Pro Wrestling: Chris Dickinson (Dirty Daddy) Update

Hurt On November 12th, Out for 6 Months and Update

Chris Dickinson’s Frog Splash

I just sat down and watched the New Japan Strong Battle in the Valley. It was as always extremely good. I knew that Chris Dickinson had gotten injured at the San Jose event, but wasn’t sure how when reading the reports. You haven’t heard any updates from many of the other websites and I decided I needed to let you know what’s going on because I miss the Dirty Daddy in GCW. Don’t forget him yet because he hasn’t forgotten wrestling or his fans. I can’t believe it’s going to be four more months…maybe.

How It Happened

Let’s start from the beginning. Chris Dickinson, otherwise known as Dirty Daddy, was injured and had to undergo surgery after NJPW’s Battle in the Valley. Dickinson hit a frog splash during his and Brody King’s match with Bateman and Mysterioso which they lost. He was supposed to start New Japan Strong tapings for the month of December the following week, but was replaced by Yuya Uemura.

The Injury

Dickinson stated he had dislocated his leg out of his hip socket plus fractured his acetabulum posterior wall. Dickinson on Twitter asked for every and all positive vibes in the world before his surgery and said the pain of the dislocation was unlike anything he had ever experienced. Then he said that it was a clean break of one piece about the size of your thumb that needed to be reattached. If it wasn’t reattached then it could easily slip out of place. 

Chris Dickinson then said he gave his word that he will do his absolute best to return to the ring as fast as humanly possible. The doctors say it will be six months, but one surgeon said because of his background and athletic nature he could probably do it within five months which would put him back maybe late March. I love this prognosis because he will be ready hopefully for the GCW Collective at WrestleMania week. He then thanked NJPW for helping him and the fans for the support.

Chris Hero

Of course we later find out that after surgery, Dickinson had been repeating two things in his sleep. Pain is temporary. Pride is FOREVER from Shibata and asking for his chapstick. Dickinson reflected on that night he got hurt in the second match of the card and said that he wanted to put some love out into the universe for Chris Hero. He said that he was alone scared and shaking because everyone had to finish up at the show and that he couldn’t call his family because it was too late. While being uncomfortable with his hip dislocation, he got a text message from someone that wasn’t even at the show that night.

Chris Hero reached out for him. They have know each other since 16 years old and been there through thick and thin for each other. Dickinson said that night Hero kept him grounded, sane, made him feel safe and was communicating with others to find out when they were coming to the hospital to be with Dickinson. Chris Dickinson then remembered at a show 10 years earlier that he had hurt his knee and Chris Hero took care of him by dressing him and taking him to get checked out. Chris Dickinson says that he has learned from Hero what it means to be a good brother, but I say through all of this fans can learn what pro wrestling really means. It’s not all about the moves. Sometimes it’s about the relationships that form throughout the years between not only the wrestlers but also the fans.

Alex Coughlin

Some have written me and said why are you so high on Alex Coughlin. Well, like I’ve said on my podcast many times not only is he a great wrestler but an interesting person. Chris Dickinson put out an tweet about what Alex did for him the night of his injury. Dickinson wrote, “The night I got hurt he stuck by my side until the sun was up and I was admitted into a room and asleep. Alex got food as soon as I got the ok to eat cuz he knew I was STARVING. He heard me cry, but kept me laughing (as usual) at my lowest.” I will definitely continuing supporting this guy, so you guys are going to have to put up with it.

Others’ Comments in November

Brett Lauderdale of GCW put out his statement on Twitter that said, “Historically speaking, anytime Chris Dickinson is hit with a major injury or setback he comes back better, stronger, and more motivated than ever. So by my calculations, come May or June 2022, he’s going to be untouchable. Prepare accordingly.” I totally agree with this statement because Dickinson is going to be hungry for competition by then. He will be ready to light GCW, NJPW and MLW plus any indies that want him on fire.

Brody King said, “We all know how hard it is being injured in the wrestling business. Please help out my brother and make this time from the ring a little easier.” He posted a GoFundMe link called Chris Dickinson Medical Expense Fund that he and his wife set up for him. Chris Dickinson responded with the fact he was moved and humbled by King’s generosity. Plus added in a later Tweet, that wrestling has been his source of income for quite sometime. 

Alex Colon sent Chris Dickinson a tweet on November 22nd saying that watching Chris Dickinson refusing to lose and immediately getting back to the grind is inspiring. Colon woke at 5am to work. He needed that motivation and says, “We all should take note and work harder.”


On November 16th (4 days after the injury), Dickinson wrote that he nailed his first physical therapy session by moving around with crutches and did a few laps around the hospital floor. Plus he went up and down a dozen steps. The next day he was getting in and out of bed himself and was discharged after stunning the doctors with how well he was already moving around.

After November 23rd, Rehab Session

Chris Dickinson posted a pic from his November 23rd rehab session. He wrote, “Not a bad pump for a dude hobbling around on crutches. Hit back and triceps. Getting that work in no matter the circumstances. When the time comes to practice what you preach you best not be talking and start DOING. Full physical therapy starts Monday.” 

WCW Crowbar is helping out with Chris Dickinson’s rehab frequently now. On December 2nd, he tweeted that his right elbow which has had bursitis since Rhett Titus smashed him with a steel chair at the first Ring of Honor PPV is getting plenty of rest. He said it looks like “it’s completely returning to normal.” He also got all of his stitches finally out.

The Help

Any bit will help him the next few months while he hits the ground and hammers at the rehab. I encourage everyone that supports him to donate even a dollar at his GoFundMe account or they have some great shirts at Beyond Wrestling who will donate 100% of the proceeds from every shirt sold to help him out through the holidays. 

From now until the end of the year, you can get a GCW poster bundle and help Chris Dickinson, Mance Warner and Starboy Charlie. Every bundle will be split between them as 100% of the proceeds go to them. Get his first New Japan shirt from They are donating all proceeds to Chris while he rehabs his injury.

Just keep him and all the others that are injured and out in your thoughts this month. I know sometimes we talk about friends, family and sports stars, but forget about our favorite wrestlers or even wrestlers we respect. So this article wasn’t just for Chris Dickinson, but for all of them. Stop and find out how they are and give him a tweet to let them know you are thinking about them. You never know how you may make their day. 

Don’t forget to listen to Pro Wrestling Overtime for all the reviews, predictions and stories of wrestling. Right now, as you know I’m off from voicing my opinions on the podcast due to strep throat and an infection. I will be backing catching up very soon. I’ll talk to you soon and hopefully see you down the road.

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