Pro Wrestling News and Updates

Starting on October 1st

This is going to start the daily articles about rumors, news, and updates coming from me about the world of pro wrestling. Notice I didn’t write anything about just WWE, just AEW, or just New Japan. No, I plan on trying to cover a lot of the bigger promotions. Don’t forget to hear more of my thoughts on Pro Wrestling, Smack Talk, and Sports Bets podcast.

I’m going to start back on October 1st. I know it’s October 17th, but I had to start somewhere, and I wanted to make sure that we were all up to date about everything going on. So let’s just talk about some news and updates from October 1st. 

News About Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks?

No one has heard anything about when Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks will be coming back or about the investigation into the fight that happened after AEW All-Out. AEW has not come out and stated that they are suspended, but all parties are hinting around about it. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer has written, “The belief is that their situation is on hold pending a potential legal action, which unless cleared up, could delay things for some time, and there is also a second hold up that hasn’t been made clear.” C.M. Punk nor AEW have made a comment about his injuries either. 

WWE Changing Day 1 PLE?

Is WWE changing the Day 1 premium live event that is supposed to be held on January 1st? This is the newer premium live event that was held this year in Atlanta, Georgia on January 1st. Nick Khan is said to have thought this event up and that he had planned on it being held annually. Dave Meltzer said in his newsletter that an announcement should come next week about it. WWE was supposed to release the tickets for sale dates last week. However, it was paused. Brock Lesnar is scheduled for this event which will be his next match in the United States.

Miro Leaving AEW?

According to Ryan Frederick of F4WOnline’s The Board, Miro is not among the wrestlers who are said to want to leave AEW. Miro appears to be happy with the AEW work schedule. It has allowed him time off to heal injuries and appear on different television shows. Miro is said to be one of the wrestlers who may never go back to WWE.

News About Bandido?

Immediately after Bandido’s match against Chris Jericho, AEW offered him a full-time contract. It wasn’t clear if he signed it or not. But later on, Tony Khan announced the news of signing of RUSH on Twitter with the official All-Elite post but didn’t announce Bandido at that time. 

Cody Rhodes and Warner Brothers Discovery?

According to Fightful, sources at Warner Brothers Discovery told them that the company made multiple attempts to keep Cody Rhodes at AEW before he left to sign with WWE.

Match of the Year?

WWE commentators are now allowed to say, “match of the year,” according to Dave Meltzer. This used to be a phrase that Vince McMahon had previously banned. WWE commentators discuss whether Gunther vs Sheamus at Clash at the Castle would be a match of the year candidate.

“Daddy Ass” Chants at WWE?

WWE is said to be ready for any “Daddy Ass” chants that may start at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of D-Generation X that is planned for the October 10th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. Why? You ask. Well, remember Billy Gunn was part of D-Generation X and the New Age Outlaws with Road Dogg. 

As you can see these types of articles are just going to be quick and easy catchups of the rumors, news, and updates that are circulation in the world of pro wrestling. 

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