My Takeaways: WWE Raw (12/05/22)

USA Network in Washington DC

WWE just announced before WWE Raw started on the USA Network tonight that Elias was attacked by The Bloodline backstage. I’m excited just seeing this. I can’t stand Elias and Matt Riddle definitely deserves to have a better partner than Elias going into this match. Can anyone tell me why Matt Riddle and anyone deserve a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships? Are we back to having zero real tag teams? Yes, yes, yes, we are. So, Kevin Owens will be the man coming in.

The WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships: Kevin Owens and Matt Riddle vs The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) with Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa ringside

This was a good way to kick off WWE Raw. Sami Zayn saying, he is “a certified Ucey-ologist” is just pure gold. The match however wasn’t as good as Sami. The finish was pretty clean and Matt Riddle in my opinion didn’t look good at all. Kevin Owens has to fight off The Usos with a chair after the match. As he runs off The Usos backstage, we get to see Sikoa take out Riddle and send him to the hospital. 

My Take: I loved Solo Sikoa’s tribute to Umaga by hitting the Samoan Spike and the hip attack to Matt Riddle as a chair was wrapped around his neck. Hopefully, we get one more match between just these two. I think that would be interesting. I think Solo might be the underrated figure in The Bloodline. I’m also enjoying that the tag team championships are getting defending on a consistent basis on television. Since Roman isn’t defending on anything, but a premium live event.

The Usos will be defending the tag team championships on WWE Friday Night Smackdown on December 9th against Sheamus and Butch who is replacing Drew McIntyre. Drew isn’t cleared to compete.

Dual Triple Threat Matches have been announced for tonight with the winners to meet next week on WWE Raw for the right to face Bianca Belair in a future match. We’re going to get Rhea Ripley, Asuka and Bayley face off in the first one with Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in the second one. We get Rhea Ripley telling the Judgement Day that everyone in the locker room will be calling her “Mami” after she wins and earns a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship.

Also, JBL is going to hold the JBL Poker Invitational with the Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Alpha Academy, Akira Tozawa, Dominic Mysterio, Dana Brooke, Tamina and Baron Corbin playing. We see Dexter Lumis with Johnny Gargano show up to play. Lumis pays the $50,000 with The Miz money he received last week. I can’t help but notice that Dominic is sitting with his back towards Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Are we going to get something from that?

Triple Threat Match: Bayley vs Asuka vs Rhea Ripley

I think a lot of fans automatically assume that Bayley will lose this one to Rhea Ripley. Not sure why, but people discount Asuka so fast right now. Bayley has all the heat right now as Becky Lynch interrupts. They cut dueling promos and the crowd was booing Bayley loudly. Kevin Dunn’s minions didn’t need to pipe in boos there. 

We get a fun quick match of back-and-forths with breakups and false finishes. Just as many think that Rhea Ripley will be the winner. We see the veteran Bayley take over and win the match. She will be one of the finalists in the match next week to take on Bianca Belair. Afterward, as Becky is heading towards to the back, we get Becky staring down Rhea Ripley. I would love to see this match.

Rhea Ripley Staring Down Becky Lynch

Seth Rollins Calls Out Bobby Lashley

The crowds everywhere go nuts for Seth Rollins’ theme song. I think the only other person that can say that is Chris Jericho with “Judas.” He was definitely Burning It Down. Of course, Seth starts off talking about Bobby, so Lashley has to come out. They start brawling since Lashley believes that Seth cost him his US championship. During this, Bobby Lashley spears WWE Match Producer, Petey Williams as Seth Rollins skates out of the ring and down the ramp.

We’re getting next week Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins in a US Championship Number 1 Contender’s Match on WWE Raw December 12th. 

Austin Theory Cuts Promo, Interrupted by Mustafa Ali and Match

I’m getting tired of all this Ali interrupting garbage. I get that he wants an opportunity, but he keeps losing and I’m done. I was never so thankful for Theory just saying after I beat you then it’s over. Thankfully, one thing our US Champion can do is beat Ali. Problem is, Ali has an excuse since Dolph Zigglar showed up to interfere by super kicking Theory causing a DQ finish.

Baron Corbin and Alpha Academy with JBL on commentary vs Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and AJ Styles

We got to see during the JBL Poker Invitational Luke Gallows calling Chad Gable a nerd and Gable shushing him. Otis and Karl Anderson had some minor interaction, but it wasn’t a big enough deal for me to care. I thought that Baron Corbin did work well with Alpha Academy. This was definitely a throwaway match or a time filler with the O.C. winning

We see Alexa Bliss warming up backstage for the next Triple Threat match. They make a comment that she hasn’t had singles success in four years. That has to be a huge hint, right? The Bray Wyatt logo flashes on the screen behind her. That damn Lilly doll is also back with Bliss. Will we finally get to see Bliss turn heel?

We also get a Candice LeRae promo backstage setting up her match next week against Iyo Sky. Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis walk up and show Candice all the money that Dexter won.

Akira Tozawa vs. Dominic Mysterio with Judgement Day

During the JBL Poker Tournament, we got to see Dominic trying to steal some of Akira’s money. Akira catches him and Dominic tells Akira that he is as short as his dad. Who cares? Make the match…well…JBL does. Dominic comes out with the Judgement Day and dominates this match. After the match, the Street Profits had to come out to save Akira from the Judgement Day.

Triple Threat Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross vs Becky Lynch

This also was a good match. Of course, what would we expect from three former women’s champions? To me, it just seemed like Becky was out of this match way too much. Was this because she’s been out for months and has some ring rust? Probably. She didn’t get to work the house show circuit this weekend because it was her daughter’s birthday. We got to see Damage Control (Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai) come out to take Lynch out of the match. Bliss took advantage of the situation to hit the Twisted Bliss.

We’ll see Alexa Bliss vs Bayley next week on WWE Raw from Milwaukee on December 12th. Along with Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley, Austin Theory is probably against Dolph Zigglar and Candice LeRae vs Iyo Sky. I hope we get to see Solo Sikoa vs Matt Riddle also. Plus I’m calling it now…Becky Lynch comes out during Iyo Sky’s match PLUS Bliss vs Bayley.

Breaking:’s Cassidy Haynes is reporting that Colby Corino will be coming to WWE. The NWA is holding its final set of TV tapings in 2022 on Monday and Tuesday, December 5–6 in Nashville. Haynes is stating that these appear to be the last dates for Corino’s contract which is set to expire at the end of December. It is expected that he will be traveling to Orlando to spend time at the WWE Performance Center where he will get a thorough look at the company. Haynes is reporting that it was expressed to him that if things go well then we can expect him to sign with WWE and report to WWE NXT.

Colby Corino is the son of former ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino. He currently works for WWE as a trainer and producer for WWE NXT.

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