Could We See Sports Stop Again?

Omicron Threatens To Over-Run NHL, Premier League and NFL

Are any of you worried about sports coming to a halt again? Tonight’s NBA game with the Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors, the College Basketball game between Alabama vs. Little Rock, the Premier League game between Leicester City and Tottenham and the NHL game with the Calgary Flames vs Toronto Maple Leafs have all been postponed or cancelled. We can’t argue that it’s not starting to affect games or standings. Not to mention the postponements and cancellations are costing the leagues part of their broadcast money.

Yes, I know all about how it isn’t causing deaths like the original Covid-19, but it does spread easier. Players seem to be catching it like wildfire. It has caused many key players in big games to have to sit in isolation instead of being in the game. Several Premier League matches have already been postponed due to the teams not having enough available players. 

England’s Premier League

A growing number of Premier League teams are wanting a three week hiatus on their games. Front Office Sports stated, “League officials were informed that there is support for suspending all matches until January 8, 2022.” The Omicron variant is causing a new surge in Covid-19 cases. It is disrupting almost every active sport around the globe.

On Thursday (today), England stated that fans will need to show proof of vaccination status or have a negative test within the past 24–48 hours to attend games in person. Their daily new Covid-19 cases in Britain were averaging 50,000 over the last week, but they shot up to over 78,300 cases on Wednesday, December 15th.

American Sports Concerns

Over 100 players have entered the Covid Health and Safety protocols this week from NFL, NBA, College Basketball, NHL and College Football. The NFL on Monday and Tuesday had over 70 players test positive. They are mandating booster shots for all players and certain team employees by December 27th. Both the NBA and NHL, due to team outbreaks, have been postponing games this week. Most players in these two leagues didn’t know they even had Covid-19 since they had few or no symptoms. The NBA has 97% and the NFL has 94% of their players vaccinated.

We are also seeing Omicron hitting the college players. Tulane and Cleveland State have temporarily shutdown their teams due to team outbreaks. Saturday’s Kentucky vs. Ohio State game which many were looking forward to was cancelled due to Ohio State having a breakout. I look for many more college basketball players to come down with the variant because so many teams at this time in the season are traveling to tournaments.

The Questions With No Answers

Will this effect the College Football Bowls or even the College Football Playoffs? Will suspending an entire league for a couple weeks slow down Omicron from spreading throughout sports? Or do we just live the Next Man Up philosophy when players test positive? Does this trickle down to our high school teams? 

Will this ever end?

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