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Soccer, NBA, NHL, and College Basketball Bets

Yesterday was a crazy day in the NFL. Heck, it was a crazy entire weekend in the NFL. On Saturday, I only bet the NFL, but yesterday I decide that I needed to bet other sports. I know it’s exciting to bet one sport and concentrate on it. However, I like to spread my money around. I went 12–18 in Soccer, 4–6 in NHL, 15–7 in College Basketball, and 11–11 in NBA. Overall, I was 42–42 for 50%, but ended winning money because I hit some big plus bets in soccer. Let’s get it going today with these bets.

English Soccer

2:45 Blackburn Rovers (ML) (+150) vs Middlesbrough Over 2.5 (+120)

NBA Basketball

7:00 NY Knicks vs Cleveland (-7) (-110) Over 203.5 (-110)

8:00 Chicago (-2.5) (-110) vs Oklahoma City Under 214.5 (-110)

9:00 Utah (+9.5) (-110) vs Phoenix Under 222.5 (-110)

NHL Hockey

7:00 Vegas (ML) (+108) vs Washington Over 6.5 (-105)

7:00 LA Kings vs NY Rangers (-1.5) (+145) Over 5.5 (-118)

7:00 Dallas vs Philadelphia (ML) (+124) Under 6 (-119)

7:00 Anaheim vs Boston (-1.5) (-105) Under 6 (-118)

8:00 Montreal vs Minnesota (-1.5) (-133) Under 6.5 (-125)

9:00 St. Louis (ML) (+104) vs Calgary Under 6 (-118)

9:00 Chicago vs Colorado (-1.5) (-128) Over 6 (-123)

College Basketball

6:00 Boston College vs Wake Forest (-10) (-115) Over 141.5 (-111)

7:00 Louisville vs Virginia (-5.5) (-115) Over 122 (-116)

8:00 Virginia Tech (+6) (-115) vs North Carolina Over 140.5 (-118)

9:00 Texas Tech (+6.5) (-115) vs Kansas Under 139.5 (-112)

9:00 St. John’s vs Seton Hall (-7.5) (-115) Under 153 (-118)

11:00 Arizona State (+13) (-115) vs USC Under 134 (-118)

This is what I’m betting on today. You do not have to bet any of them or all of them. It is your choice. Do your research. If you feel like you have a problem or anyone close to you thinks you have a problem, please stop and call 1–800-GAMBLER. Answer their questions honestly so they can make an appropriate referral to someone in your local area.

Don’t forget to go to and listen/follow the Daily Sports Betting Overtime podcast for up to date free bets. You can go to to get the bets of the day. I’ll write you soon and hopefully will see you down the road.

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