My Sports Bets for June 12th

Soccer, MLB and NHL Bets

Hey guys, I had an absolutely HORRIBLE day yesterday. Soccer and baseball killed me. I had four games ties in League A. I knew I was in big trouble. Then baseball just kept getting worse. I definitely need to heat June up, so I can get back in this thing. I’m still up for the month, but it’s close.

So, yesterday Saturday, I was overall 18–28. I was 4–10 on Soccer bets, 2–0 on NHL Hockey bets and 12–18 on MLB Baseball bets.

Since March 14th, my record is 1763–1618–62 overall. My June record is 177–175–3. I am 9–9 in NHL Hockey bets, 8–10 in Soccer bets, 4–4 in NBA Basketball bets, and 144–137–3 in MLB Baseball bets in June. Good luck on the bets for today. Let’s go make some money.

Nations League Soccer (League A)

2:45 Spain (ML) (-330) vs Czech Republic

2:45 Switzerland vs Portugal (ML) (+110)

Nations League Soccer (League B)

12:00 Norway (ML) (+110) vs Sweden

2:45 Slovenia vs Serbia (ML) (-115)

Nations League Soccer (League C)

9:00 Northern Ireland (ML) (-175) vs Cyprus

12:00 Georgia (ML) (-165) vs Bulgaria

12:00 North Macedonia (ML) (-1600) vs Gibralter (I’m not betting this match due to the juice, but this is my pick if I was betting.)

2:45 Greece (ML) (-145) vs Kosovo

Nations League Soccer (League D)

2:45 Malta (ML) (-750) vs San Marino (I’m not betting this match due to the juice, but this is my pick if I was betting.)

MLS Soccer

3:00 Sporting KC vs New England (ML) (+138) Over 2.5 (-125)

MLB Baseball

11:35 Oakland vs Cleveland (ML) (-135) Under 8.5 (-120)

1:35 Pittsburgh vs Atlanta (-1.5) (Even) Over 8.5 (-115)

1:40 Toronto (-1.5) (+115) vs Detroit Over 8 (-115)

2:10 Tampa Bay (ML) (-105) vs Minnesota Over 8 (-115)

2:10 Baltimore vs Kansas City (ML) (-115) Under 9.5 (-105)

2:10 Miami vs Houston (ML) (-235) Over 8 (-115)

2:10 Texas vs Chicago White Sox (ML) (-140) Over 8 (-115)

2:15 Cincinnati vs St. Louis (ML) (-160) Over 8 (-105)

4:05 LA Dodgers (ML) (-130) vs San Francisco Over 7.5 (-105)

4:10 Colorado vs San Diego (ML) (-160) Over 8.5 (-115)

7:08 NY Mets (ML) (-110) vs LA Angels Under 9 (-120)

This is what I’m betting on today. You do not have to bet any of them or all of them. It is your choice. Do your research. If you feel like you have a problem or anyone close to you thinks you have a problem, please stop and call 1–800-GAMBLER. Answer their questions honestly so they can make an appropriate referral to someone in your local area.

Don’t forget to go to and listen/follow The Overtime Network podcast for up-to-date free bets. You can go to to get the bets of the day. I’ll write you soon and hopefully will see you down the road.

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