Pro Wrestling News for December 23rd

Listening to Sources and the Wrestling Informer Plus My Takes

This is going to have mostly WWE Wrestling News in it. Sorry…not sorry. You go where people take you. Where to start? Where to start? Let’s go with contracts. As many of you remember, I said a couple months back on my podcast, Pro Wrestling Overtime and on Twitter that WWE contracts run out in certain time frames. Many fans scoffed at this. However, so many WWE wrestlers who have left or recently signed contracts have confirm it. WWE doesn’t care what date you sign…they care when you end on your contract. So big dates for them would be January 1st (End of year), February 1st (After Royal Rumble), May 1st (After WrestleMania) and September 1st (After SummerSlam). Some NXT contracts are hanging out there that do have some weird dates, but not many.

Next up, all contracts that haven’t be recently renewed can be use to fire any wrestler. No wrestler in 2020 made their minimum dates to receive their guaranteed downside. According to Wrestling Informer, Asuka had the most dates of 56 and most wrestlers need 120. So the big names that I’ve heard that could possibly leave before or right after February 1st have been Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Liv Morgan and Sami Zayn. Yes, for a long time I was hearing Charlotte Flair, but the sources have dried up quick after Sean Ross Sapp put me down about it. Now, Wrestling Informer confirmed all these names on his 11th YouTube episode. 

Contracts and Kevin Owens

Now as most of you know, Kevin Owens (Yes, he’s Canadian) confirmed to a Canadian wrestling news outlet that he recently signed a new contract with WWE. Quickly, Dave Meltzer and Sean Ross Sapp confirmed it through their sources. Metlzer stated that he believed it was for between $2–3 million a year. I heard from some wrestlers that this was definitely incorrect or they needed some more money. Wrestling Informer tried to tell how this may be somewhat true and somewhat not. He stated that Kevin Owens was making 7 figures and was a merch mover as a babyface at one time. But to reach the between $2–3 million he would need to really move the merchandise. 

This led to a discussion about the Miz making $2 million, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre making more than that. Wrestling Informer said that they were not going to upset either one of them by having Kevin Owen’s guarantee be more than theirs, so he will need to make it up in merchandise. The Miz does anything and everything that the company wants and gets publicity for the WWE on his own. Becky was originally in the February 1st group but she resigned a contract negotiated by William and Morris making her the highest paid female wrestler at $1.5 million a year plus they got her additional benefits such as time off and travel plans for the baby. This is what originally started the Charlotte Flair is done rumors that I’ve been hearing since August. And, yes for all you asking she and Andrade are still together and working things out, but I’m assuming you will not see huge public displays since they work for rivals.

Big E-Champion?

I asked at one point did fans enjoy Big E as champion. Most responded that he was ok. Well, ok is not what WWE is looking for. Think about it…What have been some of his big programs? What (other than winning it) have been some of his biggest wins? Who did you want to see him defeat? Do you tune into Monday Night Raw because you are wondering what happens next with Big E?

No? Yeah, me either. I don’t like him as a champion. Why? You know what? I don’t really know. I think some of it is the fact that in my eyes he is part of The New Day and never truly separated himself from them as a singles wrestler. Now, I know that Big E says that he always wants to be a part of The New Day and wants to be himself (not get serious), but then you don’t want to be a real WWE champion. I think the WWE is seeing this too. There haven’t been any big spikes in the audience when they publicize anything with Big E. No one is ordering his merchandise or buying his championship autographed photos at live events. RKO Bro is outselling him big time. Riddle recently got his own autographed photo at live events which only WWE champions get…hint…hint. Do I see him going into WrestleMania as the champion? Hell no, when and how does he lose?


Well, Wrestling Informer says that he is hearing at WWE Day 1 PPV. Many think it will be to Bobby Lashley. I hope not because I felt like Bobby Lashley was boring champion. However, I do like the idea that I heard gaining steam around the second week of December that Randy Orton may be getting the championship soon. Now, Wrestling Informer addressed this and said that he would like this to happen at Royal Rumble which would start the breakup of RKO Bro and Randy vs Riddle ultimately happening at WrestleMania. Would I love to see this? Definitely, but can I trust WWE not to screw this up and hurry it? NO. 


Since we’re talking WrestleMania then let’s see what WWE has had on its plate. Well they got many fans excited when they heard rumors through the pro wrestling websites about Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley on Night One and The Rock vs Roman Reigns on Night Two. Well, sorry The Rock isn’t coming to Dallas, but we may get to see Stone Cold is some antics taking place in Dallas instead. Rumors are that the WWE now wants The Rock in Hollywood in 2023, but The Rock can’t set that in stone yet due to film commitments and the XFL starting which would give it some prime publicity.

So who do we have at WrestleMania? There is talk of Paul Heyman reversing course and joining Roman at the Day 1 PPV which pisses Brock off enough that he wins the Royal Rumble and they stall until WrestleMania. Can I see that? Hmm…not sure. Can WWE hold off on Brock/Roman again for four months? Do the fans want to see it again? I think I would rather have Brock win at Day 1 PPV and make Roman destroy everything in his path to get back to Brock. Does Brock’s contract allow for this to happen? Who knows these days?

Also, hearing that Ronda Rousey will be showing up in January. Does that mean January 1st or does it mean Royal Rumble? Not sure yet. Most are thinking Royal Rumble especially if Liv Morgan doesn’t resign. They are dangling a carrot in front of her to get her to take their offer, but it’s low for where she is right this second. So do we get the rematch at WrestleMania? Yes, that’s what I’m hearing we’ll get Becky vs Ronda on Night One now. Does Charlotte somehow get involved? Unknown at this time, but many are saying it is just as likely Charlotte will be in her own Triple Threat or Fatal Four-Way with a mix of names floating around Asuke (January), Bayley (February), Sasha, Bianca, Toni Storm and if they can rehab Rhea Ripley’s character then she is under consideration too. It’s a wait and see. 

Quick Updates

Where’s Brian Cage? Where’s The Machine? Not on AEW if you haven’t noticed. Not sure that anyone needs sources to tell that Cage isn’t happy with AEW and how he’s been portrayed. If you want to find him then just look around. He’s not hiding anywhere. You can see him on numerous indie shows and the big Warrior Wrestling 18 event on January 21st. Many are saying that he’s headed immediately to WWE. But are they saying it because WWE does want him or because he has the “look” that WWE always loves. Look at Konnan’s Keepin’ It 100 Podcast or YouTube to hear Konnan and Disco Inferno talk about this subject and if Brian Cage could pass the WWE Wellness testing that they do. 

Pat McAfee celebrated signing a four year deal worth about 30 million a year with FanDuel. I saw so many fans saying well he’s done at WWE. I don’t think so, guys. He is loving what he has set up at WWE. He works Fridays and some PPVs, but that’s it. Pat doesn’t go to weekly meetings in Stamford or have to do some of the other stuff that commentators do. WWE loves his enthusiasm and his reactions to what is presented since they don’t tell him finishes ahead of time. Plus he makes $500,000 a year to watch and talk about something he loves. Why would he breach that contract?

Right now, I’m taking some time off from the podcast because I have had an infection and strep throat effecting my voice. So I have been unable to record any new episodes, but am hoping to start right up after Christmas. Please subscribe and listen to Pro Wrestling Overtime for up to date thoughts, reviews, results and news about many wrestling promotions. Check for articles, upcoming events and episodes. We have 5 different podcasts under the network. Look forward to seeing you there.

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