Part II: Tessa Blanchard Where Does She Go?

What Is Right For Her and Us?

· 9 min read September 11, 2020

Here at Pro Wrestling Overtime, we’re always keeping an eye out for new storylines developing and the reasons why it is happening. Tessa Blanchard. Tessa Blanchard. Tessa Blanchard. You better get used to hearing her name again.

Tessa is the most talented female wrestler right now. (If you want to argue that’s another article) It definitely doesn’t hurt that she is one of the youngest at a recently turned 25 years old. The only other wrestler this young and could eventually be this talented is Rhea Ripley. There is a lot of speculation out there. After this article, there is going to be a lot more about Tessa Blanchard and where does she go? Well, for one she will go to the Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series on this Saturday night, September 12th as the Main Event against Kylie Rae.

Three Choices For Tessa Blanchard

Personally, I think there can only be three choices: going to WWE, going to AEW or staying on the indies to try to build herself up. Yes, I know many of you out there are wanting to see her in MLW or NWA, but not yet…probably not ever.

Of course, each one of the choices has positives and negatives. However, I think to figure out where she goes in the future then you have to look at her past. Then determine what’s important to her in her present.

Tessa Blanchard Going To The Indies?

I think we definitely have to start where Tessa Blanchard is now. Nowhere. She is a free agent after being terminated on June 25th by Impact Wrestling. Part I tells the timeline of her downfall with them. Tessa lost her focus on wrestling. She allowed herself to be caught up in the idea of a new contract, her wedding and her worry about Covid-19.

Tessa has always liked wrestling in many different promotions with different storylines. When she signed with Impact Wrestling in 2018. They allowed her to work with WOW and she also signed with Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide on March 18, 2019. Impact Wrestling didn’t care to work around her schedule. They even used her now husband, Miguel Olivo (Dago) in some matches.

Pros and Cons

I think the thought of right now being on the indies has to be in her mind. Making her own schedule that allows her to travel where she wants seems to fit Tessa Blanchard. It seems like she also likes having Daga on the same card as her. They can travel together and she isn’t guaranteed that if she signs with a big promotion. Tessa still is a big enough name and attraction to make it worth an indie promotion bringing her in. Could she take Cody and the Young Bucks’ road on the indies? Sure. But does she really want to hustle that hard?

I’m not sure the indies have made a true comeback in the United States. Plus, if we have a second wave of Covid-19 and the normal flu, will the indies shut back down? She really needs to take that under consideration. Not to mention that many indie promotions aren’t back yet and may not come back. The ones that are back can’t afford to have guarantee big payouts which means she will need to hustle working 5-6 nights a week. The wear and tear on your body can shorten your career. Tessa doesn’t want that happening.

However, has Tessa outgrown indie wrestling? YES! YES! YES! Oh I forgot she’s not Daniel Bryan. There’s just not enough big time superstars out there…men or women to create the excitement she needs to recover her reputation.

Tessa Blanchard and Her Problems That Will Cost Her

Tessa Blanchard has had numerous hits to her reputation throughout the years. Of course, we have all heard the rumors of the 20 year old Tessa’s bad attitude while trying to make it in the WWE NXT. In April 2016, Tessa appeared and lost in NXT to Alexis Bliss then the following month she lost to Nia Jax then in June 2016 lost AGAIN to Carmella. Wow! She is way better than all three and can’t imagine that wasn’t then also.

However, there have been numerous rumors that Tessa acted like a spoiled brat. Plus she didn’t show proper respect according to the unwritten wrestling code a lot of times. Then in July of 2017 she was in the Mae Young Classic and lost in the first round to Kairi Sane. Are you telling me Tessa Blanchard wasn’t better than someone who wore a title around her neck…yes, her neck…and played the jobber of her tag team with Asuka?

It seems after leaving WWE that Tessa was on the right track. She appeared in the indies, Japan, Mexico and even Women of Wrestling. To the wrestling fans, it looked like a new Tessa had arrived in Impact Wrestling until the days before her Impact World Championship match in January 2020. Allegations of her bullying numerous wrestlers in Japan and WOW came out. She was accused of spitting and hurling racial slurs at La Rosa Negra. It is something none of us would think promotions will forget when it comes to offering a contract.

Will Tessa Blanchard Go To WWE?

Will Tessa Blanchard’s pride allow her to go back and try again at WWE? Rumors are that Vince McMahon would like to sign her. Is it because of her being a complete package at such as young age? Or because of her last name?

Chelsea Green who is in NXT was one of the accusers in January and many WWE female wrestlers were around when she was there the first time. Can they write it off as immaturity and forgive her enough to work well with her?

WWE Cons

We all know WWE isn’t about to allow Tessa to wrestle anywhere else like WOW or Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. She will have to give up the idea of traveling all over to collect different titles or work different styles. WWE is also very strict with new talent staying on script. Not many wrestlers especially in the women’s division are allowed to handle their own promos. That’s not something Tessa is used to.

