Pro Wrestling: (July 21st) Thursday’s WWE News, Updates, and Rumors

Let’s Talk About What All Went On…

Not Happy with the SummerSlam Card?

WrestleVotes on Twitter reported that WWE Management is said to not be happy with the SummerSlam card. Is this really a big deal? I’m not happy with it either. But guess what? Only one of us can fix it. So, get on it. This is not a good sign heading into this card and doesn’t make me want to watch it. 

WWE has 10–11 days to get happy with the SummerSlam card. This is their second biggest event of the year. I don’t get what the problem is. Yes, we heard they wanted Cody vs Roman. Cody gets injured. Then we heard Randy Orton vs Roman. Randy Orton gets injured. John Cena, who was supposed to take on Austin Theory, pulled out due to the Peacemaker series’ insurance. Cena just found that out when Vince McMahon’s allegations start to appear. So, they have to bring in Brock Lesnar who they are happy with. However, it’s the rest of the card that they aren’t really happy with. They don’t have a big enough name for the matches. How can they fix it that quickly? They can’t. They are going to have to roll with it and pull out some surprises and start fixing the UK’s Clash at the Castle PPV in Wales.

Matt Riddle with a Randy Orton Update?

Can you believe we are getting Randy Orton updates from Matt Riddle during WWE’s Monday Night Raw? I think many of us thought these two were put together for a short time. However, they weren’t broken up on the many PPVs that WWE had planned for them to be. Randy Orton and Nick Khan had been on the same page that since Orton was having fun, not overworking himself and the merchandise sales were skyrocketing then don’t break them up. It was a great strategy until Orton got hurt. 

Randy Orton has been out for over 2 months with back injuries. On Jon Alba’s Wives of Pro Wrestling podcast with Kim Orton and Giovanna Angle, Kim said that she was enjoying having Randy home healing. She also said that Randy really enjoyed working with Riddle and that they do speak on the phone. Riddle said on Raw that Randy was in high spirits. Orton is expected back after the first of the year. 

Stone Cold on Ric Flair’s Last Match

On Wednesday with Sportskeeda’s Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, we heard that Stone Cold Steve Austin gave his honest opinion on 73-year-old, Ric Flair returning for another last match. Austin said he was looking forward to it. He called Flair the greatest traveling world champion ever and he’s going to watch the card at home. What else did anyone expect him to say? Wasn’t that Stone Cold coming out of retirement at WrestleMania 38 in April for another last match too? Or did I dream that one? 

I can’t help but agree with him after finding out that it is going to be a tag team match. Ric’s partner with his son-in-law, Andrade against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett on Sunday, July 31st. At first, I was worried about Flair, but after that announcement and the fact that Flair’s kids were ok with it must count for something. I should never doubt Conrad Thompson. He can do anything that he sets his mind to. This card has shaped up to be one of the best of the year. Notice I didn’t say one of the best INDEPENDENT cards of the year, but one of the best PERIOD. It is combining MLW, NJPW, Impact Wrestling, AEW, and NWA wrestlers on this card. It should be unbelievable including watching Ric Flair bleed one more time.

Is The Beast Supposed to Beat Roman Reigns Soon?

A savvy Reddit user just posted a pic showing that Brock Lesnar has a new action figure coming out from Ringside Collectibles. But, but, but you say quickly Roman is the favorite to win at SummerSlam and this is supposed to be their last match. Well, my comeback is to all that is wrestlers have been the favorites going into the match in the beginning before it changes. If you read the paragraph above, no one cares about when you say it’s your last match. You can always come back until you’re dead. 

Plus, the thing I forgot to mention was Brock Lesnar’s action figure is shown coming with two championships. Both the WWE and Universal titles as accessories. I need to caution you all though that this doesn’t mean that Brock is winning yet. Remember this is his 20th anniversary also and that these action figures take a long time to get made. Maybe he was scheduled to win the titles in the future this year at one of the other events like the Saudi PPV. So Roman Reigns just might win at SummerSlam and WWE just wanted you to be able to do your dream matches of action figure Brock winning both titles. Does this make a difference to you? Will you now think that Brock is winning the Championship?

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