Kobe Not My Hero

Friends Asked Why?

I had some friends reach out after the helicopter crash and ask how I could post that I wasn’t upset about Kobe’s death, but would be about Cal Ripken, Jr., etc. It is because while Kobe was a great basketball player. He wasn’t a hero to me.

Yes, he had a strong work ethic and changed “supposedly” when he became a father. I hope he did. He will just never been one that I will ever want my players or my nieces to look up to. My basketball players will tell you I checked on them, but never not once have I used him as an example in practice or in his death. I can’t. I won’t.

My Hotel Experience

See, I was in Child Protective Services in 2003. I was hearing kids under 18 in detail describing sexual abuse just like the 19-year old that Kobe raped in Colorado described to the police. It made me sick to know that at 19 years old I was working in a hotel. I never went to a room alone. Luckily, it was against our rules because of this very thing. Yes, I know he wasn’t found guilty because he settled it after revealing her name and dragging her through the mud.

I also remember him bragging about meeting his wife, Vanessa when she was 17 years old and making her dad “lock her up” away from him until she was 18 years old, so he wouldn’t get into trouble. I’m sure he was joking around, but looking back on it then it was a little telling before this incident.

Revisionist History in Death?

See, I don’t believe you should forget certain kinds of things just because a person has died or because 17 years have passed. There have always continued to be rumors of Kobe with young(er) girls after the rape. People still haven’t forgotten Charles Manson, yet he never was proven to have killed one person.

I teetotally respect him as one of the greatest basketball players ever and for the dedication to his game. I also respect him as a father. But please as a coach of young women that play basketball, do NOT ask me to make him a role model for them.

You can read me here or on Medium. I’ll talk to you soon and hopefully see you down the road.

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