Tessa started back in 2016 in Lucha Underground by wrestling future NXT signee, Dominik Dijakovic. She became interested in challenging herself with intergender wrestling. She felt she could tell different kinds of stories with them. From hearing her talk on different podcasts, I think this is something she wants to continue to do. Does anyone out there think any guy from WWE is getting in the ring with her? Can you see Randy Orton taking her finisher seriously?

What about NXT again? Every superstar except A.J. Styles and Ronda Rousey recently has had to go through NXT. Is this where the top free agent women’s talent should go? Is this where she wants to go? We would get Tessa Blanchard vs Rhea Ripley and vs Io Shirai early though. Great for the fans. But I do see Tessa feeling that NXT would be a step down, but would HAVE to do it with her issues.


Without a doubt, WWE has the best women’s division right now. Tessa has said numerous times when asked who she wants to compete against Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch always come up. If you add Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Bianca Belair, Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Naomi, Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai then no other women’s division can compete in depth and talent right now.

Plus the women’s star of the pandemic has to be Bayley. Can you imagine heel obnoxious Bayley vs cocky babyface Tessa? The story of Bayley “breaking her into” the WWE? While Tessa tells the story of taking her indie knowledge and the losses to Bayley to learn the WWE way to eventually take her title?

Tessa Blanchard Going to AEW?

Is the new upstart on the block ready for Tessa Blanchard? Does Tessa want to build her career and her star here? When I say build, I truly mean build. She would need to commit to them and sign a long term contract. Not to mention she would have some convincing to do with Tony Khan who has banned Hulk and Linda Hogan due to racist comments. Big Swole and Darby Allin’s wife, Priscilla Kelly have had problems with Tessa before in the past.

AEW women’s division is lacking. Fans have complained since they started on TV in October. Tessa did some training and coaching in WOW for Jeannie Buss in the last couple years. Would she be willing to take on that role and help Kenny Omega? Dr. Britt Baker, Shida, Anna Jay, Tay Conti, Penelope Ford, and Nyla Rose can give her some good matches, but they definitely need the work and someone to choreograph and lead the matches. She also could bring Kris Statlander along as her injuries heal.

AEW is a place where Tessa could actually build their title to prestige with her talent and experience. She fits in with the other young superstars they have on the men’s side like MJF, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, Ricky Starks and Darby Allin. Plus, with Kenny Omega over the women’s division, he can help Tessa learn to build her brand and stretch herself with different stories.

AEW Intergender Matches and Connections

Speaking of Kenny Omega, he has stated he wants intergender tag matches and intergender matches. He and Riho have wrestled them as partners against others in Japan. I can definitely see most of the guys in AEW being accepting of wrestling with her or against her one on one. AEW loves to showcase different styles. Many wrestlers totally buy into this idea.

Tessa Blanchard has mentioned that she sees Cody as a brother and a big thing could be that her biological father, Tully Blanchard is there also. A big plus is the AEW schedule and the fact that they will allow their stars to wrestle in other companies like Lucha Libre AAA where Kenny Omega has a title and New Japan where both Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley work. They aren’t afraid to bring in or work with other promotions. Plus with AEW Dark, Dago can get an opportunity to make it in their company.

Where Do I Want Her To Sign?

Well right now, I’m a big AEW mark. So, I have to say them. I think AEW has the money, the kind of schedule she wants, the work with other companies and building of a brand that she needs to learn and ultimately wants. She is a big fish in a small pond in the indies, so if she chooses there then she cannot stay there long. She can’t have people forget about her or figure she will never take a chance again. Kinda like Will Osprey. WWE right now in my opinion doesn’t know who they are or who they want to be. Who wants to go into that mess? I don’t see it getting cleaned it up anytime soon especially in the women’s division.

I can see her growing as the AEW star promotion does. They will teach her as the tricks of getting over through social media and making real connections with the fans. I can imagine what creativity they can spark in her. Plus she would have the opportunity to show them what a bad girl with a good girl heart gimmick truly looks like.

Where Do I Think She Signs Though?

I look for Tessa to sign with WWE. I think if they even a little bit close on money and especially if they agree to give Daga a chance in NXT. I think she has always thought as WWE as THE location as the top of the mountain. Tessa believes the top women’s athletes are there to challenge to make her name quickly. I believe Tessa has a vision of changing the game, but doesn’t understand if Vince doesn’t want her vision then it will never be green lighted.

The Start of The Decision

Tessa’s comeback starts this Saturday on September 12th at the Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series as the Main Event against Kylie Rae. If she’s in great shape and hitting her moves then I think WWE and AEW start upping the ante and contacting her more. If it becomes a botchfest and she can’t work a fast match with a good storyline as the heel in the match. Look for her to continue taking indie matches. It starts in about 36-40 hours for her. I can’t wait to watch to see what happens and to revisit this topic in a year to see what she chose. Did it work out?

Where does Tessa Blanchard go and why? Where should she go and why? What are your thoughts on the this and will you be following it? Let us know in the comments below on Pro Wrestling Overtime.

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