Pro Wrestling News: January 19th

My Thoughts On It

Swerve Announced at TERMINUS II

Shane “Swerve” Strickland (Formerly WWE Isaiah “Swerve” Scott) is coming to TERMINUS II on February 24th. Swerve was released in November. He previously announced that he was wrestling for Wrestling Revolver on April 16th. It is unknown at this time who Swerve will be wrestling at TERMINUS II. Santana will be taking on Jonathan Greshman for the ROH World Title in the main event.

I’m interested in seeing how Swerve promotes himself now. What will be his character? From what I’ve seen and heard, he is distancing himself from the Hit Row gimmick. Rumors are that he is wanting to possibly wrestle with Brody King and Malakai Black which would be a 180 degree turn from his past. I think it would definitely work though. Can you imagine a dark, evil, mysterious Swerve? I think it’s intriguing.

AEW Rankings

AEW has released the rankings for the week of January 19th. The Men’s Rankings are Adam Cole, Dante Martin, Andrade El Idolo, Orange Cassidy and Powerhouse Hobbs. Wardlow and Daniel Garcia fall out of the rankings. In the Women’s Rankings, you have Thunder Rosa, Anna Jay, Red Velvet, Tay Conti and Leyla Hirsch. Riho and Kris Statlander go out of the rankings. In the Tag Team Rankings, you have The Acclaimed, The Gunn Club, FTR, Varsity Blondes, and Private Party. The big change is that the Young Bucks, Dark Order and Proud ’N’ Powerful drop out of the rankings.

I think the Lights Out match between Adam Cole (1) and Orange Cassidy (5) should have been built up more using the rankings. If I’m Powerhouse Hobbs then I’m talking about getting my hands on the Cody vs Sammy Guevera winner. Why isn’t Daniel Garcia griping about his ranking? I think they definitely have too many babyfaces in the top five in the women’s division. I know the champions are heels, but you really need someone else. The tag teams are so deep. We need less 6 man tag teams that are just thrown together and more banging established tag team matches. Please let Proud ’N’ Powerful get their championships this year and have a long program with FTR. 

Grayson Waller Takes Credit For Gunther

Grayson Waller showed up on Tuesday’s (Jan. 18th) WWE NXT show with Saurav as a new insurance policy. This paid off quickly since he helped Waller get a victory over Dexter Lumis. After the show, Waller said why WALTER might now be Gunther. He tweeted that WALTER was too close to Waller, so he spoke to his attorneys. Then he said they were good at what they do. Could Waller have gotten WALTER’s name changed? Hmm…

I read this on Twitter and immediately popped. I have no clue who is the creative behind Grayson Waller, but they need to do more on the show and maybe in WWE, period. It has been some of the best things on NXT 2.0. Think about it. Grayson Waller has been involved with Wargames, LA Knight, AJ Styles, Johnny Gargano (he was the one that hit him during his goodbye speech), Ciampa and now WALTER. Most fans hate him and say he can’t wrestle. They compare him to The Miz from years ago. You know what? The one thing you can’t argue is he’s getting over. He is a BIG deal on NXT that doesn’t have many big deals left.

Konnan Has Heart Surgery

According to Alfonso Lizarraga of The Gladiatores, Konnan had heart surgery due to the effects of Covid-19. He was hospitalized in February 2021 after testing positive. Konnan was back on January 22nd’s episode of Keepin’ It 100.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Konnan. He may be one of the hardest working guys in pro wrestling.

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