July 24th: NJPW G1 Day 5 Preview and Saturday’s Review

Let’s Discuss Night Five

New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 32 Tournament Day 4 was pretty good. I would definitely recommend it for you. It was exciting with the different kinds of matchups saw on Saturday. Here are the results:

A Block: Kazuchika Okada beats Toru Yano with the Money Clip submission

Okada and Yano belong to the same faction, CHAOS, and Okada is the leader. However, it seemed like Yano didn’t care. There wasn’t much comedy from Yano. Even the commentators talked about his older death match violent style that he used to have. Yano used a chair and tried to get a count-out victory then took a little bit of his wrist tape off to choke Okada. Later on, Okada tried the Rainmaker, but Yano countered it and then got another chair. This time inside the ring, but Okada landed a DDT on it. Then tried the Money Clip, but Yano countered it. Yano threw powder in Okada’s face. Okada had to block a low blow before applying the Money Clip for the submission.

B Block: Jay White beats Tomohiro Ishii

I was afraid I would hate this match, however, I didn’t. Jay “Switchblade” White is entertaining especially with the Japanese crowds not being able to cheer. Before the match, Ishii was telling the referee that he wanted Gedo in the back. Gedo is a fellow Bullet Club member that helps Jay White occasionally. So, Jay White told Gedo to get behind the barricade. White got two chairs for Gedo to put his feet up behind the barricade. Later in the match, while Jay White was distracting the referee, Gedo did throw a chair and hit Ishii in the head. After that, it was all Jay White including White ripping the ring skirt off and choking Ishii with it. He kept dropping Ishii on his head and neck. Ishii kept kicking out, so how strong he is. 

Finally, Jay White did enough to upset Ishii who eventually smacked his head against the mat to pump himself up. He slammed into Jay White in the corner after he performed a vertical suplex. Ishii was still showing himself in pain but fighting back. The crowd clapped to cheer him on. There were numerous two counts. Gedo came back inside the barricade and up on the ring apron to distract Ishii. Jay White was unable to capitalize as Ishii blocked a low blow and then stayed up after three or four different offensive maneuvers including many chops. Jay White hit the Blade Runner for the win. Ishii looked like he was dry heaving after the match. White spoke to the Japanese audience with hand claps because they couldn’t understand him.

C Block: Zack Sabre Jr. beats Aaron Henare with a submission

The whole match was Henare’s power against Sabre Jr.’s submissions. There were times when Henare just would beat Sabre Jr. to death. Then he would go one too many times to the well and find himself down on his back in pain from Sabre Jr. catching one of his strikes to counter it. About halfway through the match Sabre Jr. called the referee over on the outside and pointed to his ribs. The commentators talked about how Sabre Jr. had had problems with his mid-section before in the New Japan Cup Tournament. The rest of the match Sabre Jr. grabbed at his ribs after every kick and punch. However, the injury wasn’t enough for Henare to take over as Sabre Jr. finally submitted him.

D Block: Shingo Takagi beats YOSHI-HASHI

Is it bad that I’m starting to really hate Shingo Takagi? He’s an overselling machine and drives me insane. He does the staggering routine worse than Dusty Rhodes used to. However, he came back after his loss to Juice Robinson. YOSHI-HASHI got beat on most of the matches. He had one little flurry to get people’s excitement up then Shingo took over again. Of course, a young boy had to help Shingo to the back, and he had to stop and rest halfway up the ramp. 

Is G1 Tournament Fatigue Real?

Ok, I must admit that I didn’t watch Saturday’s show live. I didn’t get up or stay up until 5:30am to do that. I probably should have because the matches were actually worth it. However, it seems like with WWE Smackdown and AEW Rampage that the thought of getting up that early plus watching any of Saturday’s PPV from other promotions is too much. So again, not G1 Tournament fatigue, but more like wrestling fatigue. 

Day 5: Sunday (2:00am EST) in Tokyo in Ota City General Gym

As I was saying, I didn’t watch it live, but I can say that their on-demand is the same. No cutting out anything. I liked the Tokyo setting. It seemed bigger and more important, but I can’t pinpoint why. The crowds may have clapped more. Remember to view at www.NJPWWorld.com. It’s $7.62 to view July’s events and another $7.62 to view August’s events. However, the plus is that you can watch other things on their site like NJPW Strong which is really good.

Let’s preview the card. The schedule card contains:

D Block: El Phantasmo vs Yujiro Takahashi

I was extremely shocked when Yujiro Takahashi beat David Finlay earlier this week. Finlay didn’t look as good as he has in the States when wrestling for New Japan Strong and Impact Wrestling. Yujiro looked on his game and appeared to be quicker than I remember. El Phantasmo looked good against Will Ospreay, but didn’t pull off the victory. As I said in an earlier preview, El Phantasmo is an exciting wrestler that loves to show off and perform wild moves for the audience. There are times he has the audience cheering for him instead of booing the Bullet Club member. I can’t believe he’s not a babyface yet. I look for him to beat Yujiro. 

B Block: SANADA vs Taichi

I am not looking forward to this match at all. I think both can be exciting when they want to be, but I’m not sure that either will be. I think SANADA gets the win in the match due to his younger and less injured body. 

A Block: Jeff Cobb vs Bad Luck Fale

Jeff Cobb has a lot to prove after being in the match of the night on the first night with Okada. However, that doesn’t get you a win. Cobb is 0–1, so he needs to get some points. Bad Luck Fale basically tricked Lance Archer to get his points. He stands at 1–0. I think Jeff Cobb shows how dominant he can be and is ready to show the world against Bad Luck Fale.

C Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Tetsuya Naito

The Japanese wrestling fans are looking forward to this. I have seen many talking about what legends this two are and their many great matches. I haven’t seen many of them. So, I don’t really know what to expect. I know that both enjoy showing off to the crowds and playing the babyface role. I wonder who does that tonight. Can Naito get a final win over Tanahashi in his last G1 Climax Tournament? I think he does.

There is tonight’s preview so I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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