How to Bet on UFC Events

UFC Tips and Strategies


I think we have talked about betting on niche sports and how you can take advantage of them before. UFC isn’t really a niche betting sport anymore. You are seeing that with the co-main events that are happening you aren’t getting the numbers you use to. That’s because with ESPN taking over coverage of UFC fights, the sport rose in popularity due to the pandemic. It was one of the few sports that stayed active throughout it and many bettors turned to learn it. 

So, you’ve decided you should get involved. That’s still a great decision, but you have to be willing to put in the work. The UFC has been taking advantage of the popularity strike, so there are fights almost every week. Many bettors have become more likely to parlay different fights together that they would not even normally be betting on. So that leads to my first tip. If you don’t know what’s going on, watch out for who you trust giving you the information you are using.

So, let’s look at some tips and strategies to use to win your bets.

Before You Bet: Know Strengths and Weaknesses of the Fighters

It’s a no-brainer, right? Yeah, I wish it was. So many bettors look at the fighters at weigh-ins then bet on who they “like” or they will see the fighter is on a winning streak, so they blindly bet. Don’t do this. You should know the fighter’s strengths and weaknesses before you bet. You should know if a fighter has had any injuries or if their opponent uses a different style than they are used to. 

Style? What do I mean? In the UFC, they use the terms grapplers and strikers to classify different fights. Grapplers are the wrestlers and use getting their opponent on the ground as their main strength. They are looking to ground and pound by getting on top of the guy to hit them. Or they are looking to submit their opponent. Strikers are more like boxers. They are looking to fight standing up most of the time. 

I usually take a grappler over a striker because I think there are more ways for them to win. The judges, I think, prefer the grappler because they are always moving and looking to end the match. Strikers run into the issue of ending a fight with just punching and they don’t last long in this game. So, make sure you are checking a fighter’s versatility and if they know many ways to win.

Don’t Bet Undercard Fights Just to Bet

Many bettors know that the easier money can be won in the undercard of an event. However, many bettors don’t know any of the fighters on the undercard. Again, if you don’t know anything about the fighters in the match and aren’t willing to take the time to familiarize yourself with them then don’t bet on it. Just blindly betting money is a sure way to lose it quickly. This is why there are so many sportsbooks because people lose their money by not doing any research. 

Look at Betting on 50/50 Props

In most sports, you can bet on more happenings in the match than just who wins. There are a number of different prop bets available for most UFC matches. Yes, there are a lot of high-risk prop bets for you to win big money IF you win. However, I prefer to take advantage of the 50/50 types of props. Like “Will the fight go the distance? Or betting on “Total Rounds.” With these prop bets, you have two choices that will result in a standard payout. Usually the “juice” will be skewed towards the fight not going the distance.

Higher Risk Bets with Bigger Payouts

Yes, I know sometimes we can’t resist going in on a riskier bet because we just “know” it will cash. One of these is the “Method of Victory.” So, a lot of bettors while researching will become convinced that a fighter’s strength will be too much for their opponent. Therefore, they will want to bet on how they normally finish their matches. You need to watch if there is a striker that you will see odds that look enticing to bet on the submission bet. However, they may have never won a match that way. 

One of the biggest payouts you can find is on the “Round Betting” prop. Picking the winner of a fight and also getting the round correct can be extremely hard. Of course, sportsbooks entice you with those big payouts. More often than not these are big winning bets for the sportsbook. 

Betting Parlays Can Minimize Your Risk

Responsible bettors usually put a hard limit on themselves for the amount they will wager on the entire card and per match. If you have $100 to bet on this card and choose to bet $10 per fight. You may only win a small amount of money based on how you do. However, if you were confident on five of those picks then you could place a 5-fight parlay for $10. If one of those fights was a loss then you would be out the $10, but on the other hand, you would win more money depending on the odds of each fight than if you would have bet on all five fights separately. 

These are just some quick basic tips. We’ll look to go into more difficult bets or a particular event’s bets in the future. Just stay tuned. Don’t forget to check out The Overtime Network for all your sports articles and podcasts. Also look at for all your sports bets in all sports. We’ll be talking to you soon and hopefully see you down the road.

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