July 26th: NJPW G1 Day 7 Preview and Night 6 Match Breakdowns

Let’s Discuss Night Six

New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 32 Tournament Day 6 was horrible, and I couldn’t get into it. They were with wrestlers that I didn’t really care about until the last two matches and even then, they weren’t really that great. Here are the results:

A Block: Lance Archer beat Tom Lawlor

I wanted this match to be unbelievable with a shocking upset by Tom Lawlor. I have been listening to him with Bryan Alvarez for years now. In MLW, I always rooted for Team Filthy, so I was hoping for something that NJPW wasn’t going to give me that. Yes, Tom Lawlor had some good offense in the beginning, but soon Lance Archer’s power just overwhelmed Lawlor. Archer put Lawlor away fairly easily.

B Block: Chase Owens beats Great-O-Khan

I definitely kept checking my phone constantly. This match wasn’t interesting to me even a little bit. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m not intrigued about them. The storyline wasn’t good. Don’t bother with this match.

C Block: EVIL beat KENTA

As I said in the preview, EVIL had to get some help in the form of Dick Tongo and SHO. Tongo kept interfering throughout the match. However, with KENTA being in the Bullet Club also, he knew what to expect. The lights eventually went out (because SHO turned them off) and when they came back on Tongo was gone. We eventually found out that he was under the ring when EVIL got a count out win as Tongo held onto KENTA’s legs.

D Block: David Finlay beats Juice Robinson

Again, I wanted this match to be better than it was. I wanted a back-and-forth between these two. I got what I wanted at the beginning and the end, but not throughout the match. Before it started, we saw the Juice Robinson that we are quickly getting used to getting. He was on the microphone yelling and being the cocky confident heel of the Bullet Club. David Finlay throughout the match had us feel what he was feeling as he beat Juice in and out of the ring. However, to me, it wasn’t a good match. It was decent storytelling with them talking to each other and yelling at the crowd. But it wasn’t until after David Finlay won that it got interesting again. Finlay took Robinson’s championship and even told Will Ospreay that if he wanted the title then he would have to come after it. 

Is G1 Tournament Fatigue Real?

Ok, I must admit that if every schedule of matches was like this. I would be giving up right now. Today is the second day of bad matches out of six days. That’s horrible. I know that it is going to happen, but I have a tendency to wonder if G1 Tournament Fatigue is real so much as bad wrestling bores you to death. Isn’t that why some have given up on WWE or AEW…bad wrestling? 

Day 7: Wednesday (5:30am EST) in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall

Remember to view at www.NJPWWorld.com. It’s $7.62 to view July’s events and another $7.62 to view August’s events. However, the plus is that you can watch other things on their site like NJPW Strong which is really good.

The schedule card contains:

D Block: Will Ospreay vs Yujiro Takahashi

In the beginning of this tournament, I wouldn’t have been looking forward to this match. Now, I am. Yujiro has pulled off an upset of David Finlay and almost beat El Phantasmo, so I can’t help but want to see what he can do with Ospreay. I also want to see how Will Ospreay trash talks him. But I have to admit…I want to see if Peter, Yujiro’s girl that El Phantasmo stole in the last match is back with him. 

A Block: Toru Yano vs Bad Luck Fale

Can Toru Yano pull some stunts and upset another big man? Remember he has one upset under his belt with JONAH? Bad Luck Fale has pulled some tricks of his own with his count-out victory over Lance Archer. Let’s see where this match goes, but I’m not real excited about it. 

C Block: Hirooki Goto vs Aaron Henare

Hirooki Goto upset Naito, but was it really an upset? I don’t know now after listening to some podcasts that weren’t excited that it was a true upset. The announcers didn’t even seem excited. I just know he doesn’t make me want to watch his matches. Aaron Henare is the exact opposite so far. I want him to blow through this match with his power and make it extremely short. Now, I’m not sure that NJPW will let squash matches happen in the G1, but they should. 

B Block: Tomohiro Ishii vs Tama Tonga

Ahh, here comes Ishii again. You should know by now how I feel about him. Let’s just hope that Tama Tonga doesn’t get into one of Ishii’s chop fests like most of the other wrestlers seem to do. I can see either of these two winning this match. Juice Robinson lost last night so will he and Tama Tonga be tied going into their match on the final day? Who knows, but I’m not sure that I care about this match. 

There is tonight’s preview so I’m looking forward to seeing if this is as bad as I’m picturing it. Yes, I think Will Ospreay’s match will probably be the match of the night although Aaron Henare’s match could sneak in there. Hopefully, NJPW has some swerves for me. Have fun tonight. I know I will.

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