Peyton Royce As A Singles Wrestler?

The Next Becky Lynch or Next Lacey Evans?

· 4 min read September 11, 2020

Here at Pro Wrestling Overtime, we’re always keeping an eye out for new storylines developing and the reasons why it is happening. Let’s explore the changes being made to Peyton Royce’s status.

Monday Night Raw Changes Last Minute on August 31st

You have to enjoy hearing about last minute changes to Raw by Vince McMahon. It is coming out that Mr. MaMahon waited until Monday afternoon last week. Hours before going on air for the show to make the decision to break up The Ilconics. So on Monday afternoon, everyone backstage from wrestlers to writers was thrown into a whirlwind after he decided that Peyton Royce was going to start her singles career.

After the show last week, the internet was definitely NOT ok with it. Just look on Reddit or Twitter to see the backlash. Personally, I thought it was a little crazy to break them up just for the simple fact the WWE doesn’t have a lot of women’s tag teams. Now they have even less especially since now Bayley and Sasha Banks are also no more.

Basically when the Ilconics questioned it, they were told to deal with it. When you saw both Peyton Royce and Billie Kay talking about their friendship since high school and then crying after the match. It was all real and not acting by them. They had not had time to get ready for it. They had no prior knowledge of it possibly happening until late Monday afternoon.

Vince Foreshadowed His Plans For Peyton Royce

In a four hour meeting with the company on July 30th, Vince McMahon foreshadowed this coming. He named three female superstars that he wanted to get more time and bigger storylines…Bayley with her new heel persona, Bianca Belair and Peyton Royce. He stated they needed more young female stars.

So it shouldn’t have come to a surprise to anyone when Vince walked in one day with the idea to break up The Ilconics. So we are going to be seeing a huge Peyton Royce push which started this past Monday Night Raw (Sept. 7th) against Billie Kay.

Can She Be A Singles Star?

I don’t want to take anything away from Peyton Royce at all. She appears to be talented, but I’m not sure how experienced as a singles wrestler she is. Does she have a singles wrestler’s moveset along with the endurance to handle a singles match? I know she will continue to work on it though.

Then again, she may have all the makings of a singles wrestler, but we haven’t had the opportunity to see it because of them keeping her in a tag team. I’m looking forward to watching her grow though.

Peyton Royce Growing Slowly As Wrestler?

Becky Lynch, over the years, we have gotten to watch her evolve and get better. She got more fluid and smooth with her submission move and her finisher. Then we watched her slowly make her way into the championship picture and become a champion. We got to see the same buildup with Bayley who we are still seeing evolve as a champion gaining new submission moves that were used in the pay per views last month.

My big questions are: will they allow Peyton Royce to grow like these two WWE Superstars? Or will they force her into the main event scene immediately like they did Lacey Evans? Is Vince so excited and high on her that he will destroy her quickly because she isn’t ready?

Peyton Royce Ready For This?

Is Peyton Royce ready for this? No, she wasn’t allowed to rebuild The Ilconics’ fanbase. WWE didn’t tell a story to get the fanbase behind her and WANT her as a singles wrestler. You need someone to want to cheer you or hate you. You don’t live as a wrestler with no reactions.

Think about how the Bayley and Sasha Banks storyline has made you feel. Go further back. What about the Hollywood Blondes? The Ringmaster came from it and then had to reevaluate himself and his character before becoming Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Peyton Royce needs to show us that she either has as a finisher or submission move as a singles wrestler to start. She needs to be able to get into that in different ways. Peyton has to develop chemistry one on one with different workers instead of her tag partner. I don’t want to see Vince move her too fast and try to push her to the moon. I don’t want to watch her fail.

Is Shawn Spears, Tully Blanchard and AEW Behind This?

I shouldn’t even think this. Let alone write it. I can’t help, but think that Vince wants to get back at Shawn Spears. The former WWE Perfect Ten Ty Dillinger, Shawn Spears is Peyton Royce’s husband. Even though Vince allowed him to leave because he didn’t think he was great. I don’t believe he ever thought he would go to AEW and become a player in the Cody Rhodes’ story. Or Tully Blanchard would become his manager.

Is it just happenstance that Vince is wanting to push Peyton Royce at the same exact time her husband is getting pushed on AEW? Does he want to show her that she needs to stay in WWE instead of jumping ship? I can’t help, but think that’s in the back of Vince’s mind.

Maybe I’m wrong. I hope for Peyton Royce’s sake that I am wrong. I hope that they bring her along, not slow, but that they don’t shoot her to the moon right away. Let her get her feet under her and figure out her character. Let her gain her audience. I guess we’ll have to wait and see in the coming months.

What do you think about the whole The Ilconics’ break up and how Peyton Royce should be brought along? Do you see anything in her? Let me know in the comments!

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