July 26th: NJPW G1 Day 6 Preview and Day 5 Match Breakdowns

Let’s Discuss Night Six

New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 32 Tournament Day 5 was at times boring and slow. I found myself wanting certain matches to be over WAY before they were. Here are the results:

A Block: Jeff Cobb beats Bad Luck Fale

Bad Luck Fale come ready to go. He started off strong and appeared to be showing Jeff Cobb that he was the bigger, stronger man. Cobb had to wrestle as the smaller man this whole match and didn’t look great doing it. I think he shows up better when he is mostly on the offensive. However, Bad Luck Fale looked like the wrestler of old especially doing the surfboard maneuver standing on Jeff Cobbb’s back. Then Jeff Cobb caught Bad Luck Fale off-guard and he took him on the Tour of the Islands for a victory. This match wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. The crowd never seemed into it.

B Block: SANADA beats Taichi

I had no clue that this match would be the battle of the pecs. Both it seems love making their pectoral muscles dance with the claps of the audience. It seemed like hours to me but was probably 2–4 minutes of each showing off their dancing pecs. They continued to do this also after their big known moves in the first part of the match. Then it became back and forth with each having their offensive part. I felt like this match was extremely slow and boring honestly. I didn’t get into their storytelling and maybe it’s because I don’t know their pasts. After an eye rake and then Taichi kicking him in the eye, SANADA hit his bridge finisher. But immediately after the match you could see his eye swelling up and he was given an ice pack.

C Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi beats Tetsuya Naito

This match during the entrances had a big match feel to it. Both announcers treated it as such and pointed out how Tanahashi had his hair up in a ponytail looking like the star he has been. Both of these wrestlers need a win in the tournament, and you could tell that it meant something for them to be in this moment. After Naito controlled the first part of the match, Tanahashi wasn’t afraid to hit Naito in the knee and fool everyone when they thought he was hitting his moonsault, but instead did a drop off the second rope on Naito’s knee. Naito stopped his momentum with some different submission holds. 

At the fifteen-minute mark there was a flurry of some of their best-known moves with Naito’s knee and Tanahashi’s neck being the concentration points. Then they both trading over and over and over smashing forearms with the crowd clapping along and enjoying it. It was just a clash of wills. Then they started smiling at each other. After they broke, Tanahashi hit three sling blades in a row and then hit his Aces High at the 20-minute mark before missing on his splash. Naito countered but were unable to get the win. 

D Block: El Phantasmo beats Yujiro Takahashi

This match started really during entrances because Yujiro always brings a very beautiful woman named Peter to the ring. When El Phantasmo arrives he decides to make an offer to Yujiro that he will lay down and lose the match if he can take Peter home with him. However, Peter acts like she’s not sure then shakes her head yes. Then it’s up to Yujiro who says ok. El Phantasmo lays down on the mat and then tells Yujiro to cover him and the referee to count. Yujiro covers El Phantasmo with his hands on his sides. Of course, Phantasmo immediately slides him into a rollup. After quickly getting up we see Phantasmo hit Yujiro with a shoulder tackle and yells that he will win and take Peter home. 

El Phantasmo stayed on top most of this match showing off his quickness and his quick-thinking ability on counters. Eventually, El Phantasmo hits his finisher and wins the match. Afterward, Yujiro is reeling on the mat, so El Phantasmo makes motions and faces basically asking Peter to go with him and she does. We see Yujiro’s face fall as they leave together.

Is G1 Tournament Fatigue Real?

I can see why you would get G1 Tournament Fatigue after this show. It had its moments, but they were few and far between. Those two middle matches compared to the others we have seen were dreadful and boring. 

Day 6: Tuesday (5:30am EST) in Tokyo in Korakuen Hall

I’m pretty excited to see Day 6. No, not really because of the matches, but because it is at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. If you have read or listened to any amount of Dave Meltzer then you know how revered Korakuen Hall is to him and you can’t help to fall for that. I want to see if the crowd can bring some energy even though they aren’t allowed to cheer. Remember to view at www.NJPWWorld.com. It’s $7.62 to view August’s events. However, the plus is that you can watch other things on their site like NJPW Strong which is really good.

The schedule card contains:

B Block: Great-O-Khan vs Chase Owens

Both of these wrestlers are known as secondary players in their respective factions. Great-O-Khan was hoping to break through as the two-time IWGP Tag Team Champions with Jeff Cobb, but he really hasn’t been able yet. He’s only been wrestling for about 5 years, so I’m looking for a sense of urgency in this tournament. I always heard about Chase Owens on the independent wrestling circuit. He’s only 32 years old, but to me feel old and small. Not sure why though. He’s 6–1 and 205 lbs., so he’s definitely not super small for Japanese wrestling. I just hope these two have a good match.

C Block: KENTA vs EVIL

KENTA should be about to SHO out in this match except for the fact that SHO will be by EVIL’s side. That’s the big X factor in all of EVIL’s matches. I think that KENTA should be able to handle it with his experience. Of course, who thought that KENTA would have Zack Sabre Jr. on the ropes and be over-confident in himself letting Sabre Jr. catch him in a submission. 

A Block: Tom Lawlor vs Lance Archer

Poor Tom Lawlor. He’s in the big “Hoss” Block and has one loss already. Now he gets to take on Lance Archer who got counted out when Bad Luck Fale put him on the outside with a chair. Who loses like that? Well Archer I guess, and that monster is going to be looking to try to make Tom Lawlor pay for Fale doing that to him. Why? Just because that’s what the Murderhawk Monster does. 

D Block: David Finlay vs Juice Robinson

This is definitely the match of the night. How could it not be? I know others are looking forward to Juice Robinson vs Will Ospreay and I am too. But this is one match that I already knew before seeing the schedule that I would be circling. Juice Robinson and David Finlay were known as FinJuice in their tag team time, but Juice just a couple of months ago turned on Finlay by joining the Bullet Club and hurting Finlay. David Finlay has also circled this match to get back at Juice Robinson. Juice plans on using this match to humiliate David Finlay and to show off. I can’t wait. 

There is tonight’s preview so I’m looking forward to seeing it, especially the Juice Robinson and David Finlay match.

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