My NHL and College Basketball (Part 2) Bets for December 8th

Hockey and NCAA Basketball Bets

These are my bets I’ve made as of 5:00pm today. I’m not sure my voice will hold up yet for the podcast episode. However since I’m caught up hopefully if you choose to read bets then this should be up every morning on The Overtime Network. I think starting researching early and getting a bet down early helps you get better numbers. We were 10–10 in the NHL Bets last night and 14–12 in College Basketball. 

I had planned with Part 2 to give you another 40 bets or so, but I haven’t been feeling as good today. I had to talk a lot more than I have been, so had a bunch of coughing fits. I didn’t get the research completed, so I definitely am not just throwing out bets with my money. Not going to do it with yours. Let’s get to our new hockey and some college basketball bets.

NHL Hockey

7:00 Philadelphia vs New Jersey (ML) (-145) Under 6 (-105)

7:00 Colorado (ML) (-165) vs NY Rangers Over 6 (-125)

9:00 Boston (ML) (-150) vs Vancouver Over 5.5 (-110)

10:00 Dallas vs Vegas (-1.5) (+175) Over 5.5 (-105)

College Basketball

7:00 North Florida vs Florida (-26.5) (-110) Under 140 (-110)

7:00 Lipscomb vs Miami (FL) (17.5) (-110) Under 148.5 (-110)

7:00 St. Francis (NY) vs St. Peters (-13) (-110) Over 130.5 (-110)

All Bets were made 5:30 pm. Sometimes the earlier you bet the better numbers you get. These all are on Betsperts under Coach Sayre.

This is what I’m betting on today. You do not have to bet any of them or all of them. It is your choice. Do your research. If you feel like you have a problem or anyone close to you thinks you have a problem, please stop and call 1–800-GAMBLER. Answer their questions honestly so they can make an appropriate referral to someone in your local area.

Don’t forget to go to and listen/follow the Daily Sports Betting Overtime podcast for up to date bets. I’ll write you soon and hopefully will see you down the road.

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