AEW Dynamite: Thoughts and Rants for July 20th Fyter Fest Night Two

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AEW Dynamite is at the Gas South Arena in Duluth, Georgia for Fyter Fest Night Two. I thought that last week’s first night of Fyter Fest wasn’t as good as previous years. I hope they can recover with the matches on this week. I give you my analysis of how the different matches effects storylines going forward. 

Brody King beats Darby Allin in 12:36

They are making Brody King look really good right now and building him up correctly. If you didn’t follow him on the independent scene, then you don’t know who Brody King is. He’s 11–2 right now and has been made to look good up to a certain level. I enjoyed how Taz explained from the get-go how a small man who is electrifying can take on a big man with Brody’s power. Plus they showed a video of Brody putting Darby out of the Royal Rumble as the last man by hanging him over the top rope in a sleeper and then dropping him to the floor. That is what started their storyline.

Brody starts the match by almost immediately getting Darby Allin out on the floor then preceded to throw him into the ring post. After getting him back in the ring King hit a big lariat that looked to decapitate Darby. Brody wore out Darby by just slinging him around the ring and showing what a true big man should do to Darby. This forced Darby to resort to using his belt to get back into the match. I think we are getting the normal Darby comeback, but I was shocked that they set this up for Brody to grab him throw him over the rope, and hang him in a sleeper after beating him senseless with chops. As the referee counts, Brody wins with his sit-down Ganso Bomb.

After the match, Brody isn’t done until Sting comes out to try to make the save. He gets the best of Brody King and is getting ready for the Scorpion Death Drop. The lights go out and we get Malakai Black in the ring. He stares at Sting. Brody grabs Sting in the sleeper as Black spits the black mist in his face. However, during the misting Brody somehow keeps the sleeper on without getting any black mist on him. Miro comes out and we see him stare into the ring as we go to the commercial. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? That’s what it took? For him to stare at them? Give me a break, AEW.

Tony Schiavone interviews Cole Karter. 

This is where I have to admit that I love Cole Karter. He is from where I grew up and has been the 22-year-old sensation in the area for a couple of years now. Yes, I know you don’t want to hear me go on about him, but I do just want to say that the kid was signed to WWE in February 2022 and was on TV in WWE NXT in April 2022. They didn’t use to do that. They used to actually work with you. 

During this interview, Ricky Starks and Will Hobbs interrupt before Cole Karter can say much. Ricky Starks says they are the future and that he’s been the FTW World Champion for over a year now. Has it been a year since we have seen Brian Cage? Seriously, I knew it had been a while, but not that long. Cole assures us that Ricky’s future going to look a lot like his past and he wants the title. I love that Ricky Starks is Cole’s tryout match for AEW. Starks is one of the young superstars that AEW has just waiting their turn. He oozes confidence on the mic and is very good in the ring. He can make Cole Karter look good if Karter can keep up.

The Blackpool Combat Club represented by Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta beat The Best Friends who were represented by Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta in 11:53. 

I felt like this match wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to watch without William Regal’s commentary. He talked about how Trent didn’t like Wheeler Yuta and didn’t want him in The Best Friends. He didn’t ever trust him. When Jon Moxley was in the ring he was taking up for Yuta or laying hard blows into The Best Friends.

Regal and Taz sparring with their words is worth watching this match. Then when he said that Yuta wanted to get better and learn and he couldn’t do that with The Best Friends. We got to hear Orange Cassidy speak. It was out of character for him because always before Orange usually pretended to sleep on commentary. Yuta is getting so much better selling before making his comeback. It helps that Moxley is in the corner begging for the tag and even occasionally jumping in to lay a blow so Yuta can recover.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and says he is going to talk to the new AEW World Tag Team Champions, Swerve in Our Glory, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. They have cake and champagne. Swerve pump his new music and his rapper friend, Kevin Gates. Keith Lee thanks the fans using his big language and then says that they are going to toast to their reign being “limitless.” As they are walking to the cake, “Smart Mark” Sterling and Tony Nese come down the ramp. He presents the petition and Nese swipes his finger across the cake to eat the icing. They ask Kevin Gates to sign the petition. He refuses and takes out Tony Nese while Swerve hits Sterling with the cake.

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus beat The Varsity Blondes represented by Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. in 2:08.

This match wasn’t very long at all. I loved it. Luchasaurus did all the work of slamming Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. into each other before Christian wants into the ring for the pin. As they are celebrating, Jungle Boy’s music hits. He comes out in street clothes with a chair and walks down to the ring. Luchasaurus goes to stop him as Christian tells him to. But he steps out of Jungle Boy’s way allowing him to slide into the ring with the chair. Christian gets out and jumps the barricade heading up the steps. Jungle Boy follows in hot pursuit.

Ricky Starks beats Cole Karter in 6:09.

Ricky Starks starts this match off hot and controls it most of the way. Cole Karter got about 30 seconds of offense, but he mostly showed his bumping skills for Starks’ hits. JR said he had the look, the physique and athleticism to possibly make it. Ricky Starks kept the FTW World Heavyweight Championship by the skin of his teeth. Karter reached an agreement with AEW for a tiered contract.

Tony Schiavone is back in the ring interviewing FTR before their ROH Death Before Dishonor match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships. They are having a rematch against The Briscoes in a two out of three falls match. Cash talks about how it’s been a pretty decent year for them. He talked about how The Briscoes took them to the limit. Dax talked about his little 8-year-old girl fighting when she had a hole in the bottom of her heart. He vows to fight as hard as his daughter has been.

Jade Cargill and Kiera Hogan with Stokely Hathaway beats Athena and Willow Nightingale in 8:25.

Kiera Hogan started the match and pretty much stayed in the match because Jade didn’t want to tag in. Jade hit Athena in the back when she came off the ropes, so Athena hit her in the face. After that Willow did a high-flying maneuver to the outside to take out both Kiera and Jade. 

In the Main Event match, Chris Jericho defeated Eddie Kingston in 13:15.

This was a Barbed Wire Everywhere Death Match with the Jericho Appreciation Society suspended in a shark cage above the ring. Why are they doing this? Well, because AEW is put on by Warner/Discovery and this is their HUGE week with Shark Week going on. Jericho comes out and I immediately am like why doesn’t he have on his white makeup then the black makeup around his eyes? Eddie Kingston comes out and immediately takes the microphone away from Justin Roberts and nails Jericho with the barbed wire around the mic. Jericho is cut open. They fight outside and Jericho grabs the bell which is also wrapped up and hits Kingston with it. Ok I officially think this is crazy. No wrestling. No psychology. Just Kingston nailing Jericho with different things around the ring with barbed wire. 

Until Jericho turns the table and does a Canadian Destroyer to Eddie onto a barbed wire-covered table then as he is getting out of the barbed wire. Jericho picks him up and body slams him. Then we see Chris Jericho use his famous Walls of Jericho on Kingston on the barbed wire table. Kingston kicks him into the ropes which are wrapped in wire. 

Tay Conti comes down to beat Ruby Soho because she controls the shark cage with the control and the keys. Anna Jay comes down and pretends to stop Tay, but she really nails Ruby. They release the four wrestlers, Daniel Garcia, 2.0 and Jake Hager in the shark cage. It forces Wheeler Yuta, Claudio and Jon Moxley to come out to stop them. Jericho hits a Codebreaker, but Eddie kicks out. Then Sammy Guervera comes out for the first time since Blood and Guts to super kick Kingston. He then throws Eddie into Jericho’s spinning fist. Jericho wins by pinning Eddie Kingson.

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