Catfish: Seth Rollins’ Attacker Caught, But Will They Look For The Scammer?

Fake Scammers Everywhere Especially On Social Media

Were you confused watching November 22nd’s WWE Raw from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY? I sure was. I was watching the show and Seth Rolllins had just left the ring after denying Finn Balor. As he backed up the ramp smirking, a “fan” was getting ready to attack him by jumping the rail put up to slow fans down and he started running at Seth Rollins. Just as Rollins turned to go back through the door in the TitonTron to go back backscreen. He was speared by Elisah Spencer. Quickly Rollins got him into a front facelock and held him until security and WWE referees came. All of this was caught by fans’ phones by many different angles.

Spencer was led away as Seth Rollins still in character yelled at him. Many in the audience yelled also and some threw things towards him. The New York Police Department said that Spencer is 24 years old and was charged with attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs (this is how they define a disruption to a live sporting event). His hearing is in December.

WWE’s Statement

WWE gave a statement about the attack. “WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously. The individual who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned over to the NYPD and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” The NYPD stated that Rollins refused any medical attention after being attacked by Spencer and that Rollins had blood on his mouth.


However, the part that I caught my attention came out hours later when many in the press found out the “fan,” Elisah Spencer, had stated he had contacted Seth Rollins and gave money to Seth Rollins. Within minutes, the NYPD had determined that it was not the actual Colby Lopez (the wrestler who wrestles under the name, Seth Rollins). It was what nowadays we call a catfisher. A fake screenname in social media that lets someone else be a celebrity. Obviously this catfisher had been texting back and forth with Spencer promising different things if he would send money. So Spencer did. He didn’t receive any of the items or a meet and greet promised for the money. Spencer felt tackling Rollins to speak to him was the best way to communicate now.

Catfishing 101

You may be asking how easy is it to do this. Well from going on Facebook and trying to find several wrestlers, it seems quite easy. Many WWE (this is the only promotion I tried) wrestlers have fake accounts using their names. Now it may be a combination of their wrestling name or their birth name. But their are many out there. For Bayley (her birth name: Pamela Rose Martinez), you will find Baylley, Rose Bayley, Pam Bayley, ItsBayley, Bayley Oficial Fans and many others. 

Most post fan pics of said wrestler and then when a fan makes a comment you will see that a scammer using one of the fake wrestler profiles like ItsBayley will contact them to meet them on a different app (Google Hangouts and WhatsApp) for privacy purposes. There they try to make a connection quickly and ask for a minimum amount of money on a gift card or to make a PayPal/Venmo payment. If you refuse then they will say goodbye hoping you will contact them in order to meet the wrestler or get a video call. If you send the money then it will escalate in amount. However, if a fan asks too many questions then they are told that they are too nosey in their private business and will be blocked. The same thing with someone who knows too much about the wrestler. 

The Hearing Is Coming

I would imagine this is what was happening to Elisah Spencer. Do I know that? No, not yet. I can’t wait for it to come out at the hearing later this month because I want to see what the backlash will be. Will fans stand up to these scammers? Or will the police actually go after these scammers that are hurting fans that just want to connect to their favorite wrestlers? 

Do I think that Elisah Spencer should go to jail for attacking Seth Rollins? Yes, if a jury finds him guilty and there is a sentence ordered. I just hope he tells his story everywhere, so fans out there can see what can happens when you don’t know and allow your hopes to take over. I’m definitely following where this goes from here.

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