinion, Charlotte and Ronda blew it. This program has been one of poor transitions, move sets, and ring psychology on both their parts. Charlotte has been the leader of this program because of Ronda’s inexperience. She has only been wrestling for about 19 months now. She stated on the Wives of Pro Wrestling podcast that she needs someone else to show her and talk her through what she’s doing. Ronda is an excellent fighter, so I thought that Charlotte and her doing fight moves were awesome. However, so many fans are used to pro wrestling looking smooth that they didn’t enjoy it. Well, fights aren’t smooth. They are chaotic, jumbled messes that sometimes have one of them botching a move. That’s what this was. 

Back to the topic, Charlotte’s arm is fine. It was sore the next day. However, she was given this injury in the wrestling bubble because she is getting married over Memorial Day weekend then she will be on her honeymoon. Charlotte is expected back around the third week of June for a storyline at Money in the Bank on July 3rd. However, with everything going down between WWE and Sasha Banks I have heard that WWE has already called her about coming back early. I don’t know if she has agreed.

Money in the Bank Winner NOT Getting the WM Main Event

As of right now, whoever wins Money in the Bank on July 3rd in Las Vegas will not be guaranteed the WrestleMania 39 Main Event. I know that Cody Rhodes has been in a commercial stating that, but no one seems to understand why. It was caught the first time it was shown by numerous fans, writers, and wrestlers. WWE was asked about it. At first, no one cared to comment because I think no one truly knew why it was shown. However, it has finally stopped being shown. 

One reason is that it’s not true. Obviously, The Rock vs Roman Reigns is supposed to be the main event. Yes, I know that WM 39 is a 2-day event that has supposedly two main events. However, we all know this year’s main event was Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar. Guys, there’s only one main and it’s the last and biggest match on the show. So, unless they are planning to allow Roman to win the suitcase (which they aren’t) then no, the suitcase won’t be main eventing. 

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