AEW Dynamite Spoilers on Reddit-True or Just Made Up to Get You Interested?

Is Someone On Reddit Trying To Become Another Brad Shepherd?

· 3 min read August 15, 2020

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

So someone has got to explain to me how you make your name dropping rumors so quickly that major publications are taking your word for it? AEW taped their show for next week and that’s not a new thing. I guess the fact that someone on Reddit came out with very specific spoilers is the issue that grabbed the attention of everyone. So now fans and “insiders” are left wondering are they true.

Of course when you mention a favorite wrestler of theirs then the wrestling bubble goes wild. Erick Rowan in WWE set the internet on fire when he was with Daniel Bryan because of the band shirts he wore every appearance. (Que me rolling my eyes) So they are definitely wondering when and where he is going to appear in wrestling again after getting fired on WWE’s Black Wednesday. So when this Reddit user reported that he is debuting on AEW’s next episode then everyone starts paying attention.

Is this what this Reddit user wanted? Notoriety? Wanting to get attention for knowing something that others don’t? Are they guessing or just flat out making it up? Or is it someone wanting a bigger audience for AEW? Or even someone in the Erick Rowan camp wanting to get his name out, so he WILL catch on in AEW?

Well, it seems maybe AEW isn’t the one that leaked the rumors because Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer came out saying the rumors are false. I think he would know, right? Dave Meltzer does have some connections in AEW. (Did someone say Young Bucks?) He also doesn’t care to say well I’ve heard this might be true, but he’s definitely not doing that this time. So can Dave be wrong or even blowing smoke?

Of course, there are always stories and rumors from Reddit. Some true and some not. I guess I just wonder why this one had legs. Why did it get some attention from fans and the “insiders?” If Erick Rowan was such a huge draw then wouldn’t more people know or at least be guessing about him?

For those of you that listen to my podcast, you know I could care less about him. Can’t stand the character of Erick Rowan. I thought that character was a waste of time in the WWE. I didn’t understand why he kept getting shots. Maybe I was missing something though. So unless the person, Joseph Ruud is cutting that nasty beard and coming up with something completely new then he needs to go back to the indies and develop something exciting.

I guess we all are in a wait and see mode until AEW Dynamite airs again to see if the Reddit user makes a name for himself. With it being a Saturday show then it won’t surprise me if AEW does something exciting especially since NXT Takeover is that night. However, I just don’t think unveiling Joseph Ruud is it. Tony Khan surely has more up his sleeve to win the night. Right?

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