Kenny Omega Has To Vacate His Title or Was It Taken?

AAA Pulling A Work To Keep Kenny Omega Involved?

As most of you already know, Kenny Omega has been working with different injuries for almost a year or longer. Now, it has gotten too much for him to handle and he needs surgery. We saw on November 22nd that AAA officially declared its Lucha Libre AAA Mega Championship vacant. AAA’s Dorian Roldan posted on Twitter that Omega had vacated the championship because of his needed surgery. Roldan did say that Vikingo will challenge for the vacant championship whatever they decided.

This Twitter post led to all kinds of speculation to what would AAA do with the championship now. They have received a ton of publicity with Kenny Omega holding their belt. Who could give them that opportunity to gain an American audience now? Omega was advertised to defend his championship against El Hijo del Vikingo at AAA’s TripleMania Regia on December 4th. Many on Reddit said they should just give it to Vikingo because that’s who they wanted. Others said this would give them the opportunity to make a future star.

A New Chapter?

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that Kenny Omega (who has long been rumored to be a Meltzer source) will be having surgery on his shoulder, knee and abdomen plus a potential septum surgery. None of them are considered major. Well, together they sure sound major to me. I would think he wouldn’t be back until February or March. Just in time to be part of a storyline for Double or Nothing. So let the game of when will he be back start.

I know everyone could predict and wanted Adam “Hangman” Page to beat Kenny Omega for the championship on November 13th. Afterall, this was the end of the first chapter of AEW Omega vs Page. It had lasted almost three years.

Their story started soon after Hangman lost to Chris Jericho in a match for the first AEW champion. Hangman was a part of The Elite and was in the YouTube series Being The Elite. Both Omega and Page had became friends and part of The Elite in Japan and Ring of Honor. However, it didn’t last long in AEW history when Matt Jackson led the kicking out of Hangman who then became a chaser of Omega’s championship.

Kenny Omega’s Championship Run and Will There Be Another?

Kenny Omega became the 3rd man to hold the AEW Championship and in October of 2019 beat Rey Fenix for the AAA Mega Championship title. He was fairly active defending the belt against the likes of Sammy Guevera, Andrade El Idolo, Dragon Lee and even the Laredo Kid. Most of them were on AEW TV or at an AEW PPV.

Later on that day, Lucha Libre AAA posted Kenny Omega’s response to the announcement using a video on which Omega said that he blamed AAA for “stealing” the belt from him. Omega stated that he never said or offered to postpone any match against El Hijo del Vikingo. Then he reiterated that he will come back and win the AAA Mega Championship again. I guess Kenny Omega truly believes he will be the Belt Collector again one day soon. I just hope his surgeries go well and he comes back soon.

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