My NFL Bets for December 23rd-27th

Let’s Get All Of Our Bets For Christmas

Getting numbers is so important, so it requires you to bet earlier sometimes. No one knows what Covid is going to do and don’t listen to them otherwise. If you think you can get good numbers then bet now. If you think you’ll get better numbers the closer to the game we get then bet later. I just happen to be gamble with my money on earlier numbers with the chance of getting a better number later. Plus with the holidays, I don’t want to be chasing news and numbers last minute. So let’s put them up.

December 23rd

8:20 San Francisco (-3) (-110) vs Tennessee Over 44 (-110)

December 25th

4:30 Cleveland vs Green Bay (-7.5) (-110) Under 45.5 (-110)

8:15 Indianapolis (+1) (-110) vs Arizona Under 49 (-110)

December 26th

1:00 Buffalo vs New England (-2.5) (-110) Under 43.5 (-110)

1:00 Detroit vs Atlanta (-5.5) (-110) Under 43 (-110)

1:00 NY Giants vs Philadelphia (-10) (-110) Over 40.5 (-110)

1:00 Jacksonville vs NY Jets (ML) (-110) Under 41.5 (-110)

1:00 Tampa Bay (-10) (-110) vs Carolina Over 44 (-110)

1:00 LA Chargers (-10) (-110) vs Houston Over 45.5 (-110)

1:00 LA Rams (-3) (-110) vs Minnesota Over 49.5 (-110)

1:00 Baltimore vs Cincinnati (-3) (-110) Over 45 (-110)

Late Afternoon Games

4:05 Chicago vs Seattle (-6.5) (-110) Under 42.5 (-110)

4:25 Denver vs Las Vegas (ML) (-110) Over 41.5 (-110)

4:25 Pittsburgh vs Kansas City (-7.5) (-110) Over 44.5 (-110)

Sunday Night Game

8:20 Washington vs Dallas (-11) (-110) Over 47 (-110)

December 27th

8:15 Miami vs New Orleans (-3) (-115) Over 38.5 (-110)

All Bets were made 12:30 am on December 23rd. Sometimes the earlier you bet the better numbers you get. These all are on Betsperts under Coach Sayre.

This is what I’m betting on today. You do not have to bet any of them or all of them. It is your choice. Do your research. If you feel like you have a problem or anyone close to you thinks you have a problem, please stop and call 1–800-GAMBLER. Answer their questions honestly so they can make an appropriate referral to someone in your local area.

Don’t forget to go to and listen/follow the Daily Sports Betting Overtime podcast for up to date bets. I’ll write you soon and hopefully will see you down the road.

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