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Pro Wrestling Calendar

June 2023

2 WWE Smackdown in Wilkes-Barre, PA

2 AEW Rampage in San Diego, CA (TAPED)

2 AEW House Rules in Tupelo, MS

3 GCW: Tournament of Survival in Atlantic City, NJ

3 AEW House Rules in Huntsville, AL

3 WWE SuperShow in White Plains, NY

4 NJPW Dominion in Osaka, Japan

4 GCW: Cage of Survival in Atlantic City, NJ

4 WWE SuperShow in Manchester, NH

5 WWE Raw in Hartford, CT


7 AEW Dynamite in Colorado Springs, CO

8 Impact Wrestling

8 Ring of Honor

9 NJPW All Together Again in Tokyo, Japan

9 WWE Smackdown in Des Moines, Iowa

9 WWE NXT Live in Dade City, FL

9 AEW Rampage in Colorado Springs, CO (TAPED)

10 WWE NXT Live in Sanford, FL


12 WWE Raw in Wichita, KS


14 AEW Dynamite in Washington, DC

15 Impact Wrestling

15 Ring of Honor

16 WWE Smackdown in Lexington, KY

16 AEW Rampage in Washington, DC (TAPED)

16: House of Glory (HOG): Plata O Plomo in Amazura, NY

17 WWE SuperShow in Cincinnati, Ohio

17 AEW Collision in Chicago, IL

17 Wrestling Revolver: in Dayton, Ohio

17 GCW: in Los Angeles, CA

18 WWE Sunday Night Stunner SuperShow in Charleston, WV

19 WWE Raw in Cleveland, OH


21 AEW Dynamite in Chicago, IL

22 Impact Wrestling

22 Ring of Honor

23 WWE NXT Live in Fort Pierce, FL

23 GCW: in Chicago, IL

23 WWE Smackdown in Lafayette, LA

23 AEW Rampage in Chicago, IL (Taped)

24 WWE NXT Live in Citrus Springs, FL

24 GCW: in Huntsville, AL

24 AEW Collision in Toronto, Canada

24 WWE Saturday Night Main Event in Monroe, LA

25 AEW Forbidden Door PPV in Toronto, Ontario (7:00pm EST)

25 GCW: in Florence, AL

25 WWE Sunday Night Stunner in Mobile, AL

26 WWE Raw in Savannah, GA


28 WWE Live in Liverpool, England

28 AEW Dynamite in Hamilton, Ontario

29 WWE Live in Dublin, Ireland

29 AEW Collision in Hamilton, Ontario

29 WWE Live in Sheffield, England

29 Impact Wrestling

29 Ring of Honor

30 WWE Live in Newcastle, England

30 WWE Smackdown in London, England

30 AEW Rampage in Hamilton, Ontario (TAPED)

July 2023

1 WWE Money in the Bank in London, England

2 WWE Live in Cardiff, Wales

3 WWE Raw in Baltimore, Maryland


5 AEW Dynamite in Edmonton, Alberta

6 Impact Wrestling

6 Ring of Honor

7 WWE NXT Live in Largo, Fl

7 WWE Smackdown (MSG) in New York, NY

7 AEW Rampage in Edmonton, Alberta (Taped)

8 WWE NXT Live in Melbourne, FL

8 AEW Collision in Regina, Canada


10 WWE Raw in Buffalo, NY

11 NWA Powerrr


12 AEW Dynamite in Saskatoon, Canada

12 MLW Fusion

13 Impact Wrestling

13 Ring of Honor

14 WWE Smackdown in Raleigh, NC

14 GCW: in New York, NY

14 AEW Rampage in Saskatoon, Canada

15 Impact Wrestling: Slammiversary in Windsor, Canada

15 WWE SuperShow in Fairfax, VA

15 AEW Collision in Calgary, Alberta

16 WWE SuperShow in Salisbury, MD

17 GCW: Japan

17 WWE Raw in Atlanta, GA

18 GCW: Japan


19 GCW: Japan

19 AEW Dynamite in Boston, Mass

20 GCW: Japan

20 Impact Wrestling

20 Ring of Honor

21 WWE NXT Live in Lakeland, FL

21 WWE Smackdown in Orlando, FL

21 AEW Rampage in Boston, Mass (Taped)

22 WWE NXT Live in Gainesville, FL

22 AEW Collision in Newark, NJ

22 WWE SuperShow in Monterrey, Mexico


24 WWE Raw in Tampa, FL

25 NWA Powerrr


26 AEW Dynamite

27 MLW Fusion

27 Impact Wrestling

27 Ring of Honor

28 WWE Smackdown in New Orleans, LA

28 AEW Rampage



31 WWE Raw in Houston, TX

August 2023

4 WWE Smackdown in Dayton, Ohio

5 WWE SummerSlam in Detroit, MI

7 WWE Raw in Minneapolis, MN

11 WWE Smackdown in Calgary, Alberta

14 WWE Raw in Winnipeg, Canada

18 WWE Smackdown in Toronto, Ontario

19 WWE SuperShow in Ottawa, Ontario

20 Impact Wrestling vs NJPW Multiverse United 2 in Philadelphia, PA

20 WWE SuperShow in Laval, Canada

21 WWE Raw in Quebec City, Canada

25 WWE Smackdown in Louisville, KY

27 AEW All-In PPV in London, England

28 WWE Raw in Memphis, TN

30 AEW Dynamite

September 2023

22 GCW: World Tag Team Festival in Oberhausen, Germany

23 GCW vs Europe in Oberhausen, Germany

April 2024

6 WWE WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA

7 WWE WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA