Can Covid-19 Tackle The NFL?

The Titans and the Vikings Outbreak

September 30, 2020

Football fans everywhere have been wondering when the Covid-19 shoe would fall in the NFL. Well, it has. The whole key is keeping the other shoe from dropping. Let me get you completely up to date with the latest.

Titans And Vikings Shut Down Practices After 8 Positive Tests

Everyone knew it was coming almost the Jaws’ music always playing in the background. Well, the first outbreak has arrived. The NFL needs to congratulate themselves on surviving the first three weeks of the 2020 season without Covid-19 biting them. It just seems like non-bubble leagues are going to have to figure out how they are going to deal with it.

Covid-19 Positives Arrive

The Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans played each other on Sunday. While the Vikings haven’t reported any positive tests yet, the Titans have three players and five personnel (8 total) returned positive test results on Tuesday. Both teams have shut down in-person activities at their facilities per the NFL’s health and safety protocol.

NFL’s Priority To Complete Every Scheduled Game

The Tennessee Titans are scheduled to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Yahoo Sports reports, “First, league officials will have to decide whether it is still safe for both teams to play Sunday (or possibly Monday) and risk further spread. If the answer is no, they will have to reschedule the game. From a football standpoint, that isn’t that big of a deal. The schedule is flexible enough that the league can easily play it later, either by adding an extra week to shuffling games around or whatever.”

UPDATED: The NFL is postponing the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans set for Sunday, Oct. 4 following a COVID-19 outbreak within the Titans’ organization. The league said the game is being rescheduled to Oct. 5 or 6 to “allow additional time for further daily COVID-19 testing and to ensure the health and safety of players, coaches, and game day personnel.”

The NFL’s COVID-19 Protocols From Front Office Sports:

  • Players and staff who tested positive will be isolated, monitored, and given medical care.
  • Contract tracing data has been reviewed to identify those who were close to the players and staff who tested positive. Those individuals have been isolated and will receive additional testing.
  • None of the officials of the Titans-Vikings game will work in Week 4.
  • In-person activities for the Titans and Vikings were suspended pending further developments.

Questions abound

Are the Vikings just in the hibernation phase and will test positive today or later this week? Will it now spread to other teams? How does an NFL team handle the injury list? Do they list the positive players? Will they have to cancel or just reschedule a regular-season game because of this outbreak?

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