My Pro Wrestling Catch-Up

Been Gone For a Week or So

Hey everyone, this is Sam from Pro Wrestling Overtime podcast with a catch-up. Yes I know that I have missed talking/writing about a lot of things. Well it’s time to hear my thoughts on WWE Extreme Rules, AEW Grand Slam Dynamite, Impact Wrestling unveiling some new people and getting ready for Bound for Glory, MLW Fightland, NWA 73 and NWA Empowerr which was an unbelievable weekend and so much more especially with GCW. No, I’m not going to write anything about the WWE Draft…yet. I need to think scenarios through. 

Dirty Dango and former WWE Tyler Breeze

I can tell you that I want to find out what former Tyler Breeze and Fandango are going to do next. I listened to Dirty Dango on the 98.5 Wrestling Inside the Ropes podcast talk about how much Road Dogg helped him and Breeze become a true tag team in 2015/2016. He said that Road Dogg told Dirty Dango that he realized he wasn’t going to be a single star wrestler, so he talked to Billy Gunn about teaming up. Road Dogg them both they could be something special. Dango said that he wasn’t sure what the future held but he was sure it would include Tyler Breeze.

AEW Dynamite This Wednesday

I’m excited about the AEW Casino Ladder Match, but not due to a Joker coming into play. I know so many of you want to know who it is, but you need to be getting excited about who else is in this match. They have already announced PAC, Matt Hardy, Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy, Andrade El Idolo and Lance Archer. Just when I start seeing on Reddit where’s whoever or on Twitter they are just like whatever promotion, you see AEW put a wrestler right back in. A lot said well they are not giving Andrade TV time or where’s PAC…did he go back to England? Well no, you’ll see them on Wednesday showing out and I think these two may be working together. So is former WWE Buddy Murphy the Joker? I heard you. Some of you were like I thought it would be Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman. Maybe it is. I mean who am I to say it might be Buddy Matthews. I just know on Sunday that he went on Twitter and posted the Joker emoji. However, when it started getting looks. Hmm…it magically got taken down. Is Matthews playing games?

Dark Side of the Ring

Yes, of course, I watch this just like everyone else. I love the podcasts talking about things like this or just telling us stories about happenings from the past. I had heard most of the stories from “The Plane Ride From Hell” but had no clue they were all on one plane ride. The fight with Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning and Brock Lesnar has been legendary since it happened. It ended up being a good episode. I don’t know how I feel about Tommy Dreamer’s suspension from Busted Open and Impact Wrestling. It will probably be a separate article. 

Montez Ford

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t split up the Street Profits. I had been hearing this for awhile and that’s one reason he got a shot with Roman Reigns. On the house shows, the main event has had a trio match as the ending and Ford has really shined. His promos have been off the charts. Angelo Dawkins is a great guy and a good wrestler, but he is the definitely weak link of the tag team. He must show immediately what he can do. He’s out of shape and timing is off while Ford is trying to reach touch the ceiling every match. Only one of them looks like a real player and that’s Montez Ford.

Well I’m done catching us both up for this article. We’ll talk soon. I hope to see you down the road very soon.

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