Best Match of the Night Because of Covid-19

Clash of Champions – #2

· 5 min read September 30, 2020

Hey everyone, let’s continue breaking down a match of Clash of Champions. This article is going to talk about the start of Covid-19 and how it continued throughout the summer led to one of the best matches of the night. Sometimes WWE creates magic with the help of great wrestlers and a virus.

First Match of the Night

Well, it’s 7:00 pm and I got a shock. We decided to open this PPV with a video that was narrated by John Cena. Could I hope he’ll be here? Nah, he’s not coming to this. But I was shocked again because we are starting out with the Intercontinental Triple Threat Ladder Championship Match with AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Sami Zayn. They all think they have a claim to the championship. Say what?

The Back Story of the Match

Let’s get Corey Graves and Michael Cole out here to start the show and tell us a great story. Oh, wait. They work for WWE, so they aren’t going to because Covid-19 doesn’t exist in the wrestling bubble. I forgot. Well, let me remind you of how we got here.

Back in March, remember Sami Zayn was the leader of the Artist Collective (yeah, don’t ask…who knows) which consisted of Cesaro, Shinsuke, and himself. They all started in on Braun Strowman who had the Intercontinental Championship. I remember my total shock when Sami instead of one of the other two won the title off Braun in a handicap match. Sami then became a chicken heel running from anything and everyone. Including Covid-19.

Stripping the Title

After defending the title against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 36, Sami went to Canada and soon got caught in the travel ban. However, when he could have officially could have come back. He decided not to due to Covid-19. WWE decided to just strip him of the title he still had with him.

This is when Adam Pearce first appeared to tell the locker room that they would be having an eight-man tournament for the championship. Quickly the fans figured out that Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles were the favorites. Even though many believed that Jeff Hardy should get it, but he was too involved with his Sheamus program.

The Tournament Finals Interview

As they progressed through the tournament, the favorites came to the top. Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles were the finalists. Then came “the interview” that included both of them in the ring with Renee Young after AJ Styles wins. The next week all three missed Smackdown tapings. Renee Young went against WWE’s orders and told the fans through a tweet that she had contracted Covid-19. She was in Las Vegas when she found out.

This threw the two big wrestling promotions into a panic since Renee Young is connected to both. She worked for WWE but is married to the AEW Champion, Jon Moxley. Daniel Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella was pregnant and due in August. He made the decision not to come back. He still hasn’t yet. However, what many didn’t know until recently the champion, AJ Styles had come down with Covid-19.

Dropping the Title

AJ had to take a little break but then was right back on TV. He had the title for 70 days. Then Jeff Hardy came after the Intercontinental Title which Jeff ended up winning. I would love to know how many times this storyline changed. I bet it was constantly since March. Maybe this is one reason why it drew me in. You were never really sure where it was going. Probably because they didn’t.

The Start of the Match

As all three get into the ring, Sami has to start running his mouth which causes AJ to start punching him as Jeff Hardy got in on it. This continued on back and forth until they could settle down some. I kept thinking how are they going to get the ladders into this. Can they come up with something new and how is Jeff going to do his Swanton Bomb?

Sami did a springboard moonsault to wipe out AJ and I immediately thought Ohhhh, Sami’s been training even though with his long hair and beard he looks like he has been wandering around in the jungle. He was the first to get a ladder and make an offensive move by hitting Jeff then hitting AJ.

I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account. I truly encourage you to go to the network, WWE YouTube, or WWE Facebook page to catch this match.


Of course, if Jeff Hardy is in the match with a ladder then you must talk about him. He got an unplanned hit when he fell onto the apron and the ladder crashed down on him. I think many felt he could have been seriously hurt. I thought the female referee was going to stop it. Then you know with Jeff you had to have the huge drop Swanton Bomb breaking a ladder in two.

Although the spot that I loved was when as Sami was climbing the ladder, AJ launched a small ladder from the outside. He hit Sami on the hand with it. It was a great throw.

Handcuffs in a Match?

The surprise of the night was the two sets of handcuffs that Sami Zayn pulled out. With the first set of handcuffs went to Jeff Hardy. I guess Sami had watched Randy Orton’s program with Jeff because Sami hooked one end of the handcuffs to a ladder. But the other end was put through Hardy’s ear hole. It had to be painful in reality to have it pulled on.

The next set was to go to AJ. Sami wanted to place them on AJ’s hand and ring rope, but AJ fought him off. So as AJ was beating on him, Sami locked himself to AJ. It took a minute, but AJ realized he now had to carry Sami up the ladder with him. Jeff figures out how to get the ladder hooked to his ear into the ring and nail AJ.

Sami’s Plan

Sami slides off AJ’s back as he is fighting with Jeff. He pulled his key out of his mouth to unhook himself from AJ. Sami then snaps the end on the second or third ladder steps. Then he slides to the other side to retrieve both titles. Sami is once again Champion.

During the interview, Sami loves posing with the titles and talking about how everyone should have known. He never lost his belt, so he shouldn’t have to go through this.

I have to say I really liked this match and because they came up with new things it might have been the best of the night. What do you think about this match? Let us know about it on Pro Wrestling Overtime.

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