Pro Wrestling: Are We Headed For Another Bobby Lashley Title Reign On Raw?

December 13th in St. Paul, Minnesota

Bobby Lashley Rag Dolling Seth Rollins

Do you feel like Big E’s reign as WWE Champion has been a bust? Has he not been bringing numbers to Raw like USA Network thought? Are we switching right back to Bobby Lashley again? Do we remember Lashley as champion? Yes, he was dominate, but he was boring. I was begging for Drew McIntyre or Randy Orton to upset him. Would this ultimately set up an Edge championship run?

Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird to go on social media and hear everyone praising Big E, but no one is buying his merch or tuning in? Why is that? Personally I think it is because they haven’t gave Big E a true program yet. There’s not a storyline with him especially not a big bad heel that is pulling out all stops to defeat Babyface Big E. Who can be that heel? I think Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins. However, it seems like WWE Creative doesn’t want to decide on one, so they give us three.

Will Bobby Lashley be the ONE after destroying all three men put before him on the December 13th Monday Night Raw?


WWE loves to call Bobby Lashley the most dangerous man in the entire WWE. I’ve never really felt that way about him. I guess I can’t forget him just being a big man that eventually was always jobbed out. It’s hard for me to believe that Lashley found the half nelson named it the Hurt Lock and is now one of best in WWE. Seriously? WWE even says that fans and wrestlers alike are afraid to say his name. Really? Who says that? I think Lashley is just another Jinder Mahal that they are trying to get over on us.

The MVP Promo

MVP became Lashley’s mouthpiece because Lashley really can’t string together a 2 minute promo let alone a back and forth with most wrestlers. It has worked out so far, but recently it seems like Bobby wants to talk for himself. MVP is always telling how disrespected Bobby Lashley is by the locker room and the WWE Universe. But how is he disrespected? I never get that part. MVP wants Bobby Lashley just to be added to the title match at Day 1. Say what? Where have you been Lashley? Have you taken anyone else on? I think some of these guys think they are legends or Hall of Famers in their own minds that they automatically get championship shots.

Dropping Facts

Kevin Owens decides he has had enough and comes down to the ring to interrupt. He admits he hasn’t thought about Lashley in about two years. I totally agree with this. Owens then talks about how he and Seth Rollins had earned their championship shots, but had Lashley? KO says no. He’s ready to go to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce about Lashley not be given a shot. As an aside, I have to say I popped when Kevin Owens (Heel) was cheered as he said he was the greatest WWE superstar in wrestling history and wanted the fans to have a champion that they can be happy about. WWE Creative just had to add some manufactured boos to drown things out.

Of course, Seth Rollins couldn’t let Kevin Owens be the only one to rip on Bobby Lashley. Lashley dared them to fight. So Kevin Owens said he thought it was a great idea if he and Rollins fought Lashley together since he couldn’t take them both. Then Owens told Rollins to get in there first and take it to him. Rollins laughed at Owens and wasn’t getting in the ring first. After some back and forth, we then get Big E coming out calling them all idiots. Big E immediately starts dropping his facts that he beat Lashley to become the champion and he beat him again in a steel cage. You know something? If Big E wouldn’t have mentioned the steel cage match I wouldn’t have remembered it. I didn’t think it was memorable. Was it to you?

The Authority?

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce come out to make the announcement of the night. If Bobby Lashley can run the gauntlet of singles matches against Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Big E throughout the show then he can be in the championship match at WWE Day 1 PPV. Lashley agrees to do it. After the commercial, we see Rollins and Owens complaining to Sonya and Pearce about Lashley didn’t deserve to be there at all. Big E just thinks he will remain champion no matter what. So why even include Big E in the gauntlet match? He could care less if there is two or three against him on January 1st. Tonight really doesn’t matter.

The First Match-Kevin Owens

Was this even a match? It lasted four and half minutes. They made Lashley fairly dominate even when KO was on offense. Owens hit a cannonball and senton, but Lashley kicked out on the one count. Then Owens hit a tornado DDT and Lashley almost kicked out before the two count. So really why would anyone believe this? Why have Kevin Owens in the match if Bobby Lashley is portrayed this dominant?

Bobby Lashley then took over with shoulder tackles, neckbreakers and a spinebuster. Owens tried to fight back, but Lashley was too strong for Owens. Lashley got him into position for the Hurt Lock. He hadn’t gotten his hands together before KO tapped out. The commentators told us this was so Owens didn’t get injured and miss the Day 1 PPV. To me it seemed that WWE is trying to rehab Bobby Lashley into this dominant unbeatable guy to bring eyeballs to the Day 1 match. However since they are loading it up, why would they need to do that?

The Second Match-Seth Rollins

Sonya Deville walked up to Seth Rollins after KO tapped out to tell him he was next. Owens came to the back and offered to be in Seth’s corner. Rollins told him to not be anywhere near him. KO explained to Seth why tapping out early was smart, but Rollins didn’t want to hear him or have his help.

As Seth Rollins went to the ring and started his match with Bobby Lashley, I had no idea it would be two and half minutes. I was trying to think how they could do this match. Seth actually is a wrestler whereas Lashley is a power guy that doesn’t do long wrestling matches. I don’t know why I was thinking about a wrestling match. Kevin Owens came out and hit Seth in the face as he was outside the ring. This caused a disqualification which meant Lashley lost the match. KO and Seth immediately start celebrating as Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville come to restart the match with a no disqualifications. 

Now, I’m not sure why KO and Seth didn’t get chairs and enter the ring. It’s no disqualification. Instead Seth enters the ring. The bell rings. Lashley spears Seth and gets the pinfall in 7 seconds. Say what? Why? Again, if you are going to make Lashley this super powerful heel then why is Rollins in the match?

The Third Match-Big E

Before coming to the ring, Big E tells Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens to stay in the back because he will beat Bobby Lashley without their help. This almost 18 minute long match started out like Rollins’ match should have with tables and chairs. Again, not a wrestling match. A straight up weapons and power match. Give me a break. Don’t we see this too much?

After driving each other into posts and trying spears against each other, Lashley chokeslammed Big E through a table in the ring, but Big E kicked out. So they started slamming each other into the steps until Lashley hit Big E with a spear. Thinking it was over, Seth and KO came out and down to the ring to help. Lashley went to Rollins and Owens went after Big E. Lashley ended up spearing Seth into a table set up in the corner while Big E put KO through the table outside of the ring. Big E rolled into the ring to start on Lashley, but MVP hit him with his cane right into his knee. Lashley then hit the spear for the pin. So Bobby Lashley won and is in the championship match at the WWE Day 1 PPV on January 1st in Atlanta.


My thoughts on all this is WWE Creative doesn’t know any long term storylines right now. Who are we working towards for WrestleMania? If you do a Fatal Four-way at Day 1 PPV then what do you do at Royal Rumble 3–4 weeks later? So as of right now, we are getting Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens against Big E. It isn’t what I want. Is it what you want? 

I would like a storyline to run from Day 1 or Royal Rumble to WrestleMania. I don’t care who is the champion. Isn’t that sad? But it is the truth. I don’t feel anything about the championship anymore. Who can bring the championship back to its importance? Not Big E. Not Bobby Lashley. Do I think KO or Seth can? I’m not sure. Will they get a chance? Probably not. WWE doesn’t usually give us what we want.

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