Game Changer Wrestling Signs Nick Gage

Exclusive and Multi-Year Contract-No Amounts or Length

Nick Gage-GCW Wrestler

I’m so happy for Nick Gage, but also proud of Brett Lauderdale. In the wrestling business, you hear how so many promotions take advantage of wrestlers then throw them away the first inkling that the wrestlers may not be able to help them any longer. Gage and Lauderdale haven’t did this to one another. They haven’t left each other hanging or walked away when times got rough. Now, it has definitely paid off for both.

The Contract

Fightful spoke to Brett Lauderdale and were told that Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) had signed 20+ veteran wrestler Nick Gage to exclusive and multi-year contract to allow him to reduce the number of matches he was wrestling. This will also keep him as huge part of the GCW brand that he has helped Lauderdale build through his hardcore, deathmatch style. 

In the past, casual fans may have heard of Nick Gage when their favorite wrestler mentioned him on a podcast, interview or in an article interview. Hardcore fans know him from GCW’s hardcore wars that he has taken part in. However in 2021, Gage was an episode topic on the popular Dark Side of the Ring tv series on VICE. Plus after dropping the GCW Heavyweight Championship, he took on Chris Jericho as a part of MJF’s Trials on AEW’s Dynamite

Brett Lauderdale’s Statement

The contract was surprising to a lot of fans and many in the wrestling business. Most felt that GCW wasn’t in the financial place to do that for Nick Gage. Brett Lauderdale told Fightful, “I have always been against the idea of contracts in GCW, but there are exceptions to every rule. 

This historic contract will…allow him to continue his in-ring career at a pace that beneficial to his health while beginning to focus on opportunities that take him towards the next phase of his career. 

GCW would not have achieved the level of success it has without Nick F’n Gage and we are proud to be able to say that GCW will remain Nick’s home for the rest of his career,” Lauderdale said. 

Upcoming for Nick Gage and GCW

Right now, Nick Gage with Matt Tremont are the GCW Tag Team Champions. They won the titles when they surprised all the fans by showing up for The Briscoe’s Open Challenge main event at The WRLD on GCW in the Hammerstein Ballroom. 

GCW will be next in Atlantic City on February 19th for Believe Me PPV on FITE and February 20th for Don’t Tell Me What To Do PPV also on FITE. These should be bangers of PPVs because they have been on a roll since around October/November of putting on great show after great show. Can’t wait to watch these and talk about them with you. 

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