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Montez Ford? Updates?

Montez Ford In Line For Big Singles Push In WWE
Montez Ford

Well, it has been a week since I last wrote anything about pro wrestling. I felt I needed to sit down and write about everything going on and how excited I am to get back to podcasting (I think my voice can take it now) and to actually watch some upcoming shows. Last article I wrote about a little of everything and that seemed well received. No updates that I’ve heard on AJ Styles, Liv Morgan or Sami Zayn’s contracts.

It is weird for me to see all three suddenly been thrown into big pushes especially Sami Zayn. It just seems out of the ordinary for him. I believe he will beat Shinsuke this Saturday too. So did he go ahead and agree to a contract? I hope that Liv Morgan gets someone to negotiate for her. She has a bright, bright future in professional wrestling, but she needs to make the right moves including only signing a three year contract no matter where she goes. No one wants to talk about how she dates formerly known as Bo Dallas and has watched and heard the Windham/Wyatt saga up close. Does that have an effect on her? One of her close friends is AEW’s Ruby (Riott) Soho. She has seen how she has taken off with looser creative. Does this intrigue Liv Morgan? Or does she want to stay within the WWE system? Sometimes it is scary to bet on yourself.

AJ Styles?

What is AJ Styles going to do? His contract is coming up on February 1st and he is talking about retiring. However, we have all seen that he still can go hard and look great in the ring. Is it travel? Maybe. So does he want to just have a less schedule or a set his own schedule? It has been long rumored that Styles is one major wrestler in WWE that is still holding out about getting vaccinated (besides Roman). This week it comes out that WWE isn’t testing anymore, but of course then there is a huge outbreak. This is probably different article. Why send him of all people to NXT right when they are splitting up Omos and Styles as a tag team? People asked why did Grayson Waller show up on WWE Monday Night Raw in Detroit. That’s easy. Omos wasn’t there…you tell me why. I’ll give you one guess. Hmm…probably a different article.

Big E and WrestleMania

So many of you didn’t like last week’s stories that Big E wasn’t getting over as a champion and may be losing the championship soon. I also said he is definitely isn’t keeping the championship to WrestleMania. Can he win it back by then? Sure, but I think once he gives it up then it’s gone for him. I don’t think we see him getting back for a long time. He has just been another Kofi. Excitement for the event of him getting the championship then no interest in him continuing. Vince McMahon wants the two championships to be HUGE events this year at WrestleMania. Right now, Vince doesn’t think Big E brings that. Nail meet coffin.

Montez Ford

On a show in Barclay’s in November, all anyone could talk about was a fan making problems for a wrestler. Of course, everyone automatically thinks the fan that attacked Seth Rollins during the show. That’s not what others have been chasing though. WWE did a dark match after the show where the real problem was. The match really doesn’t matter. Just a bunch of stars for the audience to get to see and go home happy. 

Montez Ford was on a team of babyfaces and allowed a fan yelling slurs and had a sign to get to him. He knew he was off TV and decided to yell back. Some of the babyfaces yelled also and some tried to get him back into the match. Ford got some of the heels to come over and yell at the fan. Basically Ford lost all semblance of his character (a babyface, not an angry heel) and being a professional. This is what had Vince lose his mind about Montez Ford.

Vince McMahon After Montez Ford

From what I understand from a couple different sources, Vince McMahon was ready to fire Montez Ford for acting like this, but was talked out of it hours and days later. Backstage employees and wrestlers kept Ford out of Vince’s eyesight and took him to his wife, Bianca Belair. Ford has been off TV for the last couple weeks and away from McMahon. People were asking why. Well, there’s why. The Street Profits were supposed to have already finished taking on Rey and Dominik Mysterio for the opportunity to challenge for the tag team championships against RK-Bro at WWE Day 1 PPV. Everyone has put this off until Vince McMahon could chill out. Well, The Street Profits appeared this past Monday night on Raw. Is it any wonder? Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn weren’t there on December 27th. 


Now I know what most of you are going to say. The Street Profits won and if this story was correct then they would have lost. Why do you say that? What would have been the point and would you have remembered it? No, you wouldn’t have. Do you think Rey Mysterio would be used by WWE to punish The Street Profits on a regular after Christmas Raw show? No. Do you think Randy Orton would be used by Vince McMahon to punish Montez Ford on a first time Pay-Per-View? Hmm…I wonder. Could we see The Street Profits squashed? Maybe, but I really doubt it. I think you see a longer match that is put together where Ford takes some serious punishment in and out the ring. I think RK-Bro wins fairly easily.

Right now, I’m taking some time off from the podcast because I have had an infection and strep throat effecting my voice. So I have been unable to record any new episodes, but am hoping to start right up extremely soon. Please subscribe and listen to Pro Wrestling Overtime for up to date thoughts, reviews, results and news about many wrestling promotions. Check for articles, upcoming events and episodes. We have 5 different podcasts under the network. Look forward to seeing you there.

